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  1. Thanks for the help, yes my rav is a diesel, not sure about the switches though, there's two switches on my brake peddle as well. Think I need to look into this more deeply............ When I have more time. cheers
  2. Hi IanXT4, I've checked my clutch peddle and guess what.......... Yes there is a switch on it. Don't know where to go now, think I will take the air bag off again and check the connections that end.
  3. I have one the fits on the spare wheel of my 2003 rav, I take the hard cover off and with a light push, the top bar sits under the rear wiper arm behind the wheel and the strap slides behind the wheel to attach it, I bought it from halfords many years ago.
  4. Hi and thanks for the reply, it is a fly by wire on my rav, I will look into the clutch pedal switch and give that a go.
  5. Hi MrBilly, will this work on a 2.0 diesel RAV4, it's 2003 XT4. I only had one key when I bought it and would like a spare.
  6. I have fitted a cruise control stalk to my 2003 Rav but I can't get it to work, any ideas of where I went wrong.
  7. HI, have I fitted a cruise control stalk to my 2003 Rav4, and as there was no socket to plug it into, I noticed there were two empty holes on the plug that was there. I took the pins out of the plug it came with and inserted them into the spare holes and plugged it in. Nothing happened. Am I missing something as everyone says its plug and go. HEELLPP!!!!!
  8. Is it possible to fit cruise control to a 2003 XT4, I've seen the stalk advertised on flea bay and wondered if it will fit mine.
  9. Hi all, just bought a '53 plate RAV4 XT4, my first Toyota.
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