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  1. Bobby, if it was a spare wheel mounted rack, (unclear), then the fitting must have changed. There is no gap to speak of between the tyre and the rear door on the 2002 Rav. Dave
  2. Firemac, thanks for your response also. I am getting on in years and just do not fancy having to lift a mountain bike onto the roof, plus as you say, there are height issues as well. I guess I may have to resort to fitting a towbar.
  3. Hi, thanks for that.I have seen one of these advertised on Ebay. When I contacted the Company they said it would not fit the 2002 rav4. Something about the mounting being too low and offset!
  4. Hi people, anyone had any success in carrying bikes on an older Rav4?. The spare being "snug" to the rear door does not allow the usual spare wheel carrier to drop over the tyre! Are there any alternatives to roof rails or towbar? Dave