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  1. Russd4d

    Brake pipe

    The car is off the road at the moment. No way would i use it like it is; bu thanks for your input.
  2. Russd4d

    Brake pipe

    Anyone know if this pipe is going from front to back or to a block mid way down the car, i cannot find any diagrams to show me. Thanks
  3. Russd4d

    Brake pipe

    Toyota avensis 04 plate d4d diesel. this is the brake pipe on rear nearside. as you can see it is leaking, where does this pipe go does anyone know as i am reluctant to get under the car with just a trolley jack. I need a repair, any info anyone.
  4. What is missing on the passenger side to make the seat the same as the drivers seat in movement. I mean full electric up/down etc. At the moment the passengers seat only reclines and goes forward and back. I would like to be able to convert the passenger seat to the same as the drivers seat. Car is a T Sprit with leather, diesel. Is it lacking a motor or something, Failing that has anyone ever fitted seats from another make car as i have 2 front seats from a Citroen C5 full electric and leather, Anyone ever done this.
  5. Profile updated. It's a gen 1 satnav. I wont spend £100 on an updated disk when i have plenty of satnavs at my disposal and being a truck driver i know where i am going but, to have a decent display looks good, i can live with it as it is but always looking to improve things especially at a decent price, It is also nice to have something unusual.
  6. Having recently bought a T Spirit with the satnav built in, i now have the latest disk i was told that was available for my system but it is only 2011/12. Ok it works but, I was thinking, (this is where i get headaches when i think ) Has anyone ever tried to take apart the satnav unit on the dashboard ? If they have how easy is it ? and finally, is there enough room to fit a 7" cheap touchscreen satnav within the unit. Would be much easier to use than what is fitted. What do you think ? have i completely lost the plot or have i had a good idea.
  7. I have a T Spirit with electric leather and my passenger seat does not go up and down only forward and backwards and recline.
  8. Cheers Frostyballs. Never even looked at the switch in the car. My dog will be delighted he can stay in the car and no alarm going off. lol Problem 1 sorted. Now onto the satnav disk
  9. Oh never thought of that, Where would it be located ?
  10. Update on the Avensis The seller had 4 new tyres put on the car so i took it out for a long test drive today. All is well. the noise was coming from the tyres. The T Spirit is now mine, Happy Days. The satnav disk is old so i will be looking for the latest disk i can find for it. The Parrot hands free works perfect along with everything else so far. One problem i do have is i cannot lock the door with the key so the alarm does not activate, If i left the dog in the car to pop in a shop then the alarm will activate, Is there a way to deactivate the alarm. I am not ure if the barrel on the lock has gone stiff through lack of use or its been changed, will investigate tomorrow with plenty of WD40. The dog goes everywhere with us and on times he is in the car i need it locked but not alarmed. Any info would be great. Thanks Russ
  11. I will have to say no to this car as i cannot take the chance on it.
  12. No He came into some money and splashed out on a very nice Jaguar. So not the reason for selling
  13. Private sale. The guy seems a genuine person. Tyres need changing but did not notice if worn unevenly. Really nice car but would not want to buy something that requires loads spent on it as it then becomes expensive for what it is. Advisories were nearside Track rod end ball joint dust cover deteriorated, but preventing the ingress of dirt (2.2.C.1c) Slight wear inner rack front Tyre worn close to the legal limit Both (4.1.E.1) This was 2k miles ago in July. There were other things but not to do or related to the problem. In a fix now as it is nice and drives nice if i wore headphones. lol. Seriously i like to travel and could not risk me the mrs and the dog in it as it is. It's a T Spirit with all the gadgets that work and nice leather seats on an 04 reg. Dont mind paying to have the job done but as we know its hard to know what.
  14. Hi I just took a D4D for a test drive It has 112k on the clock and drives well but, I can hear and feel a rumble and not sure where it is coming from but it does feel like the front and maybe the front drivers side. Issues to bare in mind are both front tyres need replacing and they were low on air too. Is this a common issue with the Avensis ? I have just gone through over 20 pages on here trying to find a similar problem but all i can find is wheel bearings etc. Does it cost a fair bit in a garage to replace wheel bearings as i am not able to do myself. Apart from that the car drives nice and complete with leather etc, T Spirit with a new clutch and very good condition interior, few scratches on outside. Not sure to take a chance on the car because if it costs an arm and a leg to put right then it's just not worth it. Any help appreciated.
  15. How accurate is the mpg display because i did a 105 mile run yesterday on a mix of dual carraigeway and b roads, now i am an old git and given up my heavy foot days but i did manage to get 74.1 mpg on the display, I have a photo of 73.3mpg, Compared to my C5 auto diesel that's double what i am getting out of the Citroen, Happy days.