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  1. Thought it might of been worth a bit more then a standard auris with it having the kit on and twin exhausts that's all
  2. Hello I have a toyota auris 2.0d4d tr 56 plate,99786 miles,fsh, mot Sept 19, Full tte body kit, twin exhausts,18inch alloys. How much do you think private and part ex prices thinking of selling. Thanks
  3. Fuller30

    Terra clean

    Has anyone had there auris 2.0d4d terra cleaned And did it work thanks
  4. I will have a look online live in Newcastle so hopefully one close by.
  5. Cheers thanks don't know if I should risk getting a used one some on eBay for £65 a lot cheaper then new ones just a massive gamble
  6. Hi where is the best place to buy fuel injectors from for a toyota auris 2.0d4d tr 2007 plate got a faulty one thanks
  7. Hi my turbo has gone on my auris is it easy to change and does any one have a video of how to remove please
  8. Cheers thank you will price up some ones and will give it a go changing them.
  9. Hi I have a 2006 toyota auris 2.0d4d tr it struggles to start first thing in a morning and when it does start there is a big cloud of white smoke. When the car is running whenever I put my foot down the amount of black and white smoke that comes out the exhausts is unreal to the point of the car behind flashing there lights any idea how to solve this.
  10. Does anyone have a link/video of how to change the glow plugs on a toyota auris 2.0d4d on a 56 plate thanks
  11. Fuller30

    Glow plugs

    Ordered a new suction control valve and blocked egr valve off can running fine just poor starting first thing then fine after that.
  12. Fuller30

    Glow plugs

    Is scv easy to change and find on the engine thanks
  13. Fuller30

    Glow plugs

    Thanks I will have a look
  14. Fuller30

    Glow plugs

    I have a 56 plate toyota auris 2.0d4d and it struggles to start first thing in the morning how easy is it to change the glow plugs been quoted £300 From toyota