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  1. You should be able to find it at , but they do charge €3 / hour
  2. Hello, I´m sorry for not seeing this earlier, i dont seem to get notifications and my "followed" content seems to stop being followed. But the car is working fine, no sign of oil consumption yet, But im only about 500km in to testing yet.
  3. I had exactly the same issue on my Avensis with 2ad engine, I went through 2 bottles of injection cleaners and havent had the same issue since then So my tip would be to start with that Skickat från min SM-G950F via Tapatalk
  4. Time for an update again, On friday evening the cyl were drained again, filled them up, On saturday i had to fill them up again. But on sunday, success. The wd40 was still in cylinders. So I pulled the wd40 out of cylinders with vacuum, changed oil with filter, dropped litte fresh engine oil back in cylinders to help with lubrication on start up I started the engine, let it get up to operating temperature, took it out for a drive. Made a compression test again, cyl 2 and cyl 4 have 13kg of compression now 😎 Now i´m moving on to sort the P2008 trouble code that´s stored in the engine ECU
  5. Update again: Cylinders drained again, filled them up once again while finsihing up on the clutch master replacement, when I was done both cylinders still hold the wd40, wich is an improvement for cyl 2. Yes I will keep on updating, It will be intersting to se what compression there is in your engine. For me cyl 4 was very low and most likely causing the problems with idling that is experienced with this car also Yes I have also been thinking that I could do another run of driving and then another go with WD40 I would really like to try the Seafoam but I can´t seem to find it in any car parts shops here in Sweden
  6. Update: When I checked the engine yesterday both cylinders where dry again, so filled them upp once again. It seems like cyl 4 has improved atleast (since it´s holding the fluid much longer then cyl 2 now) but not quite there yet. Well i will give this a couple more days, otherwise I might try something else, maybe diesel
  7. Have you checked if the factory repair manual have any diagram so you could see if it´s providing correct voltage to ECU for said pressure?
  8. When i checked it yesterday the WD40 had drained down to the oil pan in both cylinders. I filled them up again and then I started to dig in to replace the clutch master cylinder, when i had to end it for the evening i checked the cylinders again, cyl 2 had drained the wd40 once again but cyl 4 is still holding the wd40 now. So I filled up cyl 2 once again and called it night.
  9. Yesterday I started the "repair" on my sisters car, Avensis T25 MY03 2,0 1azfse. At first i run the engine up to operating temperature, then I took a compression test. Cyl 1 = 12kg Cyl 2 = 9,75kg Cyl 3 = 12,5kg Cyl 4 = 5kg 😲 After that i pured in a bootle of enginge flush, let it idle for 10min, shut the engine off then I put wd40 in cyl 2 and 4. Tonight I will check if the wd40 is still present in cylinders or if it have drained down in the oil pan. If the wd40 have drained down I will put more wd40 in the cylinder 2 and 4 and let it sit for another night
  10. Hi This is very advanced stuff, that i really dont have any knowledge of but maybe I just can provide some useful thinking together. I will start with asking if you now how accurate your analog boost gauge is? Have you raised the boost in the engine? What are you using to tune and read the ECU if you have raised the boost?
  11. Bempa

    1mzfe swap?

    Yeah i did see that one on MCM, what they really did was build a car similiar to the Yaris T-sport here in Europe. But as you say it´s not the same chassi or engine so no good there unfortunatley, but good tip anyway 🙂 I do know roughly what kind of problems to expect since it´s not my first engine swap, but i am a believer of OEM parts, and there is many hidden secrets in the Toyota parts engineering. For example if you want to put a 3sge in a Corolla you can use the Rav4 timing side engine mount to make it a "bolt in" solution, and use the supercharger driveshafts to make it fit both in Corolla hubs and S54 gearbox. It´s that kind of secrets i´m looking for but specific for putting a 1mzfe in a Avensis, i know it´s a longshot because I came up emptyhanded when googling for it. But there is many engine swaps that have been done without showing it on internet so i thought i should ask if someone is sitting with some useful information out there 🙂
  12. Yes it happens to some of the cars, it´s usually the pistonrings that get stuck in piston grooves. There is some cheap "bodge" type of "repairs" you could try, but it´s on your own risk and not a proper repair. Google on "SAAB wd40 metoden" to read up on it I´m actually just about to try that "repair" on my sisters 2,0 T25 MY04 for the same issue
  13. Bempa

    1mzfe swap?

    Thank you, Yes I sure will, first i need to make a plan and collect as much info I possible can.
  14. Bempa

    1mzfe swap?

    Yes the idea is actually to use an RX300 as a donor car to have the engine from and gearbox from an Camry 2,2 to make it manual transmission
  15. Bempa

    1mzfe swap?

    Is there anyone that have done an 1mzfe swap in to an Avensis T22 MMC? I´m looking for info on how much of OEM parts can be used and how much that needs to be custom made. Toyota do have a habit of making very modular parts, so the more variuos OEM parts that is possible yo use the better. I.e driveshafts, engine mounts and such.