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  1. Did you get any further with this project?
  2. Yes i´m aware of that, but to buy the entire SIL is €430... And when you are in the RM it´s a bit hard to save/download the stuff that´s not on PDF file, essentially all information that´s specific for the MMC models is not on PDF file... I dont know what type of file it is, i´m not so good on computer stuff, it´s just very hard for me to get it saved in an organized manner woithout ending up with a half document or so. So i would happily buy the information from someone with the SIL disc instead to get it in a organized form
  3. Is there anyone with access to the Service Information Library PZ471ZA001CA?
  4. Toyota always seems to be limited by their ECU, so if i understand right, there is a 177hp engine with non-piezo injectors? My 177hp engine use piezo injectors.
  5. People that start tuning their cars hopefully understand that it does stresses the other components in the car aswell But still no one that have actually seen any "hardware" modifications to a 2AD-FHV engine? Just curious to see if anyone have done it
  6. Have you figured out the problem yet?
  7. Ok tricky one, there could be some problem with that the car got flooded whil trying to start it. Have you tried to take the plugs out and used compresserd air to blow out the gas and then let it sit over night with no plugs in it. I´m just grasping for hairs at the moment but there is no cost involved in trying that
  8. Hello and welcome! NIce looking Avensis, what kind of engine are you running in it?
  9. Haha ok good. Does the tachometer move when you crank? If doesnt that could be indicating cranksensor. Or if you have access to read data from ECU when cranking you could reed the rpm´s while cranking
  10. What does your tuning kit include? But mostly i was just curious to see how far the 2ad have been taken. I have never seen anybody actually done any hardware tuning to it, like upgrading injectors and turbo and so on
  11. Number one is the one closest to the timing chain, the values to spec is +/- 3mm3 so number 3 is out of spec
  12. There are tuners that can remove egr and dpf function and also remap the tune in the ECU so something must be cracked in the ECU, but i don´t know how far you can take it
  13. I know that atleast the Japanese market got reversing camera as an option, so you be able to source som OEM stuff that´s made for the car. But if it´s worth it over going aftermarket? That i dont know
  14. Is there anyone that have tuned a 2,2 D4D 2AD engine beyond a retuned ECU? And fitted bigger turbo and injectors and etc.? Just curious to see how far people have taken the 2AD engine
  15. You say the car is cranking as h..... Do you mean lika alot faster then usual as in no compression in engine?