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  1. Just wondering if there's a substantial difference between OEM and aftermarket parking sensors for my third gen Prius (Japan import) Do the aftermarket ones have reliability issues by any chance? It'd be cool to have front parking sensors, given the car already has a rear camera which is better imo. Full retrofitted 360 cameras do exist, but that's like £2000 + VAT which is pretty ridiculous, and parking sensors are far cheaper even if cameras are better.
  2. £1200!!! I got an after market one with an after market oxygen sensor for my gen3, for £512 + labour.
  3. Lol. In that area, I think they're pretty strict with that which is why the shop owners just go to the mosque on Friday and leave their stores unlocked I think they've calmed down on the harsher punishments too, even if they're still pretty ISIS lite. I'm looking at potentially getting a tracker / immobiliser too. So far I have done the following - Added an anti theft plate - Added dash cams - Getting a tilt sensor - Buying faraday pouches for my keys Then once I've finished with the mortgage application for a house that I want, once I've got a home n
  4. I contacted Toyota near me. They've quoted me as having it fitted in for the price of: £178.21 + VAT (£213.85) So I'll get that installed
  5. @flash22 has kindly let me know the following "Battery - 28800-21171 or 28800-YZZPD (Yuasa S46B24R) £130-140 delivered NEW" If anyone else is interested in knowing what you need. Given these fail every 3-5 years it's definitely good to know what you need before time!
  6. Thanks. Just need to translate that first lol!
  7. Might be better to call them an "anti theft plate" then This is what I've got: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Catalytic-Converter-Anti-Theft-Plate-Guard-Cover-For-Toyota-Prius-1-8-2009-2016-/154244201858?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286 On Saturday I'm also hopefully getting this installed: https://www.halfords.com/technology/dash-cams/blackvue-dr900x-2ch-bundle-4464941220.html https://www.halfords.com/technology/dash-cam-accessories/blackvue-power-magic-battery-b-124x-283070.html? It's 0% finance so that's not too bad. I've asked Toyota how much they'd charge f
  8. I've not had any issues with my 12V battery however these things obviously have a life expectancy on them Does anyone know what the OEM reference would be for a Toyota Prius 1.8 third gen import? Thanks
  9. That's not bad tbf. I might go to another one though given RRG Silsden tried to charge £600 for a Catloc £400 for a new Toyota key when it just needed reprogramming.
  10. Thanks. Do you recommend any particular product?
  11. Agreed. I made the argument that Cisco would never get away with knowing about a vulnerability for years and coming out with the response of "Well if you buy this after you've bought this, then you're less likely to be at risk" , and they're a pretty big company with lobbying power, especially in the US. Though the financial markets have even more lobbying power and they pretty much rely on networks to function. The automobile industry has a shed load of lobbying power, which other industries that rely on automobiles don't have an even greater amount of power. Given this, they're "
  12. Or at least installing a Catloc on day one.
  13. I'd hope that west Yorkshire police would do something too tbh, especially as a load of them have affected Leeds and Manchester. In Leeds and Manchester, I've noticed that they've avoided the less well off areas, so that's something to consider ie: maybe you're actually better off in a higher crime area ironically
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