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  1. Ah so not quite the 360 degree system? But rather just a dash cam?
  2. Hi I bought a Kenwood DMX8020DABS. It has an input for a rear view camera which I've also bought. It also has an option for a front view camera. What's the point of having a front view camera ? Is it to properly see what's in front of the bonnet? Also how would it even engage automatically? With a rear view camera, it engages when you go into reverse and as far as I can see, there's some actual good use for the rear view camera. It makes parallel parking, reversing uphill a lot easier
  3. Alongside break fluid, I've also bought 1 x Bosch Aerotwin Ar24U Wiper Blade 1 x Bosch Aerotwin Ar13U Wiper Blade
  4. It has the stop start indeed. It's a 2011 Yaris. I actually know that one purely because I took photos of what I had already, and I thought that my battery was dying but really I hadn't driven it in a month
  5. Thanks. Tbh part of it is also me being able to reference this post to see what I need in the event of failure as that will eventually go. Air filters are also very cheap tbf
  6. Thanks. I've got a service kit from Toyota and it's like £42 for everything which is fantastic value!
  7. I'm thinking: Standard 1 year service: Oil Filter: Bosch Oil Filter (Part No,: 501820157) https://www.carparts4less.co.uk/p/bosch-oil-filter-501820157 Price: £6.86 Pollen Filter: Bosch Pollen Filter (Part No.: 507820137) https://www.carparts4less.co.uk/p/bosch-cabin-filter-507820137 Price: £14.84 Air Filter : Mahle Air Filter LX2678 - Fits Toyota Prius - Genuine Part (Part No: 502820097) https://www.carparts4less.co.uk/p/bosch-air-filter-502820097 Price: £12.22 TOYOTA ENGINE MOTOR OIL 5 LITRE 5W30 SEMI SYNTHETIC GENUINE 5L https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/383971169210 Price: £26 Or maybe RRG Silsden ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Standard 2 year service: All the above + Brake Fluid: 1 x Pagid Brake Fluid (Dot5.1 Brake Fluid - 500ml) (Part No: 524770310 https://www.carparts4less.co.uk/p/pagid-dot5-1-brake-fluid-500ml-524770310 Price: £6.28 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 50K service All of the above + Spark Plug: DENSO IKH16TT Iridium TT Spark Plug x 4 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/223770768962 Price: £28.56 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 100K service All the above + Coolant: Genuine Toyota Pink Pre Mixed Coolant Antifreeze Anti Freeze 5 Litres Pre Mix 5L http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/261867937573 Price: £34.85 Not reqiuired, due to havina a manual? Transmission Fluid: Genuine Toyota Prius Atf Fluid Automatic Transmission Fluid 1 Litre 08886-81210 (Do I need five of these?) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/360858718769 Price: £10.96 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Miscellaneous: (As needed) Battery: Yuasa YBX9115 AGM Car Battery: Type 115 https://www.batterymegastore.co.uk/product/yuasa-ybx9115-agm-car-battery-type-110h/ Price: £137.50 Or Bosch S5A11 AGM Starter Battery: Type 115 https://www.batterymegastore.co.uk/product/bosch-s5a11-agm-starter-battery-type-115/ Price: £144.50 I'd like to be as cheap as possible, with decent quality too, which is why I've chosen Bosch and Toyota genuine. I think that the cheapest sites are the ones I've listed. I may however be a little confused. I don't know how much I might necessarily need of the different things.
  8. Would this work? Given that you can't just add a stalk in there? https://www.bridgwater-electronics.co.uk/ap900c-cruise-control-unit-p110 It's apparently £300
  9. Ahhh thanks for that. I take it that means I have to get the Bridgford electronics one and not something cheap?
  10. Thanks for that. Could I get away with a stalk cruise control too? Or must I get it from Bridgeford electronics with a fully pledged system?
  11. Thanks. How about this? Car audio Centre have it for a bit cheaper given it comes with a Kensington camera so £650 all in (plus the fascia, relevant cables, etc..) https://www.caraudiocentre.co.uk/product_m-kenwood-car-audio-dmx8020dabs_p-42176.htm When I contacted caraudiodirect, I said these are my requirements: - wireless android auto - USB charging straight from the actual android auto product - Have the ability to attach a reversing camera into it - DAB/DAB+ radio functionality - As cheap as possible They then recommended the DMX8020DABS unit. I asked why not Pioneer? They said it doesn't support wireless Tbh it'd mean I'd sell my TomTom too especially as I already have a TomTom Go subscription for £13/year Would the Pioneer camera you linked to, be better than the Kenwood one? I'm not overly fussed about the speakers tbh too
  12. Hi, I'm thinking of getting Android Auto fitted: Kenwood DMX8020DABS 7" Screen Double Din DAB Radio Bluetooth Android Auto WIFI Wireless Apple CarPlay | Car Audio Direct Search results for: 'CT24TY22 CTSTY001 CTMULTI CT27AA78 DABA1' | Car Audio Direct It has an option for adding a reverse camera too. Apparently, none of the ones at Halford are compatible for my car EchoMaster Reversing Camera with Multi-View | Halfords UK That's echoed by what it says on the echomaster website (ie: no mention of a 2011 Toyota Yaris) Given this, does anyone know what I should buy regarding reverse cameras? I'm hoping to buy the above, a reversing camera and a cruise control kit. THen get an auto electrician to fit all them in at the same time as a one off cost. The car doesn't currently have a reversing camera.
  13. I'm not fond of the self charging hybrid claims too. I first saw this last year, and I was like "What's that?" Then I realised that it's marketing bs. They simply called them hybrids for years before that. They're not like EVs or even PHEVs
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