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  1. Having experienced extensive damage to my rav4 I found contacting Breakers yards to be the best option.
  2. I had almost the exact damage to my 2002 RAV4, just a bit more severe. I realise your car is a lot younger but I trawled thru eBay & found the rear quarter bumper & fog light for under £100. Alternatively get onto breakers websites they cover a lot of breakers yards & service is pretty prompt, just use best judgement on terms.
  3. My 2002 vx 4 d4 is due for cam belt change, any idea of garage cost on labour.
  4. My 2002 RAV4 diesel emits a small cloud of white 'smoke' on start up, don't notice any when driving, it happens when engine is hot or cold. Any 'nice' suggestions or is it the tipping point?
  5. Despite having my brake pads replaced I still have the warning 'noise' of pads being low, can I disconnect the function as I have car checked on a regular basis & mileage per year is very low.
  6. Despite having my brake pads replaced I still have the warning 'noise' of pads being low, can I disconnect the function as I have car checked on a regular basis & mileage per year is very low.
  7. Usually not, but still happens with radio off.
  8. Noise like brake pad scraping on disc, intermittent noise & even when at rest with engine running. Unfortunately because it is so random garage unable to pin down problem. Could it be faulty sensor ?
  9. I have an intermittent noise that sounds like the disc rubbing, it happens when in motion and sometimes when at stop. As I said it is intermittent and therefore has proved difficult to pin down (it has been to my local garage, reluctant to take it to main dealer at £100+/hour). When it occurs when I have parked it stops when the ignition is turned off. Although it is not a constant noise it is driving me mad ---- HELP !
  10. My 2002 Rav4D 4D is not catching on start up, the engine is turning fast enough but seems reluctant to engage, is this due entirely to the starter motor ?
  11. My RAV4 diesel 2002 needs the turbocharger replacing, anyone any idea how long my garage should take to remove & refit new unit ?.
  12. Thanks Northern Lad, it was the turbo, bad news, quote of approx. £1000 to fix it.
  13. Today my 2002 RAV4 diesel developed a strange almost whistling noise, when on tick over it seems normal but blip the throttle the engine definitely sounds off. Any suggestions before I hit the garage.
  14. The above part left my 2002 RAV4 as I motored down the motorway, I have ordered new part from Toyota - but how to re attach it, the rusted remains of what appear to be a type of flat square fixtures are all that is left. If anyone knows what is req'd any help will gratefully be accepted.
  15. Thanks again Ian, will watch & wait.
  16. Thanks Ian, perhaps where brakes are concerned the dreaded Toyota garage might have to be the solution.
  17. My wife has a Toyota RAV4 XT3 2006 petrol auto, the 'Check ABS system' occasionally comes on but when you stop switch off ign and the on again the message has gone and might not appear again for days. Someone suggested topping up the fluid for the ABS, any ideas, does that sound right, if so where is it topped up at in the engine bay. As you probably gather not technically minded, so any suggestions EXTREMELY welcome.
  18. It could also be SCV's, from experience it can be an expensive hit or miss process, I tried to get a definitive guide from Toyota, waste of time. They are great cars but for the diesel it is the Achilles heel.
  19. Sorry to say have had a similar problem on my 2002 D4D for the past year. I had new SCV's and Airflow meter and several visits to the garage, but no real joy. I posted an unusual remedy awhile ago ie. Dropped car in wrong gear, clouds of black smoke but car went like a train for several months but problem returned. It doesn't occur so much, like you I stop turn off ignition and then off we go. As you pointed out Toyota garage have no specific answer without an expensive (yours) trial and error campaign. Judging by the times in this forum this subject has arisen you would think Toyoyta would have a more convincing approach - Good Luck !
  20. Hi Derek, not quite sure, went into parts but it only bought up complete unit & I only need the lens, so still stuck.
  21. Following my previous question I have found a possible supplier but they need the original part no. I don't really fancy dismantling everything to find the number is there an easier source to find the number. car is RAV4 XT3 mk3 2006 auto.
  22. Thanks Derek, will give it a try.
  23. Some charmer smashed into the back of my wife's RAV4 xt3 2006 in a car park and apart from damaging the bumper they also cracked the lens on the fog light, can I buy the lens as a separate item or do I have to buy the whole unit.
  24. KJNEAL

    Gear knob

    Thanks Kingo, embarrassingly simple !
  25. KJNEAL

    Gear knob

    Just bought after market gear knob to replace worn one on 2002 RAV4 vx, it advertised just pull off old one and push on new. Tried that old knob doesn't seem to want to come off - any help gratefully received.
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