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  1. G200

    Gt4 Help

    My mates GT4 (gen 5) has come back from a full rebuild but now seems to hesitate on boost. There is also a strong smell of fuel when driving and flames shoot out of the exhaust. Can anyone tell me what the problem could be and how to cure it. Is it an overfuelling problem?? Quick replies appreciated guys. Cheers
  2. G200

    Gorgeous 2

    Wheels look like Volk Racing Mesh. Nice wheel at a nice price. :o
  3. Yes mate once you plug the dials in you should get a proper reading!!
  4. Hey Demon I've sent you an email with the prices mate
  5. bump. Please buy this
  6. right here are the pictures. In this one you can see where the blue is. Sorry I couldn't get any night time photos but I can assure you at night there is a nice blue glow of the dials!!
  7. If you look in the for sale section boundsw i have a set of dials £30 and all you have to do is take out your existing clocks and plug the new ones in. I'll be taking pics to night and will post tomorrow. If interested pm me. Sorry for the hijack guys!
  8. hi ya mate sorry been off here for a while. Will defo have pics tonight. Will sell for £30 as it is the whole unit. Is that okay?? yeah they are miles per hour!
  9. G200

    Induction Kit

    removing the standard air box to get the induction kit on is a real !Removed! of a job don't know what it would be like putting it back on. It's easy enough to remove the induction kit thogh just loosen jubilee kit and pull it off then try and reconnect everything. The most awkward bit is the way the rear strut brace is placed cause you can't reall get access to the box.
  10. G200


    I'm 21 and I went for a quote for a TT Uk spec Supra under my dad's name and it was £1100 F/C with protected no claims, bussiness class 3 and 8000 miles a year. That was also with no voluntary excess Ps that was with elephant insurance
  11. keep the ebay pics coming. Brightens up my day in work a treat!!
  12. G200


    How are the insurance company able to check that you are the predominent user of the veichle??? Surely there would be no way to prove it
  13. skyline r32 gt-r is cool or, S14 200SX cheap and easily modded for big power. I'd go for an S14a though, alot meaner looking!!
  14. no they're a stainless steel face and light up blue at night. There quite nice i will definitely have pics up by monday if anyone wants them!
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