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  1. Hi. I have taken out the existing dimmer bulb on my 09 avensis. There is a plastic fitting at the end. The shop gave me a bulb with no plastic fitting in the end. The bulb does not come away from the plastic fitting .. so do I need to buy one with the plastic fitting see pic thanks
  2. Thanks mate, how would i check if the brake pad is out of her car?
  3. Hi , My moms 2009 corolla d4d started for her earlier and some hazard lights came on. When i arrived it started but the lights shown in the attached photo remained on. i didnt drive it anywhere but when i tryed to start it a while later it would not.. just a slight chug and then a clicking sound. I will jump it tomorrow but do ye think it could be anymore? Also near the car i found this rather heavy piece of metal..i hope its not from the car somewhere!!? Thanks
  4. Hi. I just want to get some advice please. My 2009 Toyota Avensis Estate Tourer has 2 issues. They are probably related. The car is serviced once a year. I noticed in the last year that on start up, there is a serious amount of smoke outta the exhaust..it goes away then. Then about 2 weeks ago, i noticed that when i drive somewhere and park, a unit keeps noising for a minute or so. Brought it to the garage, he plugged out the 'throttle flap/ carborater unit' and the noise stopped. He said that he would see if he can get a second hand throttle flab/carboratur unit (which are 700 new apparently but he may source 2nd hand for 1/2 that). In the meantime, another 2 lights came on in the dashboard... that is the yellow triangle with exclamation mark with the words check parking brake system ALONG with the engine warning light.See attached photo.. Is it yer opinion that all these issues relate to the noise/carburator... i read somewhere that a dirty egr valve can cause this ...is it a case that it just needs to be cleaned..mechanic tells me that unlike earlier models, the egr value is quite a big job to get to and that if he gets to it and finds that its not dirty, he should insert a new throttle flap/carburator unit.. I should say i am not into cars too much and dont know much about them Thanks ClareMan
  5. thanks. That 600kgs includes people obviously?...
  6. Hi. Just wondering. Probably a daft question. My car can tow a caravan that is approx 1300kg. But what is the load that I can carry in the car without a caravan, assuming I put 80kg in a roof box, can I load up the boot with whatever. Going camping and want to be comfortable with what I am doing! . Thanks
  7. Yeah , looks ok...Its unlikely water would go from the roof of the car to the floor and not dampen the fabric on the way down isnt it?
  8. Hi. The rear footwell of my 09 avensis d4d estate is soaked lately. I posted earlier about the fixpoints for the roofrails leaking when I take the fix point clips off but they never caused an issue while on. When the clips were off and I ran water along the roof the fabric inside the roof of the car would immediately turn damp. But now the footwell is soaked and there is no evidence that the fabric on the roof is wet. The fixpoint clips are on at the moment. The back left footwell is the only one wet and it's wettest nearest the door. any advice ? Thanks
  9. Hi , can I throw my problem in here also. Similar answers I guess... was reading on some Toyota forums that Toyota do a 7 year/less than 112k miles warranty on their cars . My booklet says 3 years/ 60k miles for comprehensive work and 12 years for corrosion.Does anyone know the story ?Also, my avensis has recently started conking out when ticking over first thing in the morning and also when I drive in 2nd and 3rd and put the accelerator down nothing happens (like the car is freewheeling) for 20 seconds , then acceleration kicks in. It appears that this becomes less of a problem the further i drive or the longer I drive.Then yesterday a load of lights came on Check Parking BRake system and Check Vsc system along with a yellow exclamation. Man in garage plugged it in and says he is not sure. My googling tells me that this seems to be a common enough problem in the D4D engine and that the egr valve could be clogged...I would welcome comments especially if I think the warning lights yesterday are related to the poor performance of the car in low revs.
  10. Hi. I bought a Menabo Tema roof bar set in micks garage for my Toyota Avensis estate 2009. But I don't think the fix points will work with the system. See pics . Don't under stand how the instructions on page 9 can work with this. Trying to put it on myself but foolishly thought I could do it.
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