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  1. I appreciate the detailed advice. It got me up & running in no time. I used a fully charged battery that was lying around (fully charged) and got the car started. Question : I have read multiple posts - that claim jump starting these cars can damage hybrid electrical components/circuits. Is there any evidence of this - or is it peoples musings?
  2. I agree. I have also read reports that jump starting hybrids can lead to a myriad of problems if not done in a very specific way. Hence me checking - in case there are aspects of this unique to my car - that I may be unaware of. Still need help on how to do this correctly folks.
  3. Need help, Standing by my hybrid car, as it won't start. Left internal lights on. My own fault. Do not have manual with me. A) What is the correct procedure - step by step - to jump start this hybrid correctly? B) Can jump starting damage the electrics or anything else? How to prevent that? C) I am assuming my small batt is 12v???? Do I need to jump from a 12V only? Sun is going down - and I need some help please. It's quite urgent - windows stuck open. Grateful to any willing to help. K
  4. Question: At what remaining depth, do Toyota 'suggest' changing: A) Pads front B) Pads rear & also.. C) Rotors front D) Rotors rear I'm guessing there are two sets of advisory? 1) RECOMMENDED change depth (best practice) and then 2) BARE minimum Q: I am seeking help with finding out what the "BARE minimum" for A-D for my specific vehicle (in first post) are. (If the "RECOMMENDED change depth" for A-D is also available - it'd help many others on the forum too).
  5. Kojac


    Can anyone confirm the correct torque value to set the torque wrench to - when tightening my alloy nuts?
  6. Hoping for an education on where and how to clear all of the rain/water drainage holes on my Auris mk1. Over time they get blocked/dirty & need to be cleared. Need guidance in where they all are & how to do it competently. Many thanks, Kojac.
  7. Is this correct? (I think that de-badging is a pertinent & prudent first step). A) Does the front toyota front badge (Auris MK1) have sensors within it? B) If it were to be switched out to a non-blue badge - what would be involved.
  8. Had genuinely tried youtube first before posting here. The vids are generic and/or apply to other variants - not specifically to our mk1. Hoping for some guidance on this please.
  9. The plot thickens... (pun intended)
  10. Need help - looking to properly service the cooling vents/fans for my hybrid battery myself. Can anyone help with a guide specific to my particular variant of car. I will spend the time to do it right. Car is now 10 years old - and I want to give the cooling system a full service. On a secondary note - I would appreciate any opinions or ancillary information on this topic in general. I am mindful of the extensive knowledge & experience of other forum members - which is what keeps bringing me back to the forum. Any tidbits of gold are most welcome on this topic.
  11. Theres a master toyota tech (U.S) on youtube, that claims all oem toyota oils are infact mobil oils - rebadged. Whats the likelyhood its the same for the U.K / European market
  12. Tony - it's insight like this that is pute gold. Can you expand on this - and how I would ascertain which brake system I have on my vehicle.
  13. Also - as forum members - are discounts available from any oil suppliers?
  14. Brakes - looking to explore options/recommendations on: A) Brake pads - OEM vs alternative suggestions. B) Brake rotors - OEM vs alternative suggestions. Car is 10 years old & has 63,000 on the clock. I feel it will soon be time to change the pads (at a minimum) & possibly - might get the rotors done at the same time as the car will be up on the lift anyway. This post is intended to be an exploration of the topic - focusing on technical aspects. K
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