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  1. Thanks again, I'll get some pics of her when it arrives, I may stick a few cheaky ones of my lude in as well ;)
  2. It'll be worth loggin back onto confused.com, it'll probably have your results stashed away somewhere :) Dave
  3. ds2000


    Hi Jen, Is this the Jen from Honda-Revs? If it is I owe you a PM (Been on holiday all week) If not welcome anyway
  4. Hi Will, For insurance try www.confused.com, it'll throw you up a quote much cheaper than that :) For the car you could try http://www.cubiklect.lloydstsb.com/ My gf has just ordered hers for £6500 with 15" alloys and a CD player, brand new as well Not 100% sure on which variant it is though, be worth checking. Dave
  5. Thanks for that, as you've said I can't imagine there will be much, I love the Toyo range as much as some of the H's if I'm honest :group-cuddles: the new Celica is begging me to take her out for a test drive, I'm waiting for the new Supra though, not that I could ever afford it ;) She has gone for the 1.0i model, she's found a bargain though, I think it was £6.5k with 15" alloys and a CD player Shrewd business women if ever I saw one ;) :D
  6. Hi all. As in the title really my girlfriend is buying herself a Yaris, should be here on the 1st of September :D. Its her 1st car as well. She's quite keen on cars and loves my Prelude and the Celica range, just a quick question on owning it really. Does she need to know anything in particular or are they pretty bullet proof? Being a Honda boy I'm used to reliability and I'm really glad she's choose a Toyota over any non Jap makes :) Thanks Dave
  7. Its a 1996 STi. Isn't the K&N Short RAM? CAI is the preference is thats possible. B)
  8. Hi all, My friend at work is after a CAI for his Celica, do you know anyone that can provide him with one? Thanks!! Dave
  9. Put L9 SUP as the reg and see what that throws up! Dave
  10. ds2000

    UK Supra's

    Yep I'm looking at a TT, believe it or not its cheaper to insure than the lude I'll be going on a RWD course though as I've never driven one 300+hp is going to be a swift learning curve :) Personally can't wait, just need to sell the lude(s).....
  11. ds2000

    UK Supra's

    Dammit I've been foiled in my great Prelude sell up. Well you know what I'm after :) Keep it schtum though, I know the wolves at Honda will be out on the turbo lag vs n/a :) It will be expensive, I started with a budget of £9.5k I think I've found one that suits me for £11k, time to barter once my ludes gone.... :D D
  12. ds2000

    UK Supra's

    TBH I don't think £7K would get you a very good Supra, TT or not :( The 3.0l is imported, the TT manuals are rare as well, if you find one you'll be paying £9.5k+ I've been told the auto box is very good but like most I prefur manuals :) Dave
  13. At 20 your not going to get anywhere near one :( How many yrs NCB do you have? I'm 21, nearly 22, have a clean license held for 4 years and 3 yrs NCB, a UK Supra would cost me £860 to insure fully comp but try finding (a good) one for under 10k?? I don't know what a JDM Supra would cost to insure but I imagine a little more than that :) My only advise is to try www.confused.com and be patient, good things come to those who wait :D Dave
  14. Well if you are I'd happily send a CV in. My current job has really run out of interesting tasks now, since we (2 of us) upgraded the network, servers, workstations, backup solutions its been very reliable, which is good but means new projects that are interesting are really hard to come by :( B)
  15. :) Good stuff, not looking for any IT engineers atm are you? ;)
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