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  1. I got those figures from another thread on this forum about spark plugs. Seems to be a lot of conflicting information sometimes. If the plugs were changed by the UK garage, assuming they used the correct plugs then they won't need changing for a long time still. Best to have this confirmed.
  2. I believe the iQ should be serviced every year or 9,000 miles so it is already 3,000 miles past its service. I am also slightly confused and skeptical about it just needing new plugs or that these plugs are the cause for the misfiring. The iQ have iridium tipped plugs that are quite long in length and they are long lasting plugs; 56,000 mile life span or every 6 years. Perhaps wrong plugs were used. Make sure to get the right ones fitted.
  3. Apologies. The inner plastic tube needs to be tightened to 0.8nm (7 pounds per square INCH, not foot.) It is 0.6lbft. Cant seem to edit previous posts... Regards.
  4. Upon more research and a good look at Toyota Tech EU website here is what I found. The refill plug torque is 49nm (36lbft). The drain plug torque is 40nm (30lbft). The inner plastic tube torque is 0.8nm (7lbft). Depending on the type of work that was done to the vehicle determines how much oil must be put in to the gearbox. When refilling and the oil starts to trickle out of the inner plastic tube (which should be tightened to 0.8nm/7lbft) put back the drain plug and tighten to rated torque. Now, follow this information precisely so you have the correct fluid inside: (This fluid must be added after the initial filling when the oil started to trickle out, this is essentially a top up and must be followed.) New CVT gearbox with new Torque Converter: add an extra 1.4 litres of CVT fluid after initial refilling. New CVT gearbox with original Torque Converter: add an extra 0.4 litres of CVT fluid after initial refilling. Torque Converter replacement: add an extra 0.4 litres of CVT fluid after initial refilling. Torque Converter Removal and Refit: add an extra 0.4 litres of CVT fluid after initial refilling. Oil-pan removal and fit (follow this one if you are just draining from the drain plug): add an extra 0.4 litres of CVT fluid after initial refilling. Drive shaft removal and replacement: add an extra 0.4 litres of CVT fluid after initial refilling. If in doubt and you're already balls deep in to doing this job, just make sure you refill with exactly what was removed for safe measure.
  5. Do you have the repair manual demonstrating the fluid change? - I would like to read it. I find it odd that the inner tube needs torqued as it comes to a complete stop once screwed completely in with releative ease. If you have any more finesse in making this particular job even more successful please share. Thanks!
  6. When I bought my iQ at 36k miles the CVT gearbox was whiny when high load was put on it; such as full acceleration to motorway speed. Once I changed the CVT fluid the noise completely disappeared. The fluid was very dirty and was far from the transparent red wine colour is started its life as. There doesn't seem to be any official Toyota Service Intervals for the CVT gearbox and I think a lot of people assume that they are therefore sealed for life. Given the whine I was experiencing with my car I decided to change the CVT fluid myself. The fluid needed for our CVT equipped cars is the Genuine Toyota CVT FE fluid. Part number is 08886-02505. You can order the fluid from Toyota Parts with this number. I have made a crude image to show how the gearbox is drained and then refilled to the correct amount: You need to remove the drain plug with an allen key head but the fluid inside will not drain much. The inner plastic tube needs to be screwed out with a similar sized allen head key as it is threaded the same as the drain plug. Once removed the fluid will drain. Once drained insert the inner plastic tube back in and screw it in slowly until it comes to a stop. Do not tighten this with much force, just only very slightly snug. Leave the drain plug off and remove the fill plug from the top. It is to the left of the battery and just above the air filter housing. You'll see it. It is a T55. Once removed you can either choose to fill up the gearbox until the fluid starts to leak through the inner plastic tube or simply replace with the exact same amount that was removed providing you measure it accurately. Once filled you can put back both the drain and fill plugs. It is your choice as to how often you wish to change your CVT fluid but I recommend it to everyone who hasn't already done so or has any paperwork to suggest it was already done. I don't believe Toyota would include in any type of regular service so unless it was changed privately by a garage upon request then I don't think it would have been flushed. Good luck.
  7. Which ones do you have?
  8. Thoughts? There are a few HIR2 LED bulbs on eBay but there are various wattage options. Any experiences?
  9. All the belts for the 1.0, 1.33 and even the diesel are the same. The part number for the alternator belt is 90916-02682. 5PK965. So 5 ribs with a total length of 965mm. The belt they sold you is 10mm smaller, not sure if this is a negligible amount.
  10. I have a 2016 Smart Fortwo Proxy and I barely use it. I use the iQ 95% of the time. Strangely enough I don't feel the rarity factor of the iQ when I drive it, a feeling I remember having when I used to own an old quad headlight toyota starlet turbo.
  11. Car tax is based on its emissions (2001 onwards) and if your vehicle has excessive emissions for any reason (during an MOT), you don't have to pay more TAX, your car just fails its MOT. Out of curiosity, and I don't mean to rain on your parade but why would you want a noisy exhaust on a 1.0 iQ?
  12. Couldn't afford to buy a new Yaris outright. I was considering an Audi A1 but would rather stick with something that has the Toyota DNA. Seems the CT200h is the only option. £9,000-£10,000 seems to buy a low mileage 2011-2012 example.
  13. I find so many other cars to be a downgrade over the iQ for some reason. The Lexus CT200h seems to be the only thing I can find with a nice interior and is nearly as cheap to run other than insurance. Nothing else by Toyota comes close. I wouldn't drive an Aygo knowing the iQ exists. Just want something as cool as the iQ but as luxurious and more smooth to drive. Well.. I say as luxurious.. The interior of the iQ doesn't exactly have premium materials but the design is pretty sweet. Just getting tired of the 3 pot engine.
  14. I was at car giant today and had a look around a 2013 Yaris Hybrid. I thought the outside looked smart but the interior is far behind what we find in our iQ. I was really disappointed with the design and overall finish. So I was thinking maybe the Lexus CT200h? Which cars are you guys considering for after your iQ?
  15. Highest I ever got was 68 something MPG, I probably ****** off a lot of people at the time. A run to sound-end a few days ago saw me 60 MPG without trying too much, accelerating to 60-70 MPH as normal and then just trying to keep RPM below 2k (CVT). Normal 30-40mph roads around my area see me to a solid 37-39 MPG average. Perhaps it is time to move to a Yaris Hybrid or something.