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  1. Monkeywrench Racing sell them: https://www.monkeywrenchracing.com Also this dude on instagram makes his own custom shifters: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/rzrcorollashifter/ I don't have one myself so I am not sure if they are any good
  2. You can run 205's fine. I have 205/55/16 Dunlop BluResposne Sport tyres. I was also looking pilot sports but they are a bit pricey
  3. Good luck with the wrap, keep us updated on how it looks. I just spent 700 on BC coilovers so your not the only one wasting money on a old banger. RIP bank account
  4. Are those compressor wheels? I have been meaning to go back and tidy up those cables, they are just zip tied to the battery holder thing on my rolla. Any tips to tidy them up?
  5. I recently swapped insurance companies since my previous insurer would not let me modify my car. There are specialist insurance companies that only deal with modified cars, I think they just go on owners information.
  6. This has to be the craziest T-Sport I've seen yet: www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-Corolla-E12-T-Sport-2ZZGE-Club-Racing-Car-Track-Car-Rally-Car/272909198914?_trkparms=aid
  7. The K&N should be a nice upgrade, I just installed my Apexi intake a couple weeks ago and it makes a big difference to the sound. It sounds the same on low RPM but when you hit lift it goes crazy
  8. Congrats on the new car. It's sad to see another T-Sport go. Do you have plans for the ST? How does it compare to the Corolla?
  9. When my calipers were sticking I just bought a service kit with new seals. The kit was £10 per caliper, I don't remember what my mechanic charged me but it was next to nothing. He just reused the same pins and I haven't had any problems since. Stop scaring me with all these problems, I am waiting for my car to explode now
  10. I have a T-Sport, the seats don't have any real support. The facelift seats look nicer with the red colour but I think that is the only difference.
  11. I am looking at Tein coilovers here: http://www.tein.co.uk/srch/uk_search.php?maker=TOYOTA&carmodel=COROLLARUNX/ALLEX&modelyear=2004.05-2006.10&item=default I have contacted Tein, this is what they said: Does anyone know if they share the same suspension setup?
  12. I believe Ant182 on this forum tracked his 1.6. I think this is the thread
  13. Nice car, what are your favorite mods for the t-sport?
  14. That is one expensive desklamp. I still have my apexi filter sitting here too. I thought I could insure some basic mods but apparently my insurance company is dog****. My insurance is ending soon though so hopefully I can find a company that allows mods.
  15. I have not updated this in a while, the corolla is still going strong with 117k miles on the clock. Here is some stuff I have done since: Blitz SUS Power panel filter Spark Plugs (Denso Iridium SK20R11) Mintex pads and MTEC slotted rotors New Dunlop Sport BluResponse tyres all round (205/55/16) with alignment I have bought gear oil but too lazy to change it I tried to restore the headlights like I did on my old car but they still look pretty bad, I will need to try something different. I painted the strut bar since it was rusted, also tidied up the engine bay. Here are some pics:
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