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  1. I have the same unit and good job with the cam but I can't seem to get hold of the Microphone for the Bluetooth any ideas ??? ......
  2. I also went to halfords got matblack spray paint and lined up the rear SR lip and spray painted it on looks superb no need to buy SR rear lip model bumper I ordered the rear bulb holders from Toyota just going to see which one fits then have a crack at it when I asked Toyota they asked for reg model I auto traded a reg from a new version to get the bulb holders gona see how it goes going to change to SR wheels soon and drop in the SATNAV B9005 model full liquid touch display version. Front pic I have painted the grill line red and chopped off the trd badge just keeping the square bit of the badge that looks sweet too also put on the SR spoiler on and tinted the rear windows at 20%, under the hood I have a K&N induction kit which makes it sound sweet but not over the top, more pix coming soon. Also lowering is in the todo list aswell as a reverse cam maybe ...
  3. Hi guys I have purchased facelift lights for my 2007 auris just having problems with the rear bulb holders can these bulb holders if I get them from scrappers be fitted is there any wiring issues etc and the hole in the chassis at the back will this be allowed to go through ? Anyone doen this already I checked the light actually fits with a tiny over hang at the bottom where the bumper meets. Got the lights just want to pop them on but stuck here or is the a dead end I have seen one car that's had them done on this forum but no info