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  1. I have fitted Mitzy Colt alloys 5.5Jx14, with Landsail 175/70 tyres. Being AUTO.... Just a lovely ride to 'smoke about' in 😉 Keep Well, all....
  2. Hi! & Bye!! Lad bought my Carina, over on Auto$hite. I jumped into a Suzuki Swift '98 5door 3pot - 1.0i Auto. ........ only covered 28,000 and is totally mint!!! Hope everyone gets through COVID and many happy miles to everyone..... Signing OUT John 😉
  3. Hello...... Finally, your own Carina II thread 😉 ..... everything you do can be happily parked here and everytime you update it it will pop to the top of this page 🙂 Keep it up, m8 2sav
  4. MOT up on Oct 17th. *was included in COVID extension.... then out again 😞 We Will See 2sav
  5. Depends if you are chatting at the petrol station... "Oooof Cool wheels, eh, My old dad had one"..... ( = classic) Or ForSale ad : "Mint, lovely car, one of only a few left £### oro" ( = old car) Waiting for the right buyer is Proppa Poker 😉 Nice car, btw 2sav
  6. Got the room on your drive, m8 .... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-Celica-Rally-Replica-Japanese-Import-/303701121096 2sav
  7. Ouch.... Bet that hurt! You might try a 247Breakers search, on line. A whole exhaust (newish/for mot but still failed!) could be lying on a rack somewhere..... BOL 2sav
  8. ....... SOLD ..... Into the Emerald Isle, so it is said. Proper gem, I reckon, compared to the baling twine & fence wire holding together some offered by the bogdwellers (have you checked out the prices €€€€ ). 2sav
  9. Hmm.... Someone said "Jus [T Cut] the damn thing up for Scrap!" 2sav
  10. Pricing is always the 'dealmaker/breaker', my friend..... Some pictures (with the plate, so folks can check MOT history). GLWS 2sav
  11. White is the new 'resale silver'..... CoolAs [polarbears donglies] ..... So then.... tell all the goss 😉 2sav
  12. The pump is cambelt driven.... You getting a full kit? 2sav
  13. I discovered, when pulling the sun blind forward, the fabric covering had become un-glued along the front edge (the bit always in the sun). unglued reglued I bought a tube of contact adhesive at Poondland and used a thin [kiddies paint set] brush (... also from Poondies) to splodge glue along the lip and then wrapped the material back, over onto the glue. Bit trickkie..... Working through the 'tilt up' gap, between glass and roof. Looks very nice, refinished 😉 2sav
  14. Ahh.... Missed the boat, m8 😉 I'm 'all electric'...... However >> Lexan = Lightest 🙂 ..... keep on jogginn on! 2sav
  15. Further, today, it being so nice out.... Newbiggin Point, church carpark.... and Free! 01Sept20 Lovely icecreams to be had, too 😉 2sav
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