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  1. Update# FFS!! I ran the old girl through our ASDA wash thisafternoon... Flailing spongebob finger bristles just ripped the ffinn end off the nearside wiper [actually the press on/clip moulding - that keeps all the individual sections together]. The rubber wiper blade is now loose, to creep out of the arm and likely fly away.... Into B&M and another £2.99 gets me 18" refresh... Next time I use this wash I'm going to get a "rear wiper cover poly bag".... Slop it over this NS wiper :<) 2sav
  2. Windscreen wiper time again.... I have previously 'renewed' tired rubber inserts with the guts of Poondland ones, quite successfully in the main. Over the last week my screen has become smeary and a quick blast of the washers leaves me blinded for a few seconds... Not Good! Refusing to splurge £20 @Halfrauds I tried B&M.. Branded as 'RAC'/ orange packaging. ... despite not having an O-level in Airfix Construction I managed to identify the one, among about 10, plastic clips for my 'hoop hook-on' arm end! 18" was £2.99 and 22" £4.99..... £8 for a pair when car shops want more for just the ONE! Excellent swish n clear...... See how we are in six months. 2sav
  3. What...... You no mention on here? 😞 2sav
  4. ......& Happy New Year. With a Toyota?, no surprises there! 2sav
  5. Started getting the 'kdink kdonk' of exhaust touching rear crossmember AGAIN .... The whole 'ensemble' is tightly U-clamped but, when the centre pipe was replaced, everything got yankked about and this has resulted in some movement. Oh.... For a welder! I could have lashed up my backbox pipework and blazzed it solid - fit n forget!! Instead, I spent a chilly 1/2hr lying in the lane [up on the ramps] retightening bracketry whilst pushing the system up..... Silence restored 2sav
  6. I think I have linked this before..... Worth investigating, 'breaker yard' upgrades are always the most cost effective... 2sav
  7. ..... aye, got mine! 2sav
  8. For the first time in forever.... I had one of the grandkids sitting behind me + wanting the window opened! That window hasn't moved since I got the car... She couldn't find 'her' window switch in the halflight so I swiped my master switch and ... Swoosh ... We're down! Imagine my embarrasment when it wouldn't ... Swoosh ... back UP!! I hopped out and, reaching through my window, I flicked 'UP' and pulled on the glass... It somewhat reluctantly buzzed upward to fully closed. A judicious squirt around the slider guides, with Halfrauds Silicone Lube, and a dozen up/downs has everything tip-top once more..... 2sav
  9. Err.... Not at those prices! 😵 2sav
  10. Bit pricey...... But a bit 'unobtanium' at the same time. To think how many of these have been crushed.... 2sav
  11. This is SERIOUS $#1T!! YouTube has 'come of age'.... Into a 'new age' >>> we are all the poorer for having choice filtered through lawyers/litigation 😞 2sav
  12. As someone 'creating Utube content' are you concerned about change of terms, age suitability ? 2sav
  13. I recall [ohh... Lonng Ago!] a PR stunt with BMW. A TV show took a couple + kids (...presumably their own money!) out to the factory and the Mrs got to spray their initials on the 'body in white'. Cameras tracked the car and ultimately filmed the handover (... and bunch of flowers) and they drove off. I do believe BMW offered 'factory gate' collections... Them doing PDI & plates.... All good stuff.... Carry On 2sav
  14. Yeah.... No garage here. Terraced streets, so just the back lane 😕 2sav
  15. Poondland spray-greeaz [... and/or 'White cycle chain lube' - depending on what the supplier prints on the tin! lol ] is my weapon of choice for Sunroof bowden drive cables + door hinges...... 2sav