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  1. Well...... Worked out not too bad 😉 Requires fettling/fitting + cleanup & paint! £30 and I get a 'free' mahoosive LED brake light (good, as Carina is a low car) 2sav
  2. I think a poster is looking for a 'chin lip'...... ? Bet the pricing is a bit 'life on mars' though 😞 2sav
  3. Looks Even Betterer....... WootWoot 🙂 2sav
  4. Ooooff!! It's HERE! SooopaKwikk @courier 🙂 2sav
  5. #Ebay. Your item is consigned eta 9th July Woot Woot..... 😉 2sav
  6. Hiyya...... Lots of Toyota Carina II still hammering about in the Emerald Isle? See them on auction sites, moonrocket mileages tho 😕 2sav
  7. Oooffff...... ! Something is 'InBound' & it's Gunna B Epic..... 😉 2sav
  8. ..... Sweating with all that scraping likely the driver is a Kg (..or 2) lighter 😉 2sav
  9. MicksGarage lists a lot of obscure stuff.... The web front page/search is really good and will say if they are 'on the shelf' = ETA to you. Have you put brandnew/different rate springs on there? 2sav
  10. Fronts = cartridge/insert. Rears = full leg. Got all mine from MicksGarage, Ireland. Quick and direct from stock.... I did do some 'ebay digging', originally, but some odd dampers would be listed in Croatia or Belarus with vague charcoal sketch imagery 😞 Mick was the way to go 😉 Springs are original and clean. The red is very fetching, m8 2sav
  11. Never too many Old Classics on the Web.... 😉 Cheers 2sav
  12. If it is a Hatch/Lift back then it is wrong one. Mine is a Saloon (like your red GLi) 😉 Glad you came aboard, my friend. 2sav
  13. Yes, mine has the 'chin lip'..... But has no 'bootlip spoiler'. I cannot locate a bootlip spoiler anywhere.... 😞 2sav
  14. ....... New Guy coming aboard soon. Hit him up on RetroRides, from Russia. Carina II Has two cars. The famed/rocky horse 'Sunroof delete/A.C. option SALOON'.... #&@!!%&£ bloodyhell! BTCC replica in the making, there 😉 Hope he pops up soon #timrussia on RR 2sav