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  1. ...... I did some 'reading up' via simple Google links.... This is interesting? 🤔 2sav
  2. Quite.... We need to find out if this is 'just another BPvalve' then slap on a Ford one for £40 lol 2sav
  3. Well.....|76&Model=Corolla|1013&Year=1996|1996&ie=UTF8&n=15684181&newVehicle=1&s=automotive&vehicleId=1&vehicleType=automotive USA guy helpfully points us in this direction..... 2sav
  4. I have posted 'help..Wanted' thredd on See what we get 🤔 2sav *oof >> been flamed, so someone is looking 😕
  5. ..... This would be a 'load compensator/anti lockup valve'? Common to lots of cars [dunno about ABS tho?] ABS should make these odsolete.... BOL 🙂 2sav
  6. Today I popped the trim off above the pedals, looking to pick up on the wiring to install my 'plip locking' kit. The loom is very densly wrapped as it exits the door boot.... I couldn't see any way of picking out the locking wiring easily. Plan B : I think I'm going to run 2 wires up into the switch base >> these will take the signals down, through the door jamb boot, and then into the control box. Bit of a faff BUT no loom chopping! Do it all another day.... Bloominn freezing out! One of my sidelights went off - 5W T10 - luckily I found one in an old Ring bulb kit, from poondland. I had to twist the holder with an OE spanner, inserted behind the headlight void.. Horizontally.. as the space is bare big enough for a childs hand. All sorted now Anyone had long test of LED T10 type bulbs (not jazzy BLOO ones)? 2sav
  7. My pack of 10x 3MM black vinyl cap ends have turned up. They will block off Vac ports on the carb and manifold, nice and neat... 2sav
  8. Further to my ongoing 'carb tune/refresh'.... I popped for this MuchhoLonggo bowden Choke cable. I'm unhappy with how [I suspect] the autochoke is not always coming completely OFF. With a straightforward ON/OFF install there will be no doubt... and I can cut the choke almost immediately on straight running/non at all in warm weather. I will modify the T-pull on this, replacing with a button knob 🎱 Piccies, as always.... 2sav
  9. ..... hmm... The 'linkkie' was a Look At THIS helpful pointer >>> not a solicitors letter 😕 checking, the op seems it was a 'one off' visit..... 2sav
  10. I think you will find all the detail required with a Wikki search of the model. Honest John (search google) also I believe do spec. Or here.. Good luck 2sav
  11. Welcome, from Tyneside m8 2sav
  12. Yesterday I found the car to have a fuel leak. It is the small bore tank return, from the mech pump. Thismorning, I dropped in to A V Taylor, Byker, 9AM... 3ft 3/16" flexi fuel pipe £3.50 2x 12MM screw clamps £1.50 MOT garage @9:15 >> 20min wait +£10 *'xmas fund' £15 and home 👍 Opinions were the old rubber hose was goosed. *and no, not DIY job as I hate fuel up my armpit!! 2sav
  13. ..... hope it was Toyota 🤔
  14. Good little linkkie, here..... For some body parts & wheelarch repair sections. I have not found any of these in other GoogeFu 🤔 2sav