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  1. Err.... Not at those prices! 😵 2sav
  2. Bit pricey...... But a bit 'unobtanium' at the same time. To think how many of these have been crushed.... 2sav
  3. This is SERIOUS $#1T!! YouTube has 'come of age'.... Into a 'new age' >>> we are all the poorer for having choice filtered through lawyers/litigation 😞 2sav
  4. As someone 'creating Utube content' are you concerned about change of terms, age suitability ? 2sav
  5. I recall [ohh... Lonng Ago!] a PR stunt with BMW. A TV show took a couple + kids (...presumably their own money!) out to the factory and the Mrs got to spray their initials on the 'body in white'. Cameras tracked the car and ultimately filmed the handover (... and bunch of flowers) and they drove off. I do believe BMW offered 'factory gate' collections... Them doing PDI & plates.... All good stuff.... Carry On 2sav
  6. Yeah.... No garage here. Terraced streets, so just the back lane 😕 2sav
  7. Poondland spray-greeaz [... and/or 'White cycle chain lube' - depending on what the supplier prints on the tin! lol ] is my weapon of choice for Sunroof bowden drive cables + door hinges...... 2sav
  8. Here we all are again <no, not insurance!> .... Got to run the dash clock 'all the way round' as we want to 'lose an hour' but digits can only be 'pipped' forward 😞 Ha ha 2sav
  9. +1 on 'pull/vacuum pump' drawing through fluid..... Watch the colour change at each wheel and you know every inch of pipe is renewed. 2sav
  10. That Time Of The Year.... again Fully Comp @£207.... That makes 3 years straight and about a fiver variation overall. I'm happy to stay with DirectLine 2sav
  11. ..... further to my 'wheelarch titivation'..... I tried a search locally for a cheap tin, matching the Toyota 182 blue. This caught my eye in theRange @£4.99 Vx Metroblue_metallic It'll do just fine 4me 2sav
  12. ..... Bit salty on the price. Not Carina but 'period' at least! 2sav
  13. Ahhh.... When I got mine, 3yr ago, the lad who 'rescued it from the Banger Boyyz' put on MR2 alloys and then, to sell it on, put the steels back on >> sadly he mislaid one trim 😞 I went to Chester to collect it, I slotted on 15x7 OZ Polaris and skipped 4x Steels + 3 plakkie trims. The wheels are really smart, period correct. Ah well.... Good luck in your search [eBay is your friend] Get a few piccies up of yours 🙂 2sav
  14. ..... and no surprises there, then 👍 2sav