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  1. Pity, you missed a chance of my old one... Went for a Bag, two weeks ago. Unless, of course, you got outbid 🧐 TS
  2. Hi Paul.... 'My' Carina II has just sold, on Ebay, and the alloys are held on with FORD s/s capped cones... same as this Focus TS
  3. *L8 Nooze*... £1000 winning bid! Wayy Ta Gow, Idaho Hope new owner finds us here, eh TS
  4. Hi Everyone....... Just a QuickBlast :-) This is mine, not from me but 2owners on.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1991-TOYOTA-CARINA-2-1-6-GL-SALOON-/224545417959?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 Should do someone nice (DON'T put E10 u/l in it!!) Might pop up on here.... My Suzuki is bombing along GR8 See youzz, sometime TS
  5. I have fitted Mitzy Colt alloys 5.5Jx14, with Landsail 175/70 tyres. Being AUTO.... Just a lovely ride to 'smoke about' in 😉 Keep Well, all....
  6. Hi! & Bye!! Lad bought my Carina, over on Auto$hite. I jumped into a Suzuki Swift '98 5door 3pot - 1.0i Auto. ........ only covered 28,000 and is totally mint!!! Hope everyone gets through COVID and many happy miles to everyone..... Signing OUT John 😉
  7. Hello...... Finally, your own Carina II thread 😉 ..... everything you do can be happily parked here and everytime you update it it will pop to the top of this page 🙂 Keep it up, m8 2sav
  8. MOT up on Oct 17th. *was included in COVID extension.... then out again 😞 We Will See 2sav
  9. Depends if you are chatting at the petrol station... "Oooof Cool wheels, eh, My old dad had one"..... ( = classic) Or ForSale ad : "Mint, lovely car, one of only a few left £### oro" ( = old car) Waiting for the right buyer is Proppa Poker 😉 Nice car, btw 2sav
  10. Got the room on your drive, m8 .... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-Celica-Rally-Replica-Japanese-Import-/303701121096 2sav
  11. ....... SOLD ..... Into the Emerald Isle, so it is said. Proper gem, I reckon, compared to the baling twine & fence wire holding together some offered by the bogdwellers (have you checked out the prices €€€€ ). 2sav
  12. Hmm.... Someone said "Jus [T Cut] the damn thing up for Scrap!" 2sav
  13. Pricing is always the 'dealmaker/breaker', my friend..... Some pictures (with the plate, so folks can check MOT history). GLWS 2sav
  14. White is the new 'resale silver'..... CoolAs [polarbears donglies] ..... So then.... tell all the goss 😉 2sav
  15. The pump is cambelt driven.... You getting a full kit? 2sav
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