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  1. tooSavvy

    Hatchback Tailgate Gas Struts

    Oooh.... Mmmmm... Ah! Yes... Perhaps googlefu is your friend. AFAIK all struts are created <in China> equal but have different ends [not many!] Search your type and try to find out what the *end type is and then go for min/max length... *muddy option = breakers yard and do some sleuthing 🙂 2sav
  2. tooSavvy

    Toyota carina superstruct suspension

    Nope... Not me looking for one. Got all the Carina II love I need here, m8 2sav
  3. tooSavvy

    Toyota carina superstruct suspension

    You may find some clues in 'platform code'..... The Carina II, I have, is T-series platform so common with 85-87 Celica. 2sav
  4. tooSavvy

    I'm in for the LONG HAUL... :<)

    I'm going for a ..... Bit'o Bling! Stainless, no less... Replacing the 2 acorn nut (plus a random rusty nut) on the Cambox Cover. I need cheering up 2sav
  5. tooSavvy

    I'm in for the LONG HAUL... :<)

    ...... my neighbour 'parking by braille™' again ¥π÷∆¶¢$¥€ !!! 😵 2sav
  6. tooSavvy

    I'm in for the LONG HAUL... :<)

    Bit of an update on the Cambox gasket (with a good splodge of BlooHylomar!) + 4 new plugtube 'polo mints'. No oil leakage = oil on top notch & clean as Mazola 2sav. 😁
  7. tooSavvy

    Hello Everyone!

    Term 'cold air induction', here, is a misnomer.... FACTORY standard inlet piping is cold feed = you now eat fried air/under hood fumes. Looks 'cool' tho... 2sav
  8. tooSavvy

    The White Carina

    Aye.... You'll struggle to score Cap + leads for £7 (N.O.S.)👍 Blueprint rotor arm around a fiver. Amazon ftw... 2sav
  9. tooSavvy

    The White Carina

    NGK m8 🚀 2sav
  10. tooSavvy

    I'm in for the LONG HAUL... :<)

    Woot Woot.... Red hose plopped thru letterbox just now We Are ON 🎱 2sav
  11. tooSavvy

    Toyota AE101 Wagon Lips Making

    Just the job for our BTCC Carina...... PaulinhoT to the BatFone.... 2sav
  12. tooSavvy

    The White Carina

    ....... Brakes ! 2sav
  13. tooSavvy

    The White Carina

    Ooof! You have some wants list, my friend... Sure you dont have AntiRollBush knock - where they go thru the eye - at the back? I think I have posted a link to the BIG calipers, 295mm off the Avensis I believe. MotorHog must be best for panels. Agreed - you cant do anything with suspension bushings (unless listed for the car) without the parts in bits... No use on a daily Keep it up M8 👍 2sav
  14. tooSavvy

    Trying to locate a door seal

    If you have a broadly similar profile across the area which is worn out (like not the hockey stick moulded corners) then Ebay 'buy by the metre' profile door seal could - mebbies - be added to replace a certain section. Superglue will quite effectively stick rubber, edge to edge.... Just a thought 😬 2sav
  15. tooSavvy

    Paddy The Corolla - 1998 1.3 E11 3-Door

    Nice to see you still up for it...... I'm amassing bits for a carb tune up + replacing all the skinny vac piping, in RED 😜 Got a Vac gauge so I can tune 'on the drop', of Hg. Keep jogging on, m8 2sav