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  1. ..... and here we all are ☺️ 2sav
  2. Yo..... Guys!! Video of 'the Wing' follows SOOON 😉 2sav
  3. YaY...... Good onyou, m8 #Consider starting YOUR OWN thread...... Perhaps?? Seemples = just go to Carina section (above where you just found MY thread) and click on "start new topic".... Screenshot We are all eyes + ears 2sav
  4. Finally!! + dry sunny day..... BodyColour_Spoiler ...... NOW some holes, methinks 😉 2sav
  5. If you haven't joined/looked in.... .... Yanks are into their 'scene wheels' + love big Toyos 😉 Welcome, m8 2sav
  6. I will follow this closely, for tips on getting the best out of my Carina II.... lol 2sav
  7. I see what you did there.... 😉 2sav
  8. I have been on with the forming tool today, and cut this piece of laminate (19mm = the gap, where Nissan boot deck is more curved up) to shape of the ABS moulding..... Once I get a skim of filler and flatt it out this will blend in nicely 2sav
  9. All Sun...... Here on Sunny Tyneside 😉 Some gasket manufacturing (to suit the Spoiler/Bootlid profile) ..... mebbies a bit 'body colour' aerosol wrist action, too. 2sav
  10. SWMBO seatbelt latch has been loosly flopping about on its retaining bolt.... As if the hole was too big on the bolt 😕 After stripping out the plastic cover I discovered the spring/welch washer (presumably to allow wobbly movement but not 'rattly') has fretted away and snapped.... I tried to loosen the 14mm bolt but.. even with a tube on my ratchet.. couldn't break it away Plan B formed as using twopack adhesive to flow into the void and 'gummie up' the hole/make movement stiffer The slight shine on the washer base is it, after glooping on with a piece of plastic. Working just fine now(rattle-less).... see how it goes! 2sav
  11. A 'crack' *subject to location in screen is NOT an MOT fail. The 'swept area' ( the ONLY bit you can see through if 2" of snow drops on you as you drive along, for an example) is MOT checked..... If the crack is 3foot long and entirely below/above the wiper swept area it is not flagged as a fail. There is no structural issue/laminated won't explode in your face. If it fails the MOT then you're stuck but not A DANGER otherwise 😉 2sav
  12. *lexan scratches so easily 😞 keep up with the 'bikkie delete' .... lol 2sav
  13. Well...... Worked out not too bad 😉 Requires fettling/fitting + cleanup & paint! £30 and I get a 'free' mahoosive LED brake light (good, as Carina is a low car) 2sav
  14. I think a poster is looking for a 'chin lip'...... ? Bet the pricing is a bit 'life on mars' though 😞 2sav
  15. My birthday Today...... 2sav
  16. Looks Even Betterer....... WootWoot 🙂 2sav
  17. Ooooff!! It's HERE! SooopaKwikk @courier 🙂 2sav
  18. #Ebay. Your item is consigned eta 9th July Woot Woot..... 😉 2sav
  19. Hiyya...... Lots of Toyota Carina II still hammering about in the Emerald Isle? See them on auction sites, moonrocket mileages tho 😕 2sav
  20. Oooffff...... ! Something is 'InBound' & it's Gunna B Epic..... 😉 2sav
  21. ..... Sweating with all that scraping likely the driver is a Kg (..or 2) lighter 😉 2sav
  22. MicksGarage lists a lot of obscure stuff.... The web front page/search is really good and will say if they are 'on the shelf' = ETA to you. Have you put brandnew/different rate springs on there? 2sav
  23. Fronts = cartridge/insert. Rears = full leg. Got all mine from MicksGarage, Ireland. Quick and direct from stock.... I did do some 'ebay digging', originally, but some odd dampers would be listed in Croatia or Belarus with vague charcoal sketch imagery 😞 Mick was the way to go 😉 Springs are original and clean. The red is very fetching, m8 2sav
  24. Never too many Old Classics on the Web.... 😉 Cheers 2sav
  25. If it is a Hatch/Lift back then it is wrong one. Mine is a Saloon (like your red GLi) 😉 Glad you came aboard, my friend. 2sav