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  1. 8 hours ago, Clive Phillips said:

    My BIL in Ethiopia needs the interior handles (that fit into the recess in the door card) for his 1991 Carina. Can anyone supply these please?

    Parts search for '91 style/models Corolla might find you more as scrap/recycled....


  2. VED can be the killer on old motors....

    Older car type forums will refer to, essentially the same spec/model, as being 'pre or post' threshold - on a high VED.

    Banger status, on a reasonable car + mot, hinges on £150 but not with £300 VED..... Straight into the yards 😞


    glad you're sticking with your faithful old hound 😉



  3. Does having 'racing decals' make your insurance broker worry?

    They are notorious for "lifestyle/graphic style/driving style" leaps of logic..... Plus it must be a 'pondlife magnet' for getting nicked 😕

    Impressive sight to see - no doubt - swooshing about the locale 😉



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  4. Hi..... I have a front splitter [... err, and it's staying, thanks!] but I really would like a Saloon Bootspoiler to match 🙂

    My springs are factory/original.... But a full refresh of Dampers/Droplinks/ARB bushings were supplied by MicksGarage, Ireland.

    About £250.... AND they 'got them for me' >>> as opposed to Web sites cheaper but Not In Stock 😞

    Get some pictures up then.....



  5. I reckon if 'Salvage Rebuilds UK' <u tube> flipped a Carina... BOL on a £50 matching paint wing M8 🙂 ... you would start getting some serious 'clicks'.

    The Car That Time Forgot [you and I, both 😞 ]


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  6. I think 'diy or £££bespoke' will be the way ahead, m8.

    As with all things 'period' (thinking of circuit racers in '60s with Magnesium wheels = today those wheels will be porous/brittle wall ornaments) you might find they have all disappeared into the great beyond.... Sad but Troo 😕

    Getting a 'certified' top spec rollcage made [not at M8s R8s] will be 2nd mortgage territory.... Make your own with 50mm copper pipe and wrap with GorillaTape - daft, I know, but it's the look your after, really....




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  7. Coming up to 30yo, now basking in the raucous rust bath which is 'the NE' 😕 , I can see some scabbiness on the rear suspension arms (well sprayed with corrosion resisting gloop notwithstanding)... I'm just saying...

    48710-20060 & 48720-20050 .... Different sides.


    Anyone have a crocked 87 - 91 Carina/Camry/Lexus ? = all same part :)

    I think a clean/sound pair 'on the shelf' might be good strategy >> on the car, even better!


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  8. Hi Matt & thanks......

    MicksGarage [Ireland] got me everything for dampers/arb bushings/arb droplinks. The front dampers are a 'screw-in' insert!

    I am standard ride height.... My OZ alloys + tyre combo is exactly factory 13" tyre rolling diameter. VW 4x100 stud pattern.

    A lad over on RetroRides fitted twingo. just a slightly lower et, tyres are 185 65 14. Plain steel.

    *note: The 2.0L are 5stud.

    I'm trying to source a factory 'boot lid spoiler' for the saloon.... Mine already specced as front chin-lip.... God "rocky horse poo" they are!!

    Sorry some piccies are knakked... Photo#uckit did for some and (on this forum) we can't re-edit past entries to renew links.

    Glad you have seen other C2s about.... Here in Newcastle I'm deffo the only one.


  9. Well, it's been a bit windy of L8 😞


    ..... chunk of cement chimney 'flashing grout' landed on my blummin roof!!

    Well, at least it didn't smash my moonroof/rear window..... Not really the up-side I find entirely heartening  >> bumh#ts & Grrrrrrrr


  10. I'm having a total 'mare sourcing a factory 'bootlip' wing for mine, m8.

    The 2.0L is regarded a bit iffy for serious revving.... A long legged loper + ideally on an Auto (see: Camry).

    You can't save em all.....


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