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  1. I recall [ohh... Lonng Ago!] a PR stunt with BMW.

    A TV show took a couple + kids (...presumably their own money!) out to the factory and the Mrs got to spray their initials on the 'body in white'. Cameras tracked the car and ultimately filmed the handover (... and bunch of flowers) and they drove off.

    I do believe BMW offered 'factory gate' collections... Them doing PDI & plates....

    All good stuff.... Carry On



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  2. 3 hours ago, joelsoo said:

    ... nontheless i will do some diagnostics this weekend. weather may be against me but if its not raining i'd have a tinker with your suggested points above and take it from there. its due to rain heavily all weekend in london so may end up doing next week if its pouring down. i only have a drive or work on the side of the road, no luxury of covered garage.


    Yeah.... No garage here. Terraced streets, so just the back lane 😕







  3. Poondland spray-greeaz [... and/or 'White cycle chain lube' - depending on what the supplier prints on the tin! lol ] is my weapon of choice for Sunroof bowden drive cables + door hinges......


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  4. Ahhh.... When I got mine, 3yr ago, the lad who 'rescued it from the Banger Boyyz' put on MR2 alloys and then, to sell it on, put the steels back on >> sadly he mislaid one trim 😞

    I went to Chester to collect it, I slotted on 15x7 OZ Polaris and skipped 4x Steels + 3 plakkie trims. The wheels are really smart, period correct.


    Ah well.... Good luck in your search [eBay is your friend]

    Get a few piccies up of yours 🙂


  5. How might you quantify 'improvement over factory'?

    I assume half a million taxi drivers just had to settle for 'dealer spec'....

    I will concede (given our poor relation status to the Celica.. lol) the handling is pretty sharp on a Carina 🙂


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  6. Yes.... The 'Wax-Oil' <no relation!> smells just like WD-40. I stood the tin in direct sunlight until it got hot! Gets the pressure/blasting way up, too!

    It is a genuine 'shipbuilders swear by it!' Industrial metal preservative....

    When it dries off it is effectively invisible.... White spirit will remove any overspray, onto bodywork, which might attract dirt and look smudgy.. [as one Detailer to another lol]


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  7. 48764088931_0e0fb672b1_z.jpg

    Oil change sorted, sprayed the wiperarms matteblack, spraygreased the servo cables on the sunroof.

    I cut the undertray at the last oilchange, makes Oil filter much easier to get at!. But it makes the plastic tray flop down into sight.... So.... A piece of soft alloy plate, folded over the tray edge, crimped and with an upcurve bend = no tray sightings!


    Bit of titivation of my arch edges...


    Finally... I sprayed all the pipes and bracketry at the rear & sprayed the inside arch lips + along the lower sill edge and floor margin. Super easy to use this aerosol [stood in bright sunlight for 20mins... Nice and Warm!].

    11.4 out of 10.... YaY 



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  8. Just dropped thru the letterbox.... GR8!

    Problem is, so the web has it, getting a reliable app to give seamless display.

    Fully functional and is giving me <slightly> flakey images. Need to roadtest some Cam apps 🙂