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  1. Scan ebay motor sites, autotrader..... Good guide for 'asking' but not what it goes for. Ebay usually shows top successful bid.... But the guy may not turn up... 🤔 2sav
  2. Never forget..... Any hybrid, today, will be 'reprocessed' into razor blades before getting near the age of that Corolla. Nice to see you getting good service from the 'faithful oldie' 😬 2sav
  3. Well..... This >> There are supposed to be olive rings to fit recess in manifold.... .... added to the break in the flexi coupling expliains how my cabin has stunk of fumes, getting progressively stronger + louder 😵 Muchho improvemento 2sav
  4. ...... Sat 3PM ..... That is all.... 2sav
  5. .... Don't forget [check angle first!] FORD alloy sleeve nuts are 10apenny & yards usually overflowing with them. BOL on MOT 2sav
  6. Buzzed my guy @ATS... Seems it has been sent to ATS 'central depot' and is coming, overnight, to the Darkest NE. ..... TF! ..... I'm beginning to sound like TractorPull 😵 2sav
  7. *IF* I were to splurge on a fabbed ex manifold, then a 'custom' snake would be on the cards.... With the T4 glasser I'm happy with splashing out only £35 + clamps 😉 2sav
  8. L8 noose.. Original stockist NLS, but didn't inform my ATS guy! A bit of WebbieMining has unearthed an alternative source (Klarius is the ATS default) and it is en route 'up the country'... 🚀 We Will See 2sav
  9. My exhaust guy says there wasn't a Carina II pipe in the country 🤔 (I had first one fail 'faulty welds', this is the second - failed flexi.. so likely cleared the shelf .. lol) and one has been made to order! Due into depot thisafternoon but B Hol rush means unlikely fitting till Tuesday.... 2sav
  10. I was messing about under the car yesterday, looking into a 'futtah futtah futtah' from the back box area... My DIY clamping (for the T4 box) was letting a bit out 😞 .... however I still had 'futta futta' coming from the front - easier to hear now. My front pipe was new, from ATS a while back, and so I popped in thismorning just after opening time for a check >>> ooops! The flexi is completely broken.... WARRANTY REPAIR .... YaY 😁 They will text me when the part is instock to fit. 2sav
  11. Frankly, using any form of 'kleean n gleam' on mine would have me tired out ... 'Detailing' kindda passed me by... 😜 2sav
  12. Practicalities vs Priorities, eh.... Full service + *renew brake fluid. You make it go.. *OTHER PEOPLE make you stop!! Perhaps a bit of detailing around the engine, nice place to work 🎱 Any chance of a picture, m8 2sav
  13. LOCK UP...... I was trembling to put words up on the forum. I Feel Your Pain m8 ATB 2sav
  14. Speakers in.... The cloth covering on the 'speaker lids' was tatty and a few holes.... That got stripped off! I abandoned the plate, to secure the lids, so they are now stuck in with hi-tack foam tape. All in All 👍 2sav
  15. Just picked up from Amazon locker, screwdrivers out again tomorrow... 2sav
  16. I was really fortunate to score, from a dubbScener[4x100], a nice set of unkerbed OZ Polaris for a ton. 15x7 et37... A verryyy close fit! A local breaker provided 16 FORD s/s alloy cone slipper nuts @£10. FORD AlloyNuts You are making steady progess and will really enjoy your first 'post-MOT' hoon... 2sav
  17. Glad you like Burnastons finest cousin of Mine ... 2sav
  18. Cone_chopped Making progress.... 😵 2sav
  19. Re Above... ..... Here, the guy has cut off the square cone chassis & reinstalled it - flipped! - on top of his upgrade to retain the Clip-On factory cover. Quite neat TBH 2sav
  20. I have been looking at my rear speakers... and wondering how to swap them out. Nothing shows how the 'beauty trims' come up/off the parcel shelf... No screws underneath. I grabbed the cover and pulled vigorously, fingernails under the edge... NOTHING... Fuelled with that obstinate fury, 'computer says No!' style, I heaved mightily AGAIN >> TWANGGG... A prybar will be a toolbox deffo when I'm doing it again! The retaining spring clips actually mate with the 'square formed/pressed steel' speaker cone chassis.... If you bin the speaker you lose the retainer holes = GR8 RearSpeaker_below RearSpeaker_above I am considering cutting the cone out of the steel & installing the new cones inside the hole. Another way might be finding a cone/cover combo to go over the factory shelf hole OR Velcro to stick the original cover directly onto the shelf material... I will give it some thought...... 2sav
  21. ToyotaNation has legion data on the 'humble Crolla' m8 2sav
  22. Retro Rides..... Modding & Custom Performance. .... Oh! AND 'detailing' 2sav
  23. ...... not sure if have found this. Not sure it will help, but, whatevvz. 2sav
  24. Have you Googled 'corolla vacuum carb pipes' [... or similar?] I have come across a few Utubes on replacement corolla carbs and one guy who has made a 'hand drawn/simplified map' of the pipes... possibly Californian emission spec! The US based 'ToyotaNation' forum has a vast section on corolla and a 'search' in it may throw something useful up. 2sav