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  1. Nah...... I would need to 'air chisel' the face off the dash centre and 'glass-in' an ipod (a la hybrid 😕 ) Yes.... As an 'analogue guy in a digital world' I'm enjoying the flashy red LEDs. Ha Ha 😉 2sav
  2. DoubleChargerVolts ..... It has a nice blue glow and (engine running, here) gives a good show of the Charging Rate 👍 2sav
  3. My old Halfraud 'ciggy socket' inflator has given up the ghost... This is winging its way from the Land of Paper Lanterns >>> ..... Now lets see if we get another 20yr, eh? 🤐 2sav
  4. ...... err 🤔 2sav
  5. ...... If proof were needed 🎱 2sav
  6. Did a bit'o "Show 'n [no]Shine" yesterday.... https://auto********ers-meet-today-1pm-a68-café-toft-hill/ Won 'best jap' & a choccy bar! (Well, better than something to polish all the time! 🤔 ) Great venue. 2sav
  7. Ooof! Slick 're-branding' going on here.... 2sav
  8. tooSavvy

    conrod bolts

    132*65-16030.... For 4AGE. = too many 2s, m8 2sav
  9. Well..... I suppose, to be honest, you could pay WAYY £more for something else and wouldn't be *half as nice 🙂 *admitting slight bias 2sav
  10. Often, when we're out, the anklebiter wants to charge her iphone and if I'm using my phone for SatNav then the single charger insert isn't enough.... This seems just the job AND a half decent Voltmeter thrown in. Less than £3 🙂 2sav
  11. I feel like a '57 Chevvy..... 🎱 . . . . . . It's my Birthday! 🎂 2sav
  12. Since the 'New/Warranty' front downpipe/flexi has been fitted I've been getting a distinct 'Klonkk' from the rear... I put a lot of effort into eliminating the klonkks when I fitted the T4 back box... The new front section has obviously put a twist into the whole back pipe length >> hence fresh klonkk 😞 ..... I wizzed her up on the ramps thismorning and a bit of 13MM action (... with added WD40!) has got just that bit of wiggle room needed = all is serenity, once more. 2sav
  13. Hmmm..... Sealed the edge and is smooth. 😬 2sav
  14. Hmm.... All Stuck >> the glue comes out like vaseline = stick a blob onto a toothpick and smear liberally in sticky zone... However = no runs & neat control 😬 Its currently on a 'low bake' (grand sunny day) and I will post a piccie later.... 2sav
  15. Ooff! ..... And there's me ..... with a tube of 'flexible vinyl cement' to resolve my ills... lol 2sav
  16. A small nick/puncture into the foamy vinyl doorcard, just under the r/n/s window, has been bugging me since I got the car... However... I haven't done anything really about it. A child passenger succeeded in making it a tear.... Bu99erations! 😞 ..... we will see what Poundlands Finest can do to resolve my predicament .... 2sav
  17. New Belt.... Always the best plan, even non-interference! 2sav
  18. ".. till next time, Bahh" Jonathan W (youtuber) @ end of every clip 😉 2sav
  19. The drill is a tight fit in the B&D jaws... Modified to the drill collar dia. This screw both locates the drill positively against rotating but aligns the spindle to vertical... Top Banana! I wonder what the brand-new owner was thinking of when the OldGirl hit 13miles...... 2sav
  20. Ooof! Big Numbers Day 🎱 2sav
  21. Knock on..... Bootfloor Since my flexi/downpipe was replaced [again/warranty] I have that >> not too often/damn annoying 'tokk' >> coming up from somewhere '.... out there' 🤔 When I cobbled up my VW T4 back box mod, a lot of tweaking was needed to stop the pipe hitting the rear multi link... It goes through the spiders web - rather than looping under, like a Corolla. When it stops raining..... another session with Uclamp spanners beckons. 2sav
  22. When I got set up, in the drill stand, I noticed a bad wobble in the chuck spindle... The B&D drill has plain brass bearings so no adjustment options. The 2-Speed controller switch was duff, meaning I only had Hi-Speed. A trip to Wilko sorted me out with 850W Hammer/Infinite speed select, Reverse + 13MM chuck @£35.. Very fair, I reckon. Some 'tech mods' have been required to fit it into the B&D drill stand (which is virtually unused 'vintage' lol)... But I'm happy with it and look forward to many years of Quality - Perpendicular - Perforations. 2sav
  23. Restore? ... No ... I buy the cheapest tat on Ebay, then 'finesse' them until they are usable. Actually buying old 'bootsale' quality/worn out kit and then refurbing... too much hassle m8 2sav
  24. I bought a B&D 'as new' drill stand and then got a chinkkie cheappo Silverline 4" drilling vice. All good... but the vice was rough! I scraped the ways (under the moving jaw) to finess the jaw action but the 'wobbly bob' lever/handle is a right pain! As seen here, I bought a handwheel - drilled it to fit - removed the crank handle (but it slots in for extra leverage) and now I'm happy with using this set up. 2sav