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  1. I now have my 16, and in good clean condition..... Fitting next... When I get a day off! 2sav
  2. Convoluted & Complicated [ if] collekshunneering of Alloy Wheelnuts. Back to Pringles Breakers, by the Tyne. Proper old skool..3 High! Enquired about 16 FORD Alloy Wheelnuts = £fiver Next question... where are they? (all wheels come off/sold for tyres) "In the footwell, M8" x4 corners. Got many Fords in, I asked. "A few down the back and a few Ka in recently... alloys on them I think". So far... So clear... With my Vizzie + HardHat, I toddles off down the unit and out the back to the hardstanding. The yardman is passing me by and heading to get the lorry & leave. I find a Focus at floor height = 3+Locknut drivers side & same passengers side. SO SIX ! No other nuts in it, in the back seats/dash/hatch... Gahh!. No other Ford in view except for the two Ka.... YEP.... on the bloominn top shelf!! I'm not built for spiderman duties so I will drop back round next week. I paid £2 for my six, and will pay another £3 when I get the other 10 My wheels are stacked awaiting the full set of nuts... mocked here, with the new plakkie CentreCap (bath silicone stuck, because it rattles in the centre hole). ..... should be well smart, I reckon 2sav
  3. Hi. When I hoof my 4A-f I get a 'shunt/deadspot/cough..Whoosh!'. There is comment that a dead/cough on pedal down can be Ign/Exciter going duff. Is there a plan A. or B. test to prove a fault either way?? HBOL describes 'gap set/meter test' on Ign module. Sounds a faff... 2sav
  4. My previous (PROTON Savvy) had 'reverse bleepers' and, by heck, you can get used to them!! As I have bought 4foot of 'invisible rear end', and don't want to 'park by braille' , I have splashed £10 on this ChinkkieChooz Similarly - anyone notice how LOWwwww the roofline is on these cars??? - I'm upgrading my "I AM DECELERATING...YES I'm talking to you MrBMW" lights. Gotts to be worth £4 of anyones money..... 2sav
  5. Hrrumphh!! 'I know all about it... I will soldier on wivv carbs & leave fuel inj for [the]Losers' ;) I'm happy to imagine the rust in the door is around the weld points/unpainted.. It doesn't look like any of it is moving anywhere. :) 2sav
  6. so then.... I had a few piccies sent to me showing the body generally.. and 'slight scabbiness' in particular. Nothing too terrible I have been working my way around the vehicle [as well as being at work all the bloominn time....] and had a bit of a shock!! This is a 'total door seal' exterior... but it has failed/split... ... a possibility that water has pooled/puddled at the split & had for the door skin I had a picture of this 'pre purchase'... I believe an application of wire/flap + corrosion killer + finish painting (waxoyl on the inside) will see this through a few more winters.... Replacement doors are not really 'lying around'..... so some 'Boddjitt 'n Scarper' will have to suffice. I will have the door card off (for fuller access) and will corrosion inhibit spray the door skin internals... likely do all 4 !! 2sav
  7. Done a fuelly..... I'm getting 41mpg. Un.. bloominn.. believable!! I will be keeping a close eye on all those rubber manifold pipes, going forward 2sav
  8. Today I got shot of those godawful SunVisors...... The wouldn't swing down/stay up... out of the way... and moving them sounded like a door catching on the wing!! A quick trip along the Tyne to Ouseburn, Pringles Dismantlers, had me ahold of two of GMs finest... lately off Corsa @ £10. Off with the old Rajjin the GM arm out & ramming the Toyota arm in...... And we now have two civilised flapperoos + they go up & down and side to side [for side sunblinding] .... From Within... .... and Without... Can't stand $hitey crap that is no damn use..... 2sav
  9. Clocked 80,000 today.... 808 miles since 01 Aug!! The car is FAB.... Well Pleased, are we. 2sav
  10. My Carina ll has had these 'mod brackets' fitted... Got boggo Bosch clip-on blades. TS
  11. We are over in the lakes area for a break. 600 miles since getting her. Boring.. Boring.. Boring.. Refuel.. repeat I have, however, noticed my 'interactive' engine temp gauge.. Normal chugging along centre position BUT if I drive on a very light throttle, gently down a long downhill, the needle drops and climbs back when I power on? I know easy duties lowers the engines heat output... But I would think the stat would strangle rad (well cold) to maintain engine temp?? It heats quickly and is steady overall.. deffo got a working stat! 2sav
  12. Celica shocks.... On the same ModelYear. Still gunna be £80 !! lol 2sav
  13. I have ordered a s/h Haynes manual, 1991 Corolla. £7 delivered. I read on here there was no Haynes for Carina, but Corolla has same 'oily bits' 2sav
  14. Hi there.... I'm the 'nutty neighbour', from upstairs! (my forum is above ^^ yours alphabetically...) I will need 2x rear Dampers soon (MOT has them 'mist of oil' visible advisory) and the ride is a bit shonky, to be honest.... Has anyone got a model (1991, as mine) with the same (Webbie states them as identical) and where can we get the best value, for you who have replaced a pair recently? Separately >> anyone got a pair in the garage... having 'Upgraded' to some exotic spec... that are basically bookends?? Not worn out, though they are rugged old things! 2sav
  15. Collected my wheels... I'm unsure they will actually go on, time will tell. I have looked on toyotnation and 195/50x15 seems common - but they dont seem to reference a ET number, seem to go on about 1", 2", 0" ? Anyway, discovered a brake light out and unscrewed the taillamp housing and swapped the twim filament bulb... Very simple fix 2sav
  16. 4x100 7x15 ET37 ... and the tyres 195/50x15 are good substitute for 165/80x13. Will do the 4 @ £100. Gateshead FTW 2sav
  17. Well.... Collectioneering now safely completed, it's down to finding out what needs titivating and/or Replacing.... The offending Weapon... Q1. Anyone know what this is for/does (the pipe to the hot ex/cold mornings starting) is off to the right? ... and I shudder to think what all these rubber pipes do (and will be considering binning it all!!) My first FTP!! (well FT..O) to be precise.. I couldn't get the flipper/lever to pop the bonnet open. I got my waterpumps on the actual cable as it exits the bracket (under the dash) and heaved mightily BONGGGG... It popped.. However, I see it is all lathered in grease and NOT sticky, at all. I reclosed the bonnet with the smallest of drops and it opened again without any trouble. A lesson learned... 3" drop ONLY Looking to sort out 14x6j wheels atm. VW are the likely choice. Nice alloys on the Bayy... really prefer steel, though. Keep looking in, folks! 2sav
  18. ...... these are winking at me Hub centric rings are available...... 2sav
  19. Well then! No rust..... Top engine oil leak which has effected a 'BMC subframe rustproof treatment' over most of the engine & box. *hence* No rust..... It is a carb not EFi. Have a 'Willam Woolard' bumper shot... It goes like a train & drinks like one!! lol All electric & ALL work. Massive [don't use the word large] glass tilt/slide..... ran all the way home on tilt.... it sucks a massive blast thru the face vents + you can hear the truck engines as you whoosh past! You can't hear anything else as it is virtually silent. Following SiL in his 65 derv renner, he was chopping up the traffic along the motorway 70-85-70-85 and I was tailgating him.... The car is, indeed, virtually silent until you whack its RUMP >> the rev counter/velocity/boombox all explode in a quite addictive manner. Must exercise restraint, lad! I thought it would be 5x100 hub nut but it has only 4x100 (I know cos it has a wheeltrim missing). I am on a search for 6.5J14 replacement wheels & new tyres... 4 stud might broaden my choice from the breakers - we will see High level brakelight and new number plates will keep me going for now.... I like it and feel fortunate (and the car likely, too!) to be custodian rather than going to OvalFodder. see... I'm parking 'strategically' so no twonk 'dings' my minttie doors.... lol 2sav
  20. Well... Well... Well. Home safe and sound. Piccies in a bit. 2sav
  21. YaY..... Todays the day! I'm off after lunch to Chester (3 1/2 hours) with the SiL, in his car, and then we will 'convoy' back to Tyneside Given return journey starts about 7PM, I'll be sampling the delights of ToyyoGlimmer (Osram nightbreaker bulbs have been fitted to other cars of mine).... So we wait and [hopefully] see! My GreenFlag has been changed over and I'm looking forward to never using it......... My 'collection survival pack' has in it :- oil/water/brake fluid/broad wraptape/spanner roll/led torch/cotton cloths. More photos tomorrow Wish me lu>>> Nah! It's a bloominn Toyota 2sav
  22. ...... Neycce M8 A nice Toyyo that has survived this long is something to be savoured, sat in, hooned [* drive toyotas sensibly] & WAXOYLED + often! I will do an update on my Carina ll, when I get it... 2sav
  23. If anyone has spotted this, Mayfair Service Station, and might be interested? I have checked it out & had a testdrive. PM if interested in my findings... 2sav