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  1. A guy has indicated he has a good few spares on here. CorollaSR D-4D Ebay... and look often (I believe you can set up a 'watch' for key words?) 2sav
  2. Jeezzze..... Postie knocked 8AM with the blimminn parcel = Kwik!! 2sav
  3. I see, from looking under the bonnet, an alarm has been installed...... Dead as a Kipper tho! ..... notwithstanding .... I really miss the 'plip' lock on my previous SAVVY. Wiring seems fairly straightforward, mind Blue/White = triggers doors 'LOCK' Blue/Yellow = triggers doors 'UNLOCK' .... job for first fine/warmish/light day, methinkks 2sav
  4. Having, as I do, a PRESS button in the drivers door control pad - to lock/unlock the doors - Has anyone cut into the loom to install a remote 'PLIPPER' >> enabling us to PLIP lock/unlock the doors..... without the key?? Kits are quite universal, on Ebay >> but as ever - execution is never straightforward 2sav
  5. Usual to 'flesh out' a part number/ supplier/price.... This is then a 'good tip' for other members 2sav
  6. Yes.... Usually a 'hidden' screw! Try pulling the lever (open the door) out fully & then try to make the 'backing cup' (where it rests, when shut) move away from the door lock edge = toward the hinges...'sliding up & across' the doorcard It may be just a slipon/plastic lug/on retaining lugs... Dunno :( 2sav
  7. Thank you, very kindly The Gods were Smiling upon this 'spam can' as there are very few left, and even less in such a 'Barnacle Bill Free' condition. Living a cherished life (low miles + must have been garaged all its life!) and being in 'balmy' Chester... sadly, I now park it in the street + Rusty Zone NE England salty roads . Much 'fresh water' chassis irrigation planned for the next few months, then the Waxoyl loaded on.... I have read that 'environmental considerations' mean many drive thru Automatic Carwash sites 'reuse' the wash water = Lots of salt solution at this time of the year. Same reason you shouldn't wash the car with Fairy (*other brands available) as they use salt to thicken the solution . I really love the car.... Absolutely NO electronics.... Never thought I would be so fortunate..... 2sav
  8. Tax Disc sized ... to go in the corner of the screen Ohhh HELL YEAH!! 2sav
  9. Via some Webbie searching..... I discovered my wheels are 'OZ Polaris' style. I cannot see them as currently for sale NEW, so old style then. 2sav
  10. My 'J Reg' Carina has TOYOTA on the grille..?? Anyone any idea of when the 'Logo' officially supplanted the 'Word' on the front of Toyota products? 2sav
  11. Got the insurance on the phone today.... All Paid UP !! 2sav
  12. Fixed a quote with Direct Line yesterday. £250 excess, fully comp, restore to road if alloys stolen/damaged as new ( not all insurers would accept the car 'modified' with aftermarket wheels! ) = All in £200. Classic insurance is loony quotes.... 2sav
  13. BloomminnnEkkk.... NOT at work & Warm Sunshine [no rain!!] October SHOCK And, finally, got the wheels on.......... The 'Manchester Gangland' Stanced..Innitt .... because my wheels @£100 came with roadable tyres and I will run them for a while before new, but at the original diameters.... I had been worried about strut clearance [at the back] with 7" rim width >> 4x100 7x15 ET37 & 195/50x15 tyre >> however there are no problems and I can squeeze my little finger through the strut gap.. scientific, I know... and a few enthusiastic change of direction, on full lock, at the ASDA carpark hasn't thrown up catching on the front.. Win, Win.. For a bag (<£1k).... I feel at home here 2sav
  14. Hi M8 I have an issue with my Carina2, the rubber seal around the door latch zone & at the top of the opening, near the top of the screen. I know superglue will bond rubber well... I'm looking to source some rubber 'pipeing/tube' to just lay into the void.. worn away.. section of sealing door rubber. Will post if I get sorted.... 2sav
  15. Googling 'rear bushes' throws up a lot of info.... Poly can go loose - fit original spec - don't replace trailing link bushes - bending mounting bracket to lever out sleeved bush. 12hr A SIDE.. !!! Could be a sh1tload of hassle/garage ££ & no guarantee you have cured the correct fail (unless you do the lot). Hmmmmmmm 2sav
  16. Bit of an 'odd one'..?? When driving along on a country road, involving a bit of 'up/down/side to side' (as country lanes tend to be) I'm experiencing a perceptible 'shuffle' across the rear end - my first thought was soft tyres, but they are fine.... My thoughts are fixed on all the rubber bushings, in the lateral stays to the hubs. 25yr old but just 80k?? Have these Toyyos a history of looseness, at the back.. :( 2sav
  17. Nope Just this blott on the copybook... Good as New, M8. 2sav
  18. ... Weldathon complete... YaY .... sloshed down [now] with Hammerite BLACK Garagedoor paint. Got out of the garage at 7PM >> painting done by 'moonlight' lolzz 2sav
  19. ..... Hmm... Claims to have turned up after I had been (all locked up) and I had gone. Likely story!! He will do it Wednesday night, 4:30. I will hang about & take some piccies... 2sav
  20. Ha ha.... Nahh, M8 Worse... but! I work a rota with only every second weekend off... I shafted a few 'see you then' promises to be available at 1PM on a Saturday BummHatts 2sav
  21. Welder guy stiffed me..... got to his lockup & All LockedUp I will cruise by on Monday & enquire...???????? 2sav
  22. .... short overview of 'where we are now'..... 1. How it should look! 2. How I saw it on Day One.... 3. A bit of a hole appears... Splashed some splodge on! >>>> a final piccie will show what the welder gets up to...... Saturday. 2sav
  23. I have been to see a chassis welder/MOT guy and arranged to get my n/s sill end 'cut out/plated, left with galv weld thru sprayed over'- I will finish the prep&paint after. £60 cash. Saturday, drop off 1pm & collect 5pm 2sav
  24. Corrrr...... Luvverrley!! We must meet up someday I paid a ton for 4x (and Good 2 Go tyres) OZ 15x7 ET37.... I haven't attempted to fit them yet (ALWAYS at work!) Your sills/sill rears look OK in these piccies.... If you lift the back of the plastic sillguard with your thumb and pull back, it will pop off the holding clips.... the holes you see go into the sill void. get the Waxoyl in M8 2sav
  25. oof!! INJECTORS, eh? .... bit too 'contemporary' for me, I'm pleased to say..... 2sav