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  1. Doubleheader_Buckle.jpg

    These peek out from under the rear seats, N/S.

    **One will not accept the seatbelt tongue so I can't carry 3 in the back. :wacko:

    ** DOH!! The clue is in the picture...... Only the 'CENTRE' will accept the lap >>> It won't latch the shoulder :blush:

    In my defence.... I was told of this 'fault' & I don't travel in the back.... lolz


  2. On 15/02/2017 at 11:32 AM, mickburkesnr said:

    Would one of the pairs of wires be aluminium or something? I know you can still do it but you need a huge amount of heat applied to the wires for the solder to take.

    Looking good though! Were the NGK plus iridium? Or just your bog standard sparkies?

    Don't think they are super-duper lyke :<)

    I prefer NGK in any wheels of mine.... (Even in my IMP days!)


  3. Soldering didn't go too well..... :wacko:

    The tips all silvered but I could not get them to fuse to each other... Very Odd :huh:

    Trusty 'Choccy blok' connectors to the rescue... Weyy aye!!


    4 screws and fascia off... 4 screws in bracket supports HU [removed]... Toyyo HU is 'inside' the DIN Hole >> AIWA has a collar so is 'outside'/slid through the DIN Hole.

    Holes in Toyyo bracket lined up, at the rear, so all is tight as a drum in there :wink:


    *all sorted...

    Fed the +12v/Earth tails through the dash and they are coiled loosely, just down by the clutch pedal.

    Absolutely Steaminn... 'buried the needle'... Rockkinnonn YaY :balloon:



  4. As I am planning to butcher the Toyyo loom adapter, soldering in the existing tails from the AIWA to suit, I see a gr8 opportunity to 'pre plan' power/earth connection for the Plip Lock unit :wink:.

    I will run away a red & black tail, about 2 foot, and thus easily giving me a 'quality connection' up above the brake pedal - no loom chop required. Seempilz..!


  5. 3 hours ago, mickburkesnr said:

    I've never had any long term success with those FM Transmitter things. What I ended up doing was sourcing a cheap Sony head unit for my Corolla. At the moment it works, but it was a stop gap solution really as I want to get hold of either a Kenwood or Pioneer head unit and kit the car out with matching speakers.

    But yeah, you're better off replacing the head unit to be honest. Would be quicker and cheaper and would sound much better.

    Agreed... no idea why the 'tape head' is off :unsure:.

    I snagged a loom Plug Adapter, for Toyyo loom (£3.99 delivered) and will solder up the rats nest hanging out of my 'been on the shelf forever...' AIWA.



    .... just need to crack [sic] off the fascia here....


    .... and slot it in. It has the 3.5 Jack, for 'AUX' input, on the detachable faceplate & my Player-on-a-Stick plays a thumbstick... No Problem :wink:


  6. Nope..... Tape player is running/selectable (radio crackles) but not a sound comes out on 'tape'.

    FF/RW also working.

    I have tried an ordinary tape too... :mellow:

    OK... Dash front off & head binning/swap for Stick capable unit.

    Search fleebay for 'socket/plug adaptor' so I wont have to carve up the power/lighting/speaker loom :wink:


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