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  1. .... short overview of 'where we are now'.....


    1. How it should look!



    2. How I saw it on Day One....



    3. A bit of a hole appears... Splashed some splodge on!



    >>>> a final piccie will show what the welder gets up to...... Saturday.




  2. Corrrr...... Luvverrley!!


    We must meet up someday :balloon:

    I paid a ton for 4x (and Good 2 Go tyres)


    OZ 15x7 ET37.... I haven't attempted to fit them yet (ALWAYS at work!)

    Your sills/sill rears look OK in these piccies.... If you lift the back of the plastic sillguard with your thumb and pull back, it will pop off the holding clips.... the holes you see go into the sill void.

    get the Waxoyl in M8 :wink:



  3. WELL....!!



    ..... where to begin :-P


    OK then... THE END!!




    During 2014 she did 3739 miles/15 did 3187/ and this 16 did 6342 [1345 in my ownership].... hardly taxi work :mrgreen:



    I wish to announce the NEW Carina ll, 25 Years Young & reborn.....


    GONE is the wallowy, disconcerting heave and floppiness and rear shuffle.....


    ENJOY an almost serene 'waft', with the tyres being pummelled by the force of the struts + the comforting 'bonggle/thwump' of a taut chassis being deflected by our totally $hite roads.....


    I AM now getting exactly what 'the Son of the Rising Sun' was licking his sliderule for..........


    Oh JOY, Oh Fountainhead of motoring yumminess......... enough, already...


    Got the car back.... two rear rubber brake pipes needed replaced when the rear struts were removed + the rear strut shrouds had to be renewed :-( 



    Full service and MOT  £350 (I supplied £230 of parts)




  4. No one drives this car but me... therefore, I have little opportunity to use any of the other doors/doorhandles.

    So when I grabbed the front passenger doorhandle, to open it for something or other, it WOBBLED in & out icon_confused.gif .

    Me dunna lyke krappie bitz!!


    Yesterday was an 'off shift' and the rain wasn't due till 5 icon_razz.gif

    Got the car round the back and started on the door strippage....





    * googling got the lowdown on how to get the armrest & switchplate off.




    ... I was fairly certain someone had been in b4 ...

    Sure enough... the captive nuts (with fixing hex bolt tightened in) were revolving in the plastic handle.. so no more tightenees icon_sad.gif

    Using determination/brute force & ignorance I managed to get the 'captive nut' to break out of the handle. I removed the handle after unclipping the rods - total quality fittings and a delight to work on!!


    I spot drilled through the void [where the captive nut had been] a small pilot hole... opened this up to take the countersunk bolts I had in hand/Csunk the plastic on the handle outside (covered by the finger pull handle) to allow the bolts to lie flush.






    This is the little bu99er which caused all the hassle.....




    ... a great deal of satisfaction gleaned to feel the handle as it should be... a *spot of Black on the heads & dunnz dunn icon_mrgreen.gif

    * paint will wait... started to rain....

    Earlier, I did a bit of shopping at my local Car Acc Shop...


    This lot is for my rear sill ends/arch bottom.


    Biggest smile of the day was saved for the till.... He was a dweeb, but chatty, and keen to know about my Toyyo = Not really concentrating on the cash transaction....

    The receipt comes out of the till and the bottom clearly states the total to pay (£13)... so he rattles into the till [my £20 in hand] and gives me YES... £13 change.

    I'm outta there..... icon_cool.gif



  5. My 'MOT Man', he has been MOTing my cars for years, has opened the bidding @<£300 to do my Damper works :-

    *Fit Dampers

    *Fit Droplinks

    *Fit ARB Bushes

    Oil/Filter/Airfilter/Check Gbox levels.

    Steamclean engine (it is minnginng...) [prior to cleaning, a forensic examination to see where Oil is coming out/afterwards we will see!!]

    ...oh & MOT it :-P


    *Parts supplied



  6. 5 hours ago, TomdeGuerre said:

    2sav - Y R U speaking in tongues? 

    4x Dampers, 4x Droplinks, 2x F & 2x R Rollbar Bushes. ?'undercrackers' = undercarriage/landing upon wheels... :ph34r:

    Toyota of much Mintyness... well, bar the skaggy door... it has much to claim the Mint of Barely Used :tongue:


  7. YaY... I have had my 'Reversing Sensors' popped thru the letterbox.....

    I am looking forward to relaxing as I reverse into my street parking, between the neighbours cars... I am really guessing atm.... there is a lot of 'VaVaVoom' hanginn out there :ohmy:


    We will see how things work out.....

    Comes with a neat holesaw, for a clean hole in the plastic bumper... lol



  8. Convoluted & Complicated [ if] collekshunneering of Alloy Wheelnuts.


    Back to Pringles Breakers, by the Tyne. Proper old skool..3 High!


    Enquired about 16 FORD Alloy Wheelnuts = £fiver icon_razz.gif


    Next question... where are they? (all wheels come off/sold for tyres) "In the footwell, M8" x4 corners. icon_confused.gif


    Got many Fords in, I asked. "A few down the back and a few Ka in recently... alloys on them I think".


    So far... So clear...



    With my Vizzie + HardHat, I toddles off down the unit and out the back to the hardstanding. The yardman is passing me by and heading to get the lorry & leave.


    I find a Focus at floor height = 3+Locknut drivers side & same passengers side. SO SIX ! No other nuts in it, in the back seats/dash/hatch... Gahh!.


    No other Ford in view except for the two Ka.... YEP.... on the bloominn top shelf!! I'm not built for spiderman duties so I will drop back round next week.


    I paid £2 for my six, and will pay another £3 when I get the other 10 icon_mrgreen.gif





    My wheels are stacked awaiting the full set of nuts... mocked here, with the new plakkie CentreCap (bath silicone stuck, because it rattles in the centre hole).



    ..... should be well smart, I reckon icon_cool.gif




  9. My previous (PROTON Savvy) had 'reverse bleepers' and, by heck, you can get used to them!!

    As I have bought 4foot of 'invisible rear end', and don't want to 'park by braille' :ohmy:, I have splashed £10 on this ChinkkieChooz

    Similarly - anyone notice how LOWwwww the roofline is on these cars??? - I'm upgrading my "I AM DECELERATING...YES I'm talking to you MrBMW" lights.


    Gotts to be worth £4 of anyones money.....



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