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  1. Hi there....


    I'm the 'nutty neighbour', from upstairs! (my forum is above ^^ yours alphabetically...)

    I will need 2x rear Dampers soon (MOT has them 'mist of Oil' visible advisory) and the ride is a bit shonky, to be honest....

    Has anyone got a model (1991, as mine) with the same (Webbie states them as identical) and where can we get the best value, for you who have replaced a pair recently?

    Separately >> anyone got a pair in the garage... having 'Upgraded' to some exotic spec... that are basically bookends?? Not worn out, though they are rugged old things! :smile:



  2. Collected my wheels... I'm unsure they will actually go on, time will tell.

    I have looked on toyotnation and 195/50x15 seems common - but they dont seem to reference a ET number, seem to go on about 1", 2", 0" ?

    Anyway, discovered a brake light out and unscrewed the taillamp housing and swapped the twim filament bulb... Very simple fix :smile:



  3. Well.... Collectioneering now safely completed, it's down to finding out what needs titivating and/or Replacing....


    The offending Weapon...



    Q1. Anyone know what this is for/does (the pipe to the hot ex/cold mornings starting) is off to the right?



    ... and I shudder to think what all these rubber pipes do (and will be considering binning it all!!)




    My first FTP!! (well FT..O) to be precise.. I couldn't get the flipper/lever to pop the bonnet open.

    I got my waterpumps on the actual cable as it exits the bracket (under the dash) and heaved mightily icon_confused.gif


    BONGGGG... It popped.. However, I see it is all lathered in grease and NOT sticky, at all. I reclosed the bonnet with the smallest of drops and it opened again without any trouble.

    A lesson learned... 3" drop ONLY icon_razz.gif


    Looking to sort out 14x6j wheels atm. VW are the likely choice. Nice alloys on the Bayy... really prefer steel, though.


    Keep looking in, folks!


  4. Well then!

    No rust..... :smile:

    Top engine Oil leak which has effected a 'BMC subframe rustproof treatment' over most of the engine & box.
    *hence* No rust.....

    It is a carb not EFi.


    Have a 'Willam Woolard' bumper shot...

    It goes like a train & drinks like one!!  lol

    All electric & ALL work. Massive [don't use the word large] glass tilt/slide..... ran all the way home on tilt.... it sucks a massive blast thru the face vents + you can hear the truck engines as you whoosh past!
    You can't hear anything else as it is virtually silent.

    Following SiL in his 65 derv renner, he was chopping up the traffic along the motorway 70-85-70-85 and I was tailgating him.... The car is, indeed, virtually silent until you whack its RUMP >> the rev counter/velocity/boombox all explode in a quite addictive manner.

    Must exercise restraint, lad! :ph34r:

    I thought it would be 5x100 hub nut but it has only 4x100 (I know cos it has a wheeltrim missing). I am on a search for 6.5J14 replacement wheels & new tyres... 4 stud might broaden my choice from the breakers - we will see :wink:

    High level brakelight and new number plates will keep me going for now....

    I like it and feel fortunate (and the car likely, too!) to be custodian rather than going to OvalFodder.


    see... I'm parking 'strategically' so no twonk 'dings' my minttie doors.... lol



  5. YaY.....

    Todays the day!

    I'm off after lunch to Chester (3 1/2 hours) with the SiL, in his car, and then we will 'convoy' back to Tyneside :smile:

    Given return journey starts about 7PM, I'll be sampling the delights of ToyyoGlimmer (Osram nightbreaker bulbs have been fitted to other cars of mine).... So we wait and [hopefully] see!

    My GreenFlag has been changed over and I'm looking forward to never using it.........

    My 'collection survival pack' has in it :- Oil/water/brake fluid/broad wraptape/spanner roll/led torch/cotton cloths.

    More photos tomorrow

    Wish me lu>>> Nah! It's a bloominn Toyota :balloon:



  6. ...... Neycce M8 :wink:

    A nice Toyyo that has survived this long is something to be savoured, sat in, hooned [* drive toyotas sensibly] & WAXOYLED + often!

    I will do an update on my Carina ll, when I get it...


  7. I once met a man riding a pennyfarthing cycle....

    He said to me "Nay lad! They'll be having no end of bother wi'em pedal chains, mark my words".

    The ability of auto manufacturers to devise evermore complex ways of turning a road wheel is 'awesome', to use a hackneyed phrase.

    The price of fixing it all really defies logic & reason... [unless you have shares].

    Kill it, With fire....


  8. 22 hours ago, mickburkesnr said:

    Are you doing a JDM thing with it? Like the idea about the wheels!

    Hi M8

    Aghhhhhh.... JDM Aghhhhhh

    No damn Jay Dee Ermmm??.. ere!!


    No No.... I was juss sayyinn, lyke, I fancy upping the steel and just going for 'somethin kool' but clip on :ph34r:

    I'm aware buying off Amazon/Fleebayy can result in some "Oi!.. looks nowt like the piccie", but you can but try :smile:


    My current car has, as I speak, disappeared in a flurry of £££ (safely secured in my jeans pocket) with a real 'stout, salt o'the earth' guy for his Missuss.

    I have extricated myself from ExCar and, with the simple addititon of 100 of the Queens coinage, secured the Toyyo.....


    Road Tax has gone from £130 to £235... and I expect wallet drainage [on fuel] to be proportional to my Hooning Rightfoot :angel_not:

    .... and so it should be :biggrin:


    More 2 Kumm



  9. Hello


    Just joined & first post in Carina section.

    Long time forummer, various makes - as owner/follower/nosey twonk...

    HOPEFULLY.... I won't be grinding through a 7 year 'Rolling Resto' but >> thankfully >> looking for tips on alternate parts/cross model parts, simply as general maintenance on Carina.

    Mintolla panels on her and just a stubbly growth about her under skirts, as factory paint succumbs and Waxoyl has a good surface to adhere .. Win >> Win!!


    Looking forward to seeing what everyone else has hidden away (I live in a terrace/no garage) so I'm more concerned about vandalism/badge collectors :ohmy:

    I'm going to get a local mobile 'alarm guy' around to see if he can set up a 'Plip Droplock', bypassing the doorkey, and a little red LED/tamper siren.

    All the best to everyone.....



  10. Well.... Hello!!


    I'm picking this beauty up on Monday, Aug 1st.

    Dec 1991, 2 fastidious owners, 79k, (clutch + belt)... and NO RUST!!

    It is on 13" at the moment but I fancy 14" x 6" steels and some 'low key' alloy look wheeltrims. Not into alloys per se.


    More piccies to follow, when I get it home from Doon Sooth.