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  1. Well...... I haven't tried it >> BUT >> the tech description (brush on & leave it!) has got to beat all that Acid/Rise off palava 😵 2sav
  2. .... and dreaming of the 'return of summer'..... THIS >>>>> £9.95 + £3 post Amazon A little dab'll do ya OK.... I'm starting to get a bit paranoid over *potentially slightly 'frilly' nether regions.... I have bodywax/internal preserver but this stuff will be under the floors, sills and all suspension steelwork 😃 2sav
  3. The 'sealant track' profile - in a *perfect world - is to run inside of all the bolt holes punched through the sump tin pan. I imagine the thinking is no oil passing freely into the bolt hole zone/potential leaking up threads.... A good old 'lashing it well on/thick' approach is more than enough** **deffo how I would be doing it 🙂 GR8 going m8 2sav
  4. ...... aye, every 'hopped up/traffic light terrorist' you see has done it in 'WRC Scoobie' blue 😕 2sav
  5. I found this vid... Very interesting the fact we have a 'water jacket link', flowing under the carb to aid warming/anti icing, but [I imagine] should you remove the carb/upgrade, then antifreeze will well up and down into your inlet.... None of the 'fit a Weber upgrade' vids refer to this circumstance, though 🤔 2sav
  6. Quite the spaghetti twizzle, all the old rubber hose. I still have to do under the carb! I have fitted the dizzy cap/leads & rotor. Need to check timing and clean/tune carb...... 2sav
  7. I have now modified the Vac Gauge to suit connection to my Inlet, using std 4mm pipe. I forced a steel nipple into the main body with a piece of old Morris 1000 dizzy rubber elbow (never throw anything away!) Here is the new 4mm red silicone pipe I will re-do my carb and dizzy with (nice tight fit onto the gauge) 2sav
  8. Winkers Sorted **Winnah** 🎱 ..... the bit of tinplated brass that slides across the pips was 'worn bright' = should have a matte tinning finish. The piece from eBay, my MR2 switch slider is mint... So just swapped over and I 'lightly scuffed' the surface of the pips with the edge of my jewellers screwdriver. Re-smeared everything with the excess/clean grease from under the cover and clipped everything back in place. .... sharpie pen mark to keep wheel back in correct spot! The nut was finger tight - likely years of folks heaving out.. Fitters arm crank retighten! NaaPraablem 😉 2sav
  9. My MR2 switch assy arrived today.... And my 19MM socket.... And my Wingnuts 😁 I'm clearing a space to strip it down (carefully) to see what is what with the 'winker' contacts... What these s/hand ones look like and how, hopefully, I might fix/swap 'in-situ' my faulty ones. Like a nice mystery, me.... Bring It On! 2sav
  10. I'm not sure I have a 19mm socket in my box... So bought one for £2 off Amazon. Should arrive around the same time as the Stalk assy. Not at home atm so can't look.... 2sav
  11. Well well well.... Nothing new in the World.... We have [to quote Blackadder] "A Plan".... 2sav
  12. I'm sure one of the car makers used 'nut retained' spherical pins (on the body bracket) not simply welded in. Finding such a piece would allow the Toyota bracket you have to be modified to 'spherical clipon' either end. The devil is always in the detail, nuff sedd 2sav
  13. Just popped for a wiper/turn cluster, on eBay, to lash up a fix to the 'Right Turn Signal' cluster contacts... Attempting to indicate Right has the cowling emit a sound not unlike stick-welding!! When you put the indicator/lights arm forward [full beam] the winker flashes great = No Wear on the pips. I need to strip down the switch and replace (from the spare) a fresh/little used pip contact. Later models have a 'modular' design, with the swich assembly is simply a plug-in c/w arm. Mine (and similar age MR2) have a complete alloy do-nut going around the wheel... So its a strip n scratch about fix.... I forgive it after 27yr 😬 2sav
  14. Oooh.... Mmmmm... Ah! Yes... Perhaps googlefu is your friend. AFAIK all struts are created <in China> equal but have different ends [not many!] Search your type and try to find out what the *end type is and then go for min/max length... *muddy option = breakers yard and do some sleuthing 🙂 2sav
  15. Nope... Not me looking for one. Got all the Carina II love I need here, m8 2sav
  16. You may find some clues in 'platform code'..... The Carina II, I have, is T-series platform so common with 85-87 Celica. 2sav
  17. I'm going for a ..... Bit'o Bling! Stainless, no less... Replacing the 2 acorn nut (plus a random rusty nut) on the Cambox Cover. I need cheering up 2sav
  18. ...... my neighbour 'parking by braille™' again ¥π÷∆¶¢$¥€ !!! 😵 2sav
  19. Bit of an update on the Cambox gasket (with a good splodge of BlooHylomar!) + 4 new plugtube 'polo mints'. No oil leakage = oil on top notch & clean as Mazola 2sav. 😁
  20. Term 'cold air induction', here, is a misnomer.... FACTORY standard inlet piping is cold feed = you now eat fried air/under hood fumes. Looks 'cool' tho... 2sav
  21. Aye.... You'll struggle to score Cap + leads for £7 (N.O.S.)👍 Blueprint rotor arm around a fiver. Amazon ftw... 2sav
  22. Woot Woot.... Red hose plopped thru letterbox just now We Are ON 🎱 2sav
  23. Just the job for our BTCC Carina...... PaulinhoT to the BatFone.... 2sav