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  1. Since the 'New/Warranty' front downpipe/flexi has been fitted I've been getting a distinct 'Klonkk' from the rear...

    I put a lot of effort into eliminating the klonkks when I fitted the T4 back box... The new front section has obviously put a twist into the whole back pipe length >> hence fresh klonkk 😞



    ..... I wizzed her up on the ramps thismorning and a bit of 13MM action (... with added WD40!) has got just that bit of wiggle room needed = all is serenity, once more.


  2. Hmm.... All Stuck >> the glue comes out like vaseline = stick a blob onto a toothpick and smear liberally in sticky zone...

    However = no runs & neat control 😬

    Its currently on a 'low bake' (grand sunny day) and I will post a piccie later....


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  3. A small nick/puncture into the foamy vinyl doorcard, just under the r/n/s window, has been bugging me since I got the car...

    However... I haven't done anything really about it.

    A child passenger succeeded in making it a tear.... Bu99erations! 😞


    ..... we will see what Poundlands Finest can do to resolve my predicament ....



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    The drill is a tight fit in the B&D jaws... Modified to the drill collar dia. This screw both locates the drill positively against rotating but aligns the spindle to vertical... Top Banana!


    I wonder what the brand-new owner was thinking of when the OldGirl hit 13miles......


  5. Knock on..... Bootfloor

    Since my flexi/downpipe was replaced [again/warranty] I have that >> not too often/damn annoying 'tokk' >> coming up from somewhere '.... out there' 🤔

    When I cobbled up my VW T4 back box mod, a lot of tweaking was needed to stop the pipe hitting the rear multi link... It goes through the spiders web - rather than looping under, like a Corolla.

    When it stops raining..... another session with Uclamp spanners beckons.


  6. When I got set up, in the drill stand, I noticed a bad wobble in the chuck spindle... The B&D drill has plain brass bearings so no adjustment options. The 2-Speed controller switch was duff, meaning I only had Hi-Speed.

    A trip to Wilko sorted me out with 850W Hammer/Infinite speed select, Reverse + 13MM chuck @£35.. Very fair, I reckon.



    Some 'tech mods' have been required to fit it into the B&D drill stand (which is virtually unused 'vintage' lol)... But I'm happy with it and look forward to many years of Quality - Perpendicular - Perforations.


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  7. I bought a B&D 'as new' drill stand and then got a chinkkie cheappo Silverline 4" drilling vice.

    All good... but the vice was rough! I scraped the ways (under the moving jaw) to finess the jaw action but the 'wobbly bob' lever/handle is a right pain!




    As seen here, I bought a handwheel - drilled it to fit - removed the crank handle (but it slots in for extra leverage) and now I'm happy with using this set up.