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  1. ....... Brakes ! 2sav
  2. Ooof! You have some wants list, my friend... Sure you dont have AntiRollBush knock - where they go thru the eye - at the back? I think I have posted a link to the BIG calipers, 295mm off the Avensis I believe. MotorHog must be best for panels. Agreed - you cant do anything with suspension bushings (unless listed for the car) without the parts in bits... No use on a daily Keep it up M8 👍 2sav
  3. If you have a broadly similar profile across the area which is worn out (like not the hockey stick moulded corners) then Ebay 'buy by the metre' profile door seal could - mebbies - be added to replace a certain section. Superglue will quite effectively stick rubber, edge to edge.... Just a thought 😬 2sav
  4. Nice to see you still up for it...... I'm amassing bits for a carb tune up + replacing all the skinny vac piping, in RED 😜 Got a Vac gauge so I can tune 'on the drop', of Hg. Keep jogging on, m8 2sav
  5. Whilst in the mood for spending money.... ... I sourced 2M of Red silicone vac hose [4mm i/d] so that all vac leak worries will be cleared up before I start tuning. £3 Amazon 😉 2sav
  6. I have a fairly broad selection of combi spanners... Mostly noname and rough forge stamped 🙁 In TK Max, of all places, I spied some svelt, highly polished spanners. Not [sadly] in their very large 'clearance' tub but reasonably priced. #66092 £12 Loverly 🤓 2sav
  7. Northumberland is a BIG place.... Cheers m8 😜 2sav
  8. ..... More '92s than my '91 👍 Welcome Aboard 2sav
  9. Even better.. !! The leads have turned up [in a disconcertingly humongous box] only to fall out with a Dizz cap included... I will return the loose cap I ordered for full refund. WTG Amazon 😀 2sav
  10. Would 'moulded from yours' be easier/cheaper.... and with a small chin lip &or rear diffuser .. ?? 🤔 You getting n.o.s. dead cheap off a store shelf somewhere .. ? 2sav
  11. Oooff! 'two bucket' wrongun.... 2sav
  12. Just been rummaging through junk boxes on Amazon.... Looking for bits for the 4A-F. Scored lucky with a set of moulded Bosch 7mm leads @£10 😉 Blueprint Rotor arm and Intermotor Cap. Although Toyota have a good rep on quality, and the car has only done 90k, I think all new parts + carb tune will be a good move 2sav
  13. Twice Toyota = Twice the lurvve.... 2sav
  14. Ah... I would let you have mine.... but I'm using it 😉 Try Australia, no rust and sold as Corona out there. B.O.L. 2sav
  15. Yo.... Spooling along in my '91 4A-F 'carbbie'. Just the one, mind 😜 Canna whack a bit 'o 80s Toyyo Kool Nice 2sav
  16. ...... Which bit in the diagram is rotted/failed? Search online at specialist Toyota Breakers and, if you can take a clear picture of the part, attach that so a supplier can check it is still on a breaker in the yard. B.O.L. 2sav
  17. Well.... Nice n Brite!! 😵 I haven't done the treeless Wooler route 'testing' quite yet* *nor likely 😕 Better than what came out [of the front, in darkness]... 5***** 2sav
  18. ..... bulbs fitted! Much brighter and sharp. I haven't been out on an unlit stretch of country road yet but I'm sure they will be some improvement. Royal chew-on fitting the n/s, as it is tight behind the battery. 2sav
  19. Bulbs fitted.... Total hack on behind the battery [n/s]. There is a very neat fitting boot seal - it seals the socket end of the bulb and stretches over a shoulder on the lamp reflector back - dunno if it has ever been removed but it was really tight!! Other headlights have a rubber boot sealing the whole back but here, the actual connector is exposed to dirt/dampness - just the bulb weather sealed. Find out if it improves things when I'm next out in the dark... 2sav
  20. I just had delivered Ring +130 H4 bulbs for my Carina II. I will do a 'blank white wall' comparison (and check adjustment) .... Mind you, at this time [here in the N East] 20minutes driving on the salty roads reduces brightness to 'fork andles'. Will report back 2sav
  21. Gratuitous *joke opportunity taken:- Forfar 4 , East Fife 5 *Two Ronnies Hello m8 2sav
  22. I got an 'early' Xmas gift, from SWMBO, of £30 Amazon cards [so I can choose something and have it before 25th]. I have popped for a pair of Ring +130 H4 bulbs @15.99 The lights I have are good enough but I think these might be just a little sharper. AutoExpress mag rates them very highly.. we will see! (better) 😅 My Vacuum Gauge plopped thru the post just the other day so some 'tune-up' action is on the horizon.... 2sav
  23. Not quite.... It stayed with its original owner for about 18yr, who gave up driving and passed it on to the service tech at the local dealership... Tech kept it for the remainder but moved it on, as he wanted an auto cos of bad knee... Bit of 'for sale', card in window / on the side of the road, action and it came to me.. [through a serial - old car rescuer] 😇 2sav