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  1. ..... If you look closely, there is a sticker in the top right of my screen... Sort of 'remember our glories' tag 2sav
  2. ..... No, but someone took VERY GOOD care of it for the first 25. Oh, lucky meeeeee 💞 2sav
  3. I'm an *old Toyota enthusiast 😬 Car is 27, I'm 62 Welcome aboard m8 2sav
  4. Well.... Todays the day! 27 Years old [1st reg Dec 06 1991] .... looking forward to many more..... here working today, earning the thanks of my quite poorly daughter... who has a Disabled Badge! 2sav
  5. Yes.... Couldn't be two of me! My Savvy >> Great 'pocket rocket'.... Owned it for 9yr and loved every minute. 🚀 .... what you rolling in?? 2sav
  6. I have just seen this picture on ToyotaNation and am curious.. It is a magnetic reed-switch and, from the description of the assembly of the speedo cable drive, a magnetic drum provides a pulse which is used to drive the 'needle deflection' for speed read out. Are there lots of speedos using an electronic modulator? Why not an old-skool drag/coilspring... Better accuracy eh? 2sav
  7. I have bought a 50MM size Vac gauge, off Amazon £3.70 inc post! Anyone had any success tuning their carb using 'mercury vacuum' as the setting? Some webbie opinions favour the 'true vac', by gauge, over 'setting by ear' - listening to the engine stumble - as an indicator ?? Where do we stand on this ? And which pipe does anyone use for the *steady manifold vac? .... *The pipe for the dizzy advance is 'ported' so not ideal for this. 2sav
  8. ..... like EastEnders.... I'll wait for the 'weekend omnibus'.... 2sav
  9. Fair enough 👍 You have NOTHING REMOTELY like this in the tank... You don't have a large securing ring.... You don't have a high pressure/'depress the clip' fuel line connector ?? If you aren't running the car/have the tank open/loose bits kicking about.... Some pictures of your tank 'sender'?? Does you engine look anything like this... ?? 2sav
  10. Of course, you don't actually say, if its a 2C-L Diesel...... Its driven off the cambelt 😉.... And will be under the covers [likely] ^^ *just for some clues* 2sav
  11. ..... are you here for help or an argument, m8 ..... 🤐
  12. *above.. Cam driven not can The link refers to pump + 'sock'.... Immersion in tank! 2sav
  13. Hello.... Engine number or reg no. ? If its efi then h/p fuel pump likely in tank.. If carb then on can, on head.. ?? 2sav
  14. Oil filter £5. Had to use my 'low blow' plate ramps - my higher ones won't go under the chin lip. I cut a slot up the under tray (very caveman, I know... ) to get my arm up to the oil filter. ..... Works, mind..... Job done without further issues. Deffo looking to be much quicker next time 2sav
  15. Just popped over to Home Bargains for 5L 10W40 Semi Synth. Pick up an oil filter in the morning and get it done. 2sav
  16. ..... And can report: Hoonfactor9 testing = no knock Winnah 😁 2sav
  17. Since doing this job, last week, I have had a Verrrrrry Annoying 'clunk' emanating from the boot floor area.... I gave the system a good Heave-Ho when I put it on BUT - having just been under to look - it may be just catching the tie bar bolt/brkt. Bummah! However...... A quick sortie into my 'odds n ends scrap brackets' box soon had me sorted! We Will See 2sav 🤔
  18. throw:// ..... Hmm.. Stainless?? Dunno if the price reflects having to replace 'ordinary steel' c/o every 3yr 2sav
  19. Ooooohhhhh...... Bit of a Mare, if I'm honest.... Nothing unexpected but the C2 has the pipe 'up & over' the suspension subframe and clearance/knocking 360° is a nightmare. Sounds very subdued and just 'trortlles' away on low throttle... Does seem to be much more peppy on the March to 7k, mind 😈 Happy its done but I have very sore shoulders from working overhead/under ramps. 2sav
  20. I made my 'before' video, of the exhaust pipe sounds, this morning at Tesco. Hope the New Version isn't too.... ...... LoLzzzz 😵 2sav
  21. Direct Line just renewed my Fully Comp @£197... £3.50 less than last years price. I tried for 'classic cover' through the web when I got the car and was told, somewhat sniffily, the only classic Toyota is the Celica... Well - that's me told! 🤐 2sav
  22. Sorry.... Misread 71 as 91.... Skimming again
  23. I read a piece somewhere about a supplier (of coilovers) using a 'non corrosive' nut and/or platform = reason being [saltsoaked UK roads] c/o can turn out to be "Fit & Forget"... about ever turning the adjusters. Looking very sharp, young man! 👍 2sav
  24. I think a look into NZ or Australia oriented forum may find a pool of owners/mod enthusiasts. Not saying we don't like a bit of '72 'in da house'.... Welcome, friend You will see me over on ToyotaNation 2sav
  25. Is yours T171 Carina II? Not the curvy CarinaE... I got a new grille from a lad in N Ireland and he has [a few months ago] a Carina II breaker. Find him on the RetroRides forum - posting on Carina II thread. His handle is Kevstarlet 2sav