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  1. Thanks Stivino, I was looking for a Rear break pad with low dust, as the originals from Toyota that I have there now, need replacement and makes to many dust.
  2. Well Brembo are well known brand, lots of exotic cars have it. I know they are good, but have not used them.
  3. Hi Heidfirst , well I use the car everyday, it sits outside on the street.thanks for the answer.
  4. Hi Tony, are you saying Brembo in front and EBC at the rear?
  5. Hi m456an, thanks for the answer, I am aware of the products and how to detail a car. It is not that it is the break dust coming from the break pads.
  6. Hi Shavestick, Thanks for the answer
  7. Hi Konrad, I think the pads are the originals that came with the car, and they are pretty worn , that is why I need to change them, I often clean the car, 1 time in 2 weeks or so. I detail the car to.The disks seems to be okay a bit rust on the outsider circle, and the yellow color.
  8. Well I was having this issue with the VSC error to, and was was wrong was the battery, was getting to worn out. I suggest to check it, if your car sometimes can not start as the battery or struggle to do it, most likely battery is to blame. Hope it helps.
  9. Hi , I am asking for an advice, as I have to replace my rear brake pads, on my Avensis Estate D4D 2012 , it has an original Toyota brake pad, but seems that it is very dusty, my wheels are always caked in dust, and hard to get off the wheels. Was wondering if someone could advice me on a good rear brake pads, or ones better then the OEM. And where I can find a good deal for it. Thanks for the answer.
  10. Thanks for the answer, the issue is the same even in the middle of the road, have done a wheel alignment at toyota, the chassis alignment haven't tried yet. About the CV joint I was thinking the same, I manage to go to a Mechanic that said the CV joint were okay. Could not tell about the noise, he just said probably I should put the car on a lift. But was enable to provide any more diagnosis.
  11. Hi , I am having an issue with my Avensis 2012 D4D , as when I am driving the steering wheel tends to go left is I let it go, it always wants to go left. I have done a full wheel alignment at Toyota , but still the same issue, have swaped tires, but same issues. There seems to be no damage on the CV axel and suspension. Other issue that it might be related is when I am doing a parking maneuver, I hear a "tuck" sound especially when I turn left, same side where the I have the steering issues. What can it be? Thanks
  12. Thanks for the answer and options.
  13. Hi Devon, thanks for the answer, yes my Avensis has DPF, so basically you are saying I should not use the Fuel Economy oil from Toyota, only the premium? Any tip to get it cheaper?
  14. Hi Thanks for the answer, well I the Dealer ship was selling me about £47 per 6 liters of Premium engine oil 5w30 , on ebay I found 5 l for £26 but not premium thou but it says original Toyota , same plastic Container as sold in the Toyota dealer, but a lot cheaper.