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  1. firmware to my Touch and go

    Hi Ta12manse, I was having some issues linking my Touch and go and with my toyota account, so the dealer (as on warranty) updated my maps and firmware from software version : 1.7.5L Map ID : EUL20110321 To software version 2.14.5WL Map ID : EUL20160420 and this was made last year 2017 .Like Devon said they will update both at the same time. And I do have the Avensis 2012 is it petrol or diesel and what is the body type of your car?
  2. Avensis Gearbox Oil

    I mean transmission oil.
  3. Avensis Gearbox Oil

    Hi AmateurTorque, thanks for the amswer, much appreciated, can I ask you if you did a full flush or just used the drain cap?
  4. 2.2 D4D Coolant Change

    Thank You Korand C, you are a champ. I have seen the toyota parts on a previous post you did, for someone else requesting toyota parts. That really helps . Thanks again for all your answers all the best to you.
  5. Avensis Gearbox Oil

    Thank you . will try and post some pictures.
  6. 2.2 D4D Coolant Change

    Yes I know was wondering if Toyota has the concentrated.
  7. 1AD-FTV DIY Head Gasket Repair

    Thanks for the explanation, can I ask you where is the engine block coolant drain plug?
  8. Coolant Change

    Hi Alan 333, Do you you where is the engine drain coolant plug of the Toyota Avensis D4D T27 2012 ??? I want to do this job, but want to do a full flush and then clean the system with destiled watter. But need to drain all the fluid. And does Toyota sells the the concentrated Coolant so you can mix your self? Thanks
  9. 2.2 D4D Coolant Change

    Hi Konrad C, I know this post has some time now, but I need to change my coolant from my Avensis D4D T27 from 2012 , I went on the Toyota website, to look for the Engine drain plug only found for the radiator. My questions are where is the plug? Is it in the same position you said before? Do you have a picture of the plug? And Was thinking to do a hole flush with distilled water, to clean all the fluid, what is you thought regarding it? I have 98k miles.
  10. Avensis Gearbox Oil

    I appreciate all your answers. Can I ask why did you buy this Titan Race oil, and not the OEM Toyota oil ??
  11. Avensis Gearbox Oil

    I Mean T27
  12. Avensis Gearbox Oil

    What I read on their website seems to be the same oil but different brand . What I ask if this oil is suitable for the T25 estate diesel ?
  13. Avensis Gearbox Oil

    Hi , I am having the same issue , stated above, my Avensis T27 estate has 98k miles, and just wondering about the Silkolene Pro SRG 75 as it is described as a motorcycles gear oil. So is it good for my Toyota Avensis T27 estate year 2012 ??? Better then Toyota OEM gear oil?
  14. Avensis parts catalogue CD

    I appreciate the help, many thanks
  15. Avensis parts catalogue CD

    By the way do you have the T27 manual? to?