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  1. Still got the pads. Free if anyone wants to collect from Basingstoke.
  2. I have the satnav in mine but rarely use it. I prefer to use Waze.
  3. Set of new Brembo front brake pads for a Toyota Rav4.3 . £25 collect Basingstoke or post at cost
  4. What does this do for fuel economy ( if anything)? Cheers Baz
  5. Baz_1


    Yes, but its expensive. I managed to get the supplying dealer to pay for mine when I bought second hand. They advertised it with built in Nav when it clearly didn't have.
  6. Just had a pigeon commit suicide through my lower grill. Has anyone replaced this part in the past on a 2012 car & if so can it be done without removing the bumper? Thanks Baz
  7. Baz_1

    Floor mats

    They wont entertain it. Got te rubber mats from the link above which are a good fit.
  8. What tread depth do they have? Ta Baz
  9. OK next question. When I start the car, the 4WD light with a spanner type symbol illuminates for a couple of seconds before going out. I couldn't find an explanation in the handbook so asked the showroom where I purchased the car. They told me it was part of the normal start up procedure. Is this correct or do I need to go back to them. Its a 2012 Rav4. Thanks H
  10. Baz_1

    Floor mats

    Thanks, will have a look.
  11. Baz_1

    Floor mats

    OK first question is a pretty naff one. I'm about to take delivery of a 62 plate Rav4, which seems to have lost all its floor mats ( why do dealers do that, I would have been happy with a partly worn set). So the question is, do I need to purchase original or are any of the aftermarket options any good. In my experience they don't seem to stay in place as well as the manufacturers own ones. Thanks H
  12. Hi all should be picking up a 62 plate RAV4 this weekend. I will no doubt be asking a few questions before long. thanks Baz
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