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  1. Thanks folks. I'l try increasing the tyre pressures and see how that goes. I remember a few years ago, I had a drone from the rear end and I was convinced it was a wheel bearing. It turned out to be a flat spot on the rear tyre. I do admit that this issue does sound like a wheel bearing but there is no play whatsoever and no roughness at all when spinning the wheels. That's why I'm puzzled. Replacing a wheel bearing is no big deal for me, the problem is that there is no indication which one may be at fault. I'll overhaul the brakes next week, just to rule out any caliper issue.
  2. Hi folks. I've got a 2004 Avensis T25 1800 petrol hatch. 143000 miles. I've had it for 14 years. I don't really do much motorway driving, however the other day I was on the motorway and hear a distinct drone coming from the front end above 60mph. I suspected it was a wheel bearing so when I got home I jacked up each corner and checked for play top to bottom and left to right on every wheel. There was no play whatsoever and no roughness heard when I spun the wheels. Any ideas/suggestions as to what it could be?
  3. Thanks Gezza. Will the old snapped stud just hammer out?
  4. Hi folks. I snapped a rear wheel bolt yesterday on my 04 Avensis (Yes, I know, I'm an idiot). Does anyone know if the bolts can be replaced without removing the hub assembly, or is there enough room to get the bolt in from the back of the flange and pull it through with a nut? Cheers.
  5. Thanks Konrad. Mine is the same configuration as that image. It's that small front box I'm confused about. It can be bought as a separate section but it's very expensive for a silencer so I'm beginning to think that it is some sort of secondary cat, which is a new one on me.
  6. My Avensis failed its MOT for this same issue a couple of years ago. The pipes are steel, covered with a plastic coating, except where they connect to the rear brakes where they've got no coating. It's a surprisingly stupid design for a Toyota. My local garage replaced the pipes with copper ones for £200 all in.
  7. Hi. I have a 2003 Avensis T25 1.8vvti. I've already replaced the exhaust back box and centre section but now I'm getting a rumble from the front end of the system. My question is, is the front box just a silencer or is it a secondary cat? When I look for the part online, I see pictures of the front box described as a catalytic converter, however I was under the impression that the cat was integrated into the exhaust manifold, as other pictures suggest?
  8. No, sorry. My manual is only for the T25 diesel.
  9. I got the CD from eBay a few years ago but I don't see them on there any more. If you PM me your email address I can email you the entire manual. It's not a very big file. Faz
  10. Good shout Konrad. That's what I'll do. Those sites are pretty good. Thank you.
  11. Thanks. I'll give them a go. I like to have the CDs, copied onto my PC so I can look at the info offline too though.
  12. Hi folks. Does anyone know where (in the UK) I can get hold of an Avensis T25 parts catalogue on CD? I've already got the service manual disc, which is great, but it doesn't give me part numbers with exploded diagrams etc. Many thanks Faz
  13. Hi Folks. I have a 2003 1.8vvti Avensis. Toyota kindly replaced the short block at 75k miles due to the oil burning issue and I'm very chuffed about that. However, since then my engine management light has been on constantly. My mechanic checked this is out and says it's due to a mis-match in the oxygen sensors before and after the cat, probably caused by a dirty cat caused by the burning oil. The car still passes its emmission checks so I haven't bothered changing the cat. Is there a decent cat cleaner out there which I could try in order to get rid of the annoying warning light?
  14. Yeah, I think the mechanic had looked up the wrong model on 'Autodata'. I got the car back at the end of the day and it's fine, no issues with the flywheel. I got a Valeo clutch online for £92 and the garage fitted it for £250 so not a bad price all-in considering the other ridiculous quotes I got.
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