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  1. Ok, fine to have it clarified - thanks ... Have a good day ;-) Jesper
  2. Hi furtula - & thanks for your feedback. I reckon you would be right about the 1.3 & 1.5 liter petrol engines - good to know. About the diesel engine I am a bit unsure, however, what you mean by the "worse mpg and performance" ... ? By looking at the specs for the diesel version it should have an average fuel consumption of 20.4 km/l (48 mpg) which I would consider to be quite good. But you mention the "mounting points" - I am not sure I know what you mean by that ... normally I would consider it to be the "points" where the engine is mounted in the car frame but I assume this is not the case ... ? Cheers, Jesper
  3. Well, I think I have found out about the cruise control so no need to reply to that part of my question ... However, if someone here knows if the gearing in the 1.5l version (or the diesel version) is different from the 1.3 liter version I would appreciate hearing about it. Cheers, Jesper
  4. Hi again, Well just bumping the thread - hoping someone knows about cruise control etc. ... Cheers, Jesper
  5. Hi all, I have a Yaris Verso from 1999 which is still quite fine - and which in many ways fulfill my needs for a car. One thing I'd like differently though is to have a cruise control ("constant speed management"). However, I don't know what the general experience is with retrofitting such a cruise control. I.e.: Are there any issues? Is it relatively straightforward to do? Does the cruise control work "harmoniously", i.e. does it regulate the speed and engine power "pleasantly/harmoniously", etc. ... By posting here I hope to get feedback from other Yaris Verso owners who may have experience with the Yaris Verso cruise control in general - and also retrofitting it to the Yaris Verso. Thanks for any inputs Jesper P.S.: Forgot this question ... There's a 1.3 and a 1.5 liter petrol engine for the yaris verso. Anyone of you know if the gear box exchange is different in the two motor types? That is, if the 1.5 liter engine has a (significantly) lower rpm in the 5th gear?
  6. Hi Madasafish - thanks so much for your feedback. I will see if I can get hold of the March 2004 Car Mechanics issue and let my mechanic take a look at it. Will be GREAT if this proves to be the fault ... Cheers, Jesper
  7. Hi Toyota Yaris owners, I have an issue with my Toyota Yaris (Verso from end 1999) that I hope one of you may be able to help with. It is an issue that does also pose challenges to my otherwise very competent mechanic - but I am thinking that somewhere in the world there may just be someone who knows what this is about ... ?? And since I really like the car I would much prefer finding a solution to this issue, if possible ... A few words about the engine: The engine now has driven just about 270.000 kms, and apart from the issue I am about to describe, it works very well - no oil use (at all), and when connected to a diagnostic unit shows no faults or errors. It is a 1.3l engine. Spark plugs were replaced ~ 20.000 kms ago so they should be fine for another 12.000 kms. According to my mechanic the "air inlet sensor" was slightly off specs and has been replaced about a year ago (not original Toyota but should be ok - was new). This might have improved matters for a bit of time but I am not sure about it ... However, the issue is that: Particularly when the engine is cold it is as if it may misfire - it feels as if the car "halts & goes" to some degree. It is a slow "halt & go" (maybe with a frequency of 1 - 2 Hz) at speeds of around 15 km/h to 45 km/h. At higher speeds I reckon the overall inertia of the engine & car reduces the "misfiring" so that it is less perceptible - although it is still there (I gear up to e.g. 4th or 5th gear so the engine also has low rpms). For some reason this seems to be augmented when the car has not been used for a couple of days (and the weather is cold). Also, again mostly at lower speeds, when I press the speeder pedal in the beginning it is as if nothing really happens (it may actually decelerate) - but after a couple of seconds - the engine sort of catches on and starts accelerating. My mechanic says that it may be because Toyota was keen on keeping fuel consumption low in the Yaris, and thus set the "base fuel injection level" a little too low to work entirely well particularly when the car is cold ... Anyway, after a few minutes of driving - or when the engine begins to warm up - these phenomena begin to mostly disappear. However, they are still ever so slightly there even when the car has driven maybe 50 kms. And occasionally, particularly when making a rapid acceleration, the engine misfires - just once or maybe twice during an acceleration. I hope this may be a useful description ... and if one of you knows what this may be about I would much appreciate hearing about it ;-) Cheers & thanks, Jesper
  8. Hi eiriksmil ... thanks for your feedback ... BTW given the age and mileage of your car it looks remarkably new to my eyes ;-) That is a very fine offer but before asking I think that what I need first is a "guide" to how to approach service on the car ... It typically works best for me when I can read and study a subject first and then get an overview of what to do & how to do it. So I will buy the Haynes Service/repair manual for the regular Yaris and then take it from there. Referencing your words here: That's good information yet possibly a bit beyond the scope of maintenance/repair I intend to do. I have made contact with a mechanic with some experience in repairing Toyota Yaris models and I will let him do any major repairs .. He has a lift and tools etc. and so this is the feasible way for me. On the other hand I will attend to regular and minor services like replacing oils, filters, spark plugs etc. ... So in a first round I'll study a bit myself and then I'd be very pleased to be able to ask you questions in case there's something I can't sort out Hope that's ok ... Cheers to you, Jesper
  9. Hi ... Thanks for the tip but I've tried to search a couple of times and can't find anything ... So unless someone else here has a better suggestion on a service/repair manual for a Yaris Verso 2000 1.3 petrol car I think I'll go with the Haynes manual for the standard Yaris version and then see if I can elaborate from there ... Possibly if one of you know if there are differences to the engine or mechanics that would be very helpful - thanks. BTW - I lowered the rear seats into the floor this afternoon and I'm very impressed with the fit and functionality of this. My particular car is not new but I hope it will show up to be in good mechanical health - in which case I'll be very, very satisfied with having bought exactly this car type Cheers, Jesper
  10. Hi Toyota forums, I hope one of you here may be able to help with this As it is I have just bought a Toyota Yaris Verso 2000 model (a fine car I think!) and would like to find a preferably detailed service manual/repair manual for this car. I'm particularly looking for information about oil change, filter changes (oil, air, ventilation etc.), service intervals (and what to do/replace at a given service), how the fuel line is set up (it has a very slight smell of gasoline) - but overall how the car is made and how to repair different (not central) parts. I have made contact with a mechanic that will do any major repairs (I hope none ) but intend to do the more accessible repairs/services myself. I've searched Haynes and found this one: https://haynes.co.uk/catalog/car-manuals/car-repair-manuals/toyota/toyota-yaris-petrol-99-05-t-05 Maybe I can use it for the major parts of the car ... i.e. the "normal" non-verso car is very similar to the Verso version except for the different exterior car body? Or maybe there's a better manual? Thanks for any help Cheers, Jesper Mønsted