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  1. Hope it's okay to post details here - if not, apologies to the mods and please let me know! 👍 The Toyota Parallel Pomeroy Trophy is back! After its successful inaugural outing in 2019, Toyota GB and the Vintage Sports-Car Club (VSCC) are heading back to Silverstone circuit on Saturday 15 February 2020 and Toyotas of all types and eras are invited. Here's a short video if you like that sort of thing! Full details of the event can be found at the Toyota blog. In short, the event’s mission is to find Britain’s best Toyota via a series of autotest-style driving tests, using a unique series of calculations to ensure all are judged equally. The only strict entry requirements are that all vehicles are road-legal and Toyotas! It’s also a fantastic social event for Toyota enthusiasts and an opportunity to swap stories with like-minded owners. Plus, Toyota GB is bringing along some of its fleet including the new GR Supra. Entry costs just £30 and proceeds will go to Toyota’s chosen charity, Guide Dogs for the Blind. Entries can be made via email or post directly with the VSCC, with event regulations and entry forms available at this link. We'd love to have you join us, and please spread the word to your Toyota-owning friends and family across social media!
  2. Thanks to Mike for his help (and thoroughness!) and thanks in advance to any members able to join in!
  3. Hi all, First of all, a note to the mods - hope you don't mind me posting this in here, but if it should be somewhere else or isn't allowed, please do your stuff! :D Our company, DMS Media, is working with Toyota GB to bring some new, soon-to-be, and potential Auris owners together at the factory at Burnaston, Derby, to witness and be involved in the creation of 'their' cars. This would be filmed as part of an Auris project we're working on. So, we're looking for applications from the following people: Very new Auris owners - hopefully you'll have taken delivery of your car in the last 4-6 weeks Soon-to-be Auris owners - you've got a new Auris on order and are waiting for its delivery Potential Auris owners - you've been seriously considering getting an Auris (perhaps you've test-driven it, and are just waiting for the right time to order) If you fit into one of those groups, then please get in touch with us on Let us know your details (name, address, email and phone), which group you fit into (for instance, the date you got your Auris or its delivery date) and any other relevant information. We want to make this as inclusive as possible, so we can cover your time and reasonable expenses if necessary. Look forward to hearing from you! :D Andrew B