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  1. G-Norman

    IQ3 Winter Rims

    Don't forget you will need some tapered (cone shaped) wheel bolts 😀 I purchased these for the mini wheels: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Set-of-16-x-Wheel-Nuts-Bolts-Lugs-For-MGTF-12x1-50-34mm-19-Hex-D6/181314290018?hash=item2a372c8162:g:9vQAAOSwR2RbwSDI:rk:3:pf:0
  2. Our 2010 IQ had the same issue with the rear brakes binding, which always happens after being washed and parked up. Cleaned up the slider pin of all its rust and re-lubed with red rubber grease. Not more binding and also the horrible squeaking/squealing noise has been cured.
  3. I wanted to keep to the original size of 175/60/16’s, and the fitted price of the Bridgestone comes in at £119.89 each with Black Circle. I had a look around and managed to get some demo tyres from Goodwheel GmbH (Germany) on the following link: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1x-SUMMER-TYRE-Bridgestone-EP-150-175-60R16-82H-ECOPIA-DEM/142944883560?fits=Tyre+Width%3A175%7CAspect+Ratio%3A60%7CRim+Diameter%3A16&epid=538255780&hash=item21482dd368%3Ag%3ASIEAAOSwcMhbol%7ET&LH_ItemCondition=4%7C3 I thought that I would take a punt at that price of £34 each with delivery. Checked them all once they were dropped off by the courier company. Immediately you can tell they have literally brand new tread, with being mounted onto a car at the motor show and then removed. Go grab some replacement tyres at a bargain price for your IQ, before these are all sold out.
  4. G-Norman

    IQ3 Winter Rims

    The width of the wheels are 5.5J
  5. G-Norman

    IQ3 Winter Rims

    I purchased BMW mini wheels in 15", as much easier to get hold of, then Toyota wheels for the IQ (see below link of my original post). We run these over the winter periods and they have served us well :)
  6. As the temperatures start to lower, I thought it be a good time to swop over the to some winter boots. I tried to find a spare set of IQ alloys/steel wheels, but these are pretty rare to come by, or just too expensive for used parts. Here is our IQ now fitted with BMW Mini 15" steel wheels with Pirelli Winter 190 Snowcontrol (175/65/15), which only needed a spigot ring to bring the centre bore from 56.1 to 54.1, and tapered wheel nuts. As there BMW Mini is a very popular car, finding wheels for these cars are in abundance and can be picked up cheaply. We both happy with how they look and looking forward to testing them out when the weather turns a tad rubbish :) Safe winter motoring everyone Simon
  7. Cheers FROSTYBALLS, that makes logical sense Ay least the pollen filter is cheap to buy, and quick and easy to swop out... Simon
  8. We alway have a set of winter wheels of our cars to swop over when we head into the wintery months. Tried looking looking for second hand set of 15" IQ alloys/steels, but their as rare as finding a Unicorn , or quite expensive. Looked long and hard to find some used Toyota wheels from other models with the same filament, but there wasn't much for sale at the moment. As there are not loads of IQ's zipping about in the UK, compared to other popular car brands/models. I researched into what other car had similar wheel fitament to our IQ's, so this would give a wider scope of choice. Ended up noticing that the BMW Mini had the same size tyres as our IQ's with 15" wheels (175/65/15), the wheels specification was identical in all aspects, except that the centre bore for the Mini is 56.1 (this being 2mm oversized to our 54.1). There were loads to choose from your favourite auction site, so just waited until the perfect set to come along. Ended up picking up a set of BMW Mini 15" steel wheels with Pirelli Winter 190 Snowcontrol in 175/65/15. The previous owner had only had them fitted on their car for a couple of days, so were really happy with this great find. Gave them a good clean with APC (All Purpose Cleaner), and a quick polish to make them look nice The tyres still have the nobble bits on the tyres :) Here the Mini wheels have a centre bore which will be oversized on our hubs by 2mm Purchased some spigot rings (56.1 to 54.1) The wheels with the spigot rings fitted in place, bring the centre bore to the correct size of 54.1 I like my winter steel wheels to be bare and run without hubcaps, but Georgina has always hated this look, so hubcaps it is... Didn't fancy forking out on some genuine Toyota hubcaps, so why not keep the original BMW Mini hubcaps. Couldn't drive about with Mini logos on a IQ Simple solution was to purchase some wheel centre logos to stick over the original logos Wiped the centres with some isopropyl alcohol, to ensure good clean surface for cohesion of the stickers. Bye bye mini logos and hello to new logos A set of winter wheels, all ready and waiting for our little IQ Simon
  9. There I was thinking that the Toyota dealer would have done one of them over 100 point checks on approved used cars... I pulled out air pollen filter and it was a tad mucky. Got a good quality replacement pollen filter, and picked a Blue Print (Japanese parts) item, as I've used their car parts in the past and I know that they are a very good fit and well priced compared to going to the main dealers. Paid about £10 (inc delivery) for the new filter... Simon
  10. A big massive Thank You to tarquin (David) this morning for fitting the uprated dome light and 2 mini rear dome lights. The installation was professional, and like others have said, this is the set-up that the IQs should been like straight out of the factory in Japan. We now can see where were putting the shopping...
  11. Thanks for the tip Craig. We were considering where we can store the head rests, and now we know where. Simon
  12. On the search for additional storage areas for the IQ this morning... 1st idea which popped into my mind was to see if I could retro fit a under seat drawer, which was from Georgina's last car (Daihatsu Charade). Before considering removing the passenger seat, I had a look underneath and I was greeted by amass of wires, which lived in the centre of the seat. The problem would be that when I would try and slide the drawer in, then it would have contact with the wires. Back to the drawing board for a possible solution I think!!! Going to contact a few local breakers yard and see if they have any damaged IQ's, and see if I get get the original wiring loom for under the passenger seat and make a jumper/extension cable (this way there will no modification to our original wiring, plug-and-play). This would effectively enable me to relocate/re-route of the original wiring, giving me full access to install the storage drawer. Our postman dropped off this at lunch time. Welcomed additional storage I also learnt that we had a storage tray under the rear seats
  13. Hi Mark_P, The methods as described by scrooged and dash are both good. Quick and simple things that you could try, is wiping down the whole of your windscreen with a diluted solution of IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) Possible clean your wiper edges with undiluted screen wash. Hope you fix what causing the juddering, as totally know how annoying it can be My neighbours and the postman already think that I'm a little OCD Simon
  14. Thanks Soeley I'm one of them strange people who use to even fully detail their car before doing a track day Simon
  15. Our door sills are quire worse for wear on the driver side, it's gone down to the primer of some of the scuffs. Didn't really like the Toyota IQ sill scuff plates from the dealership, so went for some carbon style door sill film from your favourite auction site. The seller didn't sell a kit for the IQ, so I bought the version for the Yaris. Took me a while to stick on, as didn't want it wonky or to have air bubbles Now we have protected sills