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  1. still loking for this wiper assembly - anyone ?
  2. My daughters wee starlet 1998 1.3S is suffering from the wiper on drivers side running past the screen and sticking on the A pillar -Thought it would just need tightened up at the bolts but the middle one looks broken and don't want to take it off completely to find it wont go back on so looking for a complete assembly if anyone can help ? Seems to be plenty assemblies for other toyotas on ebay but none for starlets. cheers Kev
  3. Hi Matt , sadly the car was written off in July.. sorry mate. But the good news is the heart beats on in another paseo. was only minor damage to body panels but due to slight kink in chassis that was enough for insurance company....... All your work not gone to waste I sold the complete shell with engine /gearbox/front mount etc all good and he did the transpant into his paseo and has since made 167bhp at the fly.. I had just got the head skimmed and new gasket etc valve stem seals and all.. was well ****** off. Still have a few parts off it as well for my new starbo if I need them. how did yo
  4. Glad I am not the only one that suffered the drone... I just could not live with it - also the car was too easy to sit at high speed cruising and too dangerous for speeding tickets.. I sold it and got a glanza V turbo which was a great car much preferred the turbo power even from a wee 10 year old 1.3 . it was faster up to 70mph than the corolla ....bets advice like someone said already make sure long test drive at over 70mph if you can and if you can live with the noise go for it - personally i would spend £5000 on a decent glanza, then spend the other £3k or so on drink and loose woman and t
  5. I have to say it depends what kind of driving you do. I had a cts and used it for 12,000 miles in about three months -mostly motoway driving and couldnt wait to get it sold.. far to droney,noisy engine for me.. it really got to me . also the power band is way too high was forever having to change gear to get the revs up and found it a drag really sorry guys.. like the yaris better for the type of drive I am doing -120 round trip every day..
  6. Yes mate the name kind of gives it away.. yourself?
  7. Thanks for the welcome guys.. as for planned mods not for now - Trying to keep insurance and running costs down for a while - have acquired 6 points so need to tread carefully..last three points I got last month for 43mph in a 30 on a deserted dual carriageway at 6.30am on a sunday morning.... couldnt believe it.. I would imagine first mods should be decent exhaust/air filter/ so when the time comes will have to do some more searching of posts to see what you guys recommend.. saying all that .. it probably wont be long before i need some more power cos used to a wee bit more than the yaris ha
  8. Hi all , not quite a new member -been registered a while but not posting - just searching.. anyhows - just got myself a wee tsport -thunder grey and 02 with low miles.. 29k I have had a good few toyotas in the past will need to get some pics of this the latest one .. after driving it for a week only problem is the annoying little rattle from the dash - done my research and seen the post with step by step guide to fix.. cheers for that one. the wonders of the net .. was about the first post i read. welcome to yaris ownership it says to - with some funny pics- search it out if you havent seen
  9. I have a second hand blitz one if you want it for £60 inc postage - worked a treat on my old car starlet gt
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