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  1. Hi I've had my 2007 Prius T-Spirit for 3 years now and am considering changing to a mk3 plug-in, probably a 2013 model. The primary reason is of course running costs, especially as I have solar-panels on my house so even the electricity to charge it would often be free. But can anybody tell me what they are like to drive in the real world? In particular: 1) For most of my regular journeys, I have to go up a fairly steep hill for the first mile or so. How much punch does it have in electric only mode? Does the petrol engine cut-in at the whiff of hill like my mk2 does, or does the larger battery allow it to cope on electric only? 2) Similarly, most of my regular journey I come back down the same hill on the way home. In my 2007 Prius the battery is fully charged by the time I get to the bottom to the point I take it out of 'B' gear and go back to using the brakes to stop the engine screaming so much - this means I'm missing out on free power! Does the bigger battery of the plug-in allow it to re-generate for longer? 3) As my daily commute is about 32 miles each way, with half at 70+ mph, am I likely to see much benefit from a plug-in over a my existing mk2 or even a regular mk3 ? Any other advice re plug-in or regular hybrid please? Thanks very much
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