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  1. Use a small screwdriver with same tape over the tip, then carefully wedge left and right of the vents and left and right of the open slot underthe radio. The console should get lose. Then you can disconnect the switches from the console and replace the bulb. In my opion you can not change the bulb in the clock since hasn't got one. The housing of the clock is also casted so you cannot get in there without breaking it.
  2. I might have exaggerated a bit on the fire part but it still is a risk. For instance if you reconnect/extend wires with wire of a different core width (Don't know how else do discribe this) you get thermal differences which could lead to fires. But we agree on the complexity of the task ;) even with the schematics its hard. One wrong connection and you have the risk of blowing a fuse or worse shortcircuiting something in the HU.
  3. With all due respect but if you have to ask here how to wire it, dont even begin! I heard to much stories of people doing that, and in the end the fire department lended a hand. (think of what that would cost you!) Even for someone with experience in (car)electronics it's a major puzzle to build a wire loom/connections.
  4. As for earthing your install go for one point in the car to lead all the earthing wires to HU, AMP(s). As for an Amp I would search for a Hifonics, Audison, Signat, Alpine amp icw Focal or Hertz speakers. You should be able to buy a 6" and 1" compo set, 6" coaxial and an 4ch amp for under 1000 euros new. That not a lot of money for a good SQ system. Please leave them pioneer or sony amps alone they offer good price sound quality but there nothing more then that.
  5. ALthough I didn't went with you guys I was there on the 14th and here are some pics I've made: http://www.cardomain.com/ride/2233951/6 And here the rest of my club made that day: I Think there's a Sera and Celica there you will recognize ;) http://www.toyota-friends-limburg.com/foru...topic.php?t=791
  6. Don't forgot that those new people cariers have ESP and stuff on board, saw a whole lot of guys depending on that "gadget" And if you think people cariers are funny, I saw a 2CV, daf66 and a camper pass that day. The first two going at speed (=that's of course relative ;) ). If you want to see a really fast lap click here Too bad the Radical "stole" the record from the dutch Donkervoort
  7. I was also there that day, nice day saw a RS4 been writen off at brunchen Good to see you were taking it easy, once was a passanger in a NA MR2 and we went of because the Jack*** lifted off.
  8. I also had to cut away the water guard at the rear to fit my 16,5cm speakers from focal. 10 and 13cm will fit without any problems. Some 16,5 cm speakers will fit nicely, with others you have to cut away some plastic. My previous Clarion 16,5 fitted without probs my new Focals didn't.
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