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  1. Kos_ta

    Keyless theft

    I have MK3 RAV with keyless entry and it definitely impossible to start the car if the person with the fob loading the shopping in the boot dedpite the car is unlocked. In fact it's impossible to start the engine if the person with the fob standing just outside the driver's door.
  2. Yes, that's the quote I've got from Stoneacre Toyota at Gateshead (former Hodgson Toyota). Not sure if the gearbox filter change included though.
  3. If you mean the button opposite hazard switch, yes, it's 4x4 button, not the diff lock. I specifically chose Michelin tyres as one of the quieter ones to reduce road noise. I also soundproofed my car and it's now fairly quiet.
  4. Yep, I had the same info from Russian Toyota service schedule, my dealer insisted according to the UK service schedule CVT fluid is "for life" of the car but can be changed at the extra cost of £260. I'm going to change it on mine, not sure about doing it at the dealer though. I know good transmission specialist in our area.
  5. Yes MK3 RAV's have similar system to Haldex, which is essentially a FWD in normal conditions and becomes AWD only when car is struggling. There is also a switch for full-time AWD (only up to 25 mph), but RAV hasn't got a diff lock unfortunately.
  6. Hi. I've got 2012 (62 reg) 2.0 petrol RAV4 xtr. Bought it in September 2016 with 13k on the clock. Since then I've done 30k and haven't replaced anything apart from tyres (went for Michelin Latitude Sport 3, around £90 per corner) and gearbox selector backlight bulb (£NIL as I had a spare one I'm my shed 😊). Decided to buy a service plan from the dealer which I've bought the car from, it's about £800 for 3 years. It's got CVT gearbox which according to dealer doesn't require servicing or a fluid change (other opinion is that fluid change recommended every 40k miles). I also renew extended warr
  7. Yes you'd need either to replace existing aerial or use the windscreen DAB aerial which normally supplied with stereos with DAB option. Windscreen aerials normally give a little weaker signal reception although it depends on the area you live. You can also buy additional external DAB aerial with magnet foot (only £10 in Halfords), they give good reception and save you a hassle replacing existing aerial and feeding cables. I added external DAB unit to my existing stereo and chose to replace existing aerial with combined shark fun aerial with three built-in aerials (Radio, DAB and GPS) like this
  8. I will try to take a photo tomorrow 👍
  9. Yes, it's just like that. Disconnect the old one, take it out, put in the new one, connect terminals back. Disconnecting negative first then positive, connect in reverse order. Changed mine few weeks ago, no problems at all.
  10. They still flash orange, it's just that you can't see that orange reflection through the clear lense when they're off. Got mine for years, no problem with MOT whatsoever.
  11. You can find spare nipple for a wire in the large grommet where harness goes from the cabin to the engine bay, passenger side.
  12. Can't really say anything about diesel, I've heard that they are not as reliable as petrol, don't know if it's true or not though.
  13. I bought my RAV four years ago with 13k on the clock, now it's just gone over 40k. 2l petrol with CVT gearbox. Mainly short journeys, average fuel consumption 27MPG. Service plan at main dealer is about £700 - £800 for 3 years. Extended warranty is £500 for two years (can be renewed until car is 12 years old or 100k mileage). Apart from this since I've bought the car I bought 4 new tyres (Michelin Latitude Sport, about £440 in total), front wipers every year (OEM set about £20) and replaced gear selector bulb (didn't need to buy one, had few spare ones in the shed 😊). Service interval is 10k m
  14. I personally found Bosch worse than useless on my RAV (always used Bosch on my previous cars without any isssues). For Rav I now buy DENSO wipers (which is OEM for Toyota) and they are pretty good. Part number for left hand drive are: DUR-060L (driver side) and DUR-043L (passenger side). Here is the link for DENSO catalogue: https://www.denso-am.eu/media/1463212/2020_dewb_eu_web.pdf I tend to replace wipers every year, not like it's necessary, I'm obsessed with windscreen cleanliness, last few years was buying wipers from Eurocarparts, about £20 for a pair (I think it's a good p
  15. My 62 reg mk3 RAV4 with 1st gen Touch & Go also didn't have sat nav installed when I looked at it. It was sold by main dealer so I enquired about the cost of installation and was initially quoted £720 for the installation of the unit. After about half an hour of haggling I managed to get the price down significantly though 😜 Using it all the time and quite happy with it pretty much on par with TomTom and Google maps.
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