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  1. As said RAV isn't a quietest car to start with, when I bought mine I was quite surprised with the road noise level during the test driving compare to KIA Sportage I tested at the same time... Still bought RAV though LOL... I cured the noise problem on mine by doing a few things: 1. Soundproofing the whole car, took me 3 days, 4mm vibro damp + 5mm closed cell soundproof on the floor/boot/rear wheelarches + 10mm foam on plastic wheelarches interior covers, 2mm vibro damp + 3mm closed cell soundproof on the doors + 10 mm foam on door cards, 2mm vibro damp + 3mm closed cell soundproof on the roof. 2. Installed aftermarket rear wheelarches liners with applied 4mm vibro damp on them + applied about half an inch thick layer of Dinitrol 479. 3. Replaced OEM Yokohama Geolandar with Michelin Latitude Sport 3. As a result cabin noise in my car now similar to Merc E-Class which I'm quite happy with 🙂
  2. Yes, screws provided went in those holes perfectly. Can't remember about underside, are there no holes there for square clips? I definitely fixed something there just can't remember what exactly.
  3. When I fitted mine, I just put screws in the original arch liner clips and they sat there perfectly fine. Still tight after more than three years.
  4. I have 2012 RAV4 III with sat nav and speed camera warning can be turned off in settings, I'd presume it would be similar on next generation.
  5. I've seen one yesterday twice, deffo not a demonstrator, same guy was driving it and it was few hours between me seeing it repeatedly.
  6. @daveh_rav4 3mm vibro + 5mm noise cancelling on the floor, the rest of the car 2mm + 3mm, it's become slightly heavier now as well 😂😂. Unfortunately, my OCD won't let me get away with old blanket thrown in the back 😂
  7. If it's just a road noise, it's quite normal, RAV4 is not a quietest car to start with, it has very little (or maybe it is right to say not at all) soundproofing. When I bought mine I took two cars for a test drive: KIA Sportage and RAV, both same model year and similar mileage. Despite the fact that KIA was diesel it was a lot quieter than RAV. After about 8 month of ownership the noise has done my head in and I soundproof the whole cabin. Took me 2 days work and about £500 for materials. It is now almost as quiet as my previous Rover 75.
  8. Yes, if the car drives as normal, it's ok to drive it to the garage.
  9. It can be quite a number of different faults showing same warning, take it for diagnostic to find the exact fault.
  10. Hi Dave. From what I've read on different RAV4 forums , quite often this combination of warning lights shows when brake pedal switch is faulty (and I think it's a common fault on pre-facelift RAV4 3rd generation). Hope it helps Kosta
  11. And that would be a doddle if the rear bumper on yours fitted the way it fitted on MK3 you won't even need to take it off.
  12. I think I might have an idea why. This was widely discussed on one of Russian RAV4 forums and lot of people say that in extremely low temperatures if you have this feature it knackers mirrors motors/mechanisms on opening the car after it's been parked overnight. Totally agree about parking sensors though, luckily for me the first owner got them installed by the dealer when he ordered the car.
  13. @andy_evans44 @Leckytech My mirror switch works exactly the way it should after I installed the controller i.e. button depressed - mirrors out, button pressed - mirrors in. You can operate mirrors in normal fashion when needed (getting through narrow places etc.) providing ignition is on, obviously 😁
  14. If you happen to be in South Shields you're always welcome to pop in for a cuppa 😀
  15. No problem, will try to answer as quick as I can 😀
  16. @Leckytech sorry for not responding, have been on holiday to Cuba, internet there is pretty much non-existent. Glad you managed to get it sorted in the end. For me the only difficult bit was to find the wire for locking as there is no impulse with the door open. I had to do it with the door close through the open window with tester pins pushed in the connector before the door was closed 😀. It was a bit tricky though. Enjoy your new feature!
  17. I drive mk3 RAV4 (62 plate) which is mechanically very similar if not the same as MK4. Mine is 2 litre petrol with CVT box. I quite like it and in 16 months of ownership I haven't had a single issue. It's not particularly a racing car (which it shouldn't be anyway 😀) but I found it quite nippy especially in sport mode. I like CVT, it's my first car with CVT and I found it very smooth (obviously). Fuel economy is about 22-26 round the doors, depending on outside temperature, traffic conditions and your right foot, I think it's pretty good for AWD naturally aspirated petrol car. On a run you can get up to about 34-35 mpg. Seats are good as well, I once done over 1k miles in one day (very long one 😀) and didn't feel a bit tired. What I didn't like was a bad soundproof of the car, road noise was that bad, especially on a run, that I had to soundproof the whole car couple of months after I bought it. Heard it's a common issue with all Toyotas. My wife was never bothered about it, so it might be just me. Hope it helps.
  18. Hi Paul. No problem at all. Good luck with installation and yes, keep us updated. Happy New Year!
  19. Right, there we go... Photo 1: The armrest where mirror switch is and inside of which "mod kit" is hidden. Photo2: That how factory set-up looks when you first pull the switch out. Photo 3: "Mod kit" with it's harness not yet plugged in existing harness but with three extra wires (extended) already connected to the plug in driver's footwell and fed through to central armrest via any route you would prefer. Photo 4: "Mod kit" plugged in existing factory harness between the switch and factory loom and everything is working Hope that helps guys, if you have any more questions please ask I would be happy to answer them if I can. Kosta
  20. The controller comes with a harness which apart from three wires we discussed plugs in between the factory switch and car existing harness. It will make sense when you see it. I will definitely get some photos taken today 😁
  21. Hi guys, sorry if I wasn't clear, I was talking about the armrest in central console, where the wing mirror switch/regulator is situated on mk3 RAV4. I'll take some photos later on today. There is no need at all to take the door card off. Hope this helps. Kosta
  22. HI Paul, I have mk3 RAV and my mirror switch positioned on the armrest therefore I tucked controller inside the armrest ( it's plenty room there :)). I'm not sure where it is positioned on mk4 but I'm sure you will find some space to fit it as it isn't massive.
  23. Hi all, I apologise for being quiet for a while but combination of work commitment, bad weather and Christmas preparations wouldn't let me get the photos taken earlier. So, there we go... First you need to remove plastic trim at driver's door sill and footwell (first photo), ideally you will need interior trim removal tool but it is possible to do it with bare hands as well. Don't forget to undo plastic nut holding the trim at the footwell (photo 2) The connector you need is circled on the photo 3, bottom arrow is pointing to the connector itself and the top arrow is pointing to flexi cable trunk I used to extend three wires from the controller which I positioned next to wing mirrors switch/regulator in the armrest. Three wires you need to tap to are as follows (photo 4, arrows pointing to corresponding wires): 1. Grey wire - permanent live 2. Black wire with blue dots - unlock impulse 3. Red wire with blue dots - lock impulse. Once everything connected check if the unit operates correctly before putting everything back together. Hope it hepls. I would like to take the opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy and Prosperous New Year! Kosta.
  24. Kos_ta

    CVT or Auto

    CVT seem to be more economical than conventional auto but they are no good for towing and don't like aggressive driving style. Apart from this they are good boxes and don't give problems. It is also recommended (by transmission specialists) to change fluid and filter every 40000 miles although main dealers insist on that fluid is for the life of the car (which I personally doubt).
  25. Hi. Yes, found all three wires from the same plug in driver's footwell. Don't worry about plastic trim, it's quite flexible. I'll try to take some photos on Sunday and will post them here. Hope that helps.