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  1. Hi there I have a problem with my ST205, when there is no key in the engine light, lights up but when you turn the engine on the light goes off. I've followed the drawings, for the life of me I can't find where or what's causing it. Plug C Pin 8 on the cluster, blue/silver wire has 10v permanently on it. I've traced it out an it bells out to a pink wire on the ecu? I've also checked the earth on the plug to ground and that's at 0.1 ohms. Has anyone come accross this before? Cheers Paul
  2. Hi guys Just done a compresson test are these results good? Cylinder 1. 200psi Cylinder 2. 200psi Cylinder 3. 205psi Cylinder 4. 209psi Are these results mean I've got a good engine or is it about to blow. The engine has done 122k miles. Cheers any feedback would be a great help. Paul
  3. Hi guys are there any car show arranged with the club in 2019?
  4. Hi thanks for the reply I'm turning my t sport into a track car/show car. So trying to disable or bypass the airbag system to put aftermarket steering wheel on also bucket seats in. But it's getting harder i shorted out the 3 things above and the airbag module showed there short circuit. I undid the drivers seat airbag wires while the battery was still connected now I can't connect to the unit. I have disconnected it & reconnected the battery still the same. I don't know if I've blown the control module. I have seen airbag bypass resisters on eBay but don't know what ohms Toyota work on. Any help will be much appreciated Paul
  5. Could you please help me I've been looking for the location of the srs airbag fuse location on a 2003 corolla t sport but unable to find it. I can't communicate with with the module with my laptop. The module was connecting then stopped. All other modules communicate ok. Thanks Paul
  6. Hi guys another fault code has come up. After clearing the and sensor fault that is C1208 Steering position output signal. Does anybody know what this fault is and how do you fix it please. Thank you Paul
  7. Just put laptop it says Rear Left ABS sensor no output. Rear Left does that mean Pass side rear hub sensor?
  8. Hi guys my 2002 corolla t sport when I hit 30mph beeping & loss of power. Anybody got any thoughts what the fault is please.
  9. Hi there my car had blown a rad, so changed it for a performance one at the same time deleted the air con. Now with the new rad In both fans run all the time any one help?
  10. Hi everyone having a few problems with my t sport the drive shaft has snapped passenger side and there is still part of the shaft in the gearbox the question is can you remove this section without removing the gearbox? If the gearbox has to be removed is it an engine out job? Cheers Paul
  11. Cheers i will, Toyota main dealer backplate wants £247+vat each.
  12. Hi there can anybody please inform where i can buy the rear brake hub backing plate. (The plate that the handbrake cable sits in behind the brake disc). Also does the plate seperate from the hub? Cheers Paul
  13. Hi there could you tell me where to get electrical drawings for a 2002 corolla t sport please. Cheers Paul
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