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  1. Just dropped the oil(faulty turbo) and there seemed to be a lot of oil,i mean like 13 litres??this seems a hell of a lot and im wondering if this has caused the turbo to go.the garage had it the other day and said they topped the oil up,so wondering if they went mad with it?also vans a 2.5td d4d thanks
  2. Hi my hiace 2001 d4d 2.5 td. and the turbos just gone any one no how much they are or who sells em?? thanks
  3. well the hard bits are done welding holes and seam,also engine mounts,just needs finishing if i could get it to a rolling shell would that be of use? Think im going to have to ring fensport,or has any one heard of twobrutal??i know they do mr2s but aint that different,or can any body recomend some one???
  4. Hi folk aint been on here for a while,well for those who dont know me most probably,i started a AE82 3SGTE hybrid full strip weld paint and rebuild only down side is i started whislt living at home-now im running my own business,got my own house,married and have a 3year old boy! Time and funds are now tight,so just wondered if any one was a enthusiast with some time,dont worry im not looking for a samaratin,just wondered if any one fancyed working on it and finishing it(for cash) as i now dont have time? Any takers cheers guys
  5. conversions are tricky?its often a case of trial and error good idea though
  6. every one rates fidanze if thats spelt correct??ebay time i think :D
  7. i had to replace the ajoining rubber just got a friend at a local hydrolic hose company to get me petrol prof ones,if i was you id redo it all in rubbber where are you you can have mine if you like??
  8. try bill or ebay search worldwide thought all the best stuffs state side
  9. dont know bout the ones on ebay but wouldnt mind a pair myself?? i had some black diamonds drilled and grooved onmine and after 5-10 minutes spirited driving on my local top road they soon gave up to fade and smoked a bit to :D
  10. just got to love the ae82 :D damn i miss mine
  11. had a toad with immobiliser on my rola it was ace never messed up of played silly buggers.got a cobra on my van and its a bit poo randomly going off while driving etc???
  12. fueling use a fuel regulator and proply worth changing the fuel pump as for the 200bhp i can believe it but for the money why not stick a turbo on it??
  13. sounds like a plan i ran a similar spec and had 150-160 but i wouldnd recomend a chip coz i had props with mine. i used 272` fast road cams they say these are about aggresive as you can run coz of tick over etc.wot milage has engine done??you could get head port and polish and get it skimmed to take compression up.
  14. the worse places were the wheel arch seams in the arch itself,they were knackered but i dont think it was ovaly bad for a 22 year old car,m reg escorts have more rot(no offence to any escort owners).
  15. got some bits left from when i stripped it pair of electric wing mirrors electric window winders window swithes both sides wing mirror controler center controler ac etc interior door handles mr2 iluminated rear panel with rear lights boot release catch let me know if any one wants these as there going on ebay cheers andy
  16. relisted on ebay could do with selling really clicky
  17. not a big fan of replicas but i like this one good look with selling :D
  18. i think an st185 engine would do coz your still gettin around 200+bhp.and thats a lot in a front wheel drive,i bought a mr2 engine and box and just moved the mounts a little and droped it in.
  19. its a rev 1 1991 mr2 engine hoping for around 250 in pretty much standard form.just realised my engine mounts are use less so i now need some 2mm metal to fabricate new ones.
  20. haha just thought id post for anyone interested ive been slowly doing the car so thought id tell you guys how its doin,well all the welding is done(holes and seam) thanks rob my welder the mans a demon and i just offered the engine up and its very tight but fits lovely a bit high but everything fits? just need to weld the mounts up and we`re laughing.cant wait till its running will post some pics when i can
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