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  1. thanks for the replies, will try to update the firmware, Cheers
  2. street address the sme as google maps! will a firmware updated help this problem!
  3. I believe its just a touch and go although its an Excel the sat nav is not the top model it seems! No voice control input! and no i dont think it has ever been updated which im led to believe is quite expensive! are the letters grey because i assume that address is not in the database!!
  4. I cant find this topic so I may be missing something here, never properly tried my sat-nav but when trying to enter an address a lot of the letters were greyed out and the manual just says they are unavailable but not WHY! I didn't even get the first word in so please someone, what am i missing here? Don't get this trouble with google maps!
  5. Sorry if this has been covered before but on the 2nd gen Auris hybrid 2012 - can someone explain the difference between the Eco drive Level display and the Average Fuel consumption as they can differ greatly!
  6. Just watched carbuyer review 2012/13 newer design and there was no mention of reclining rear seats and pretty sure mine are also fixed too. Hope this helps.
  7. Thanks for your answers, very useful Cheers
  8. Hello Anthony, Its an early new model registered in december 2012 and my first Hybrid car which i am pleased with an average 62mpg so far with town driving and a couple of long runs!! Cheers
  9. perhaps ring my local dealer to ask about it.
  10. It has got fully functioning Satnav with a nice lady voice! is there certain criteria for the voice commands to work?
  11. Just bought a lovely Auris Hybrid Excel 2012 and have looked at the system software info but still a bit confused, it tells me the voice control is not available and not found any internet access yet, My questions are have i got a basic touch and go nav setup and if so is the difference between the basic and plus or Pro just a matter of software to upgrade!! Am i a silly billy or what?
  12. thanks Frosty can i post a question in the Auris section now?
  13. Hi all, have just bought an Auris Hybrid excel 2012 and happy to join this popular club. I live in Bristol England and very pleased with my car so far.
  14. HutchBoy


    My Auris Hybrid Excel 2012
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