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  1. Finally saw my first one on UK roads today on M25 heading towards Dartford. Looks nice, prefer the front especially. Was lower driving position to what I expected however, look forward to a test drive.
  2. Finally saw my first UK Camry on the road today! Was on the M25 heading towards Dartford.
  3. Curious about people's views, just noticed the Moral is now open for orders online. At a price of over £61k, is this the next thing or destined to fail? Personally I'm liking the concept, but the price makes it hard to see sense in any purchase that's nearing Tesla model S levels?
  4. Any feedback on how you got them off in the end?
  5. So it is a definite I have at least 1 maybe 2 buckled alloys. Got the tyre guy to put them on the back for the time being after balancing. However driving the car it has a bit of booming around 50 and 70+ What's the cheapest solution in the case? How easy is it to get new used alloys with confidence they won't be buckled? Can you fix a buckle?
  6. Great thanks for the advice guys just ordered some edge 5w30, its having an oil change on Tuesday. Ok will definitely keep an eye on my oil level, as it was a cheap private sale. Its the 2002 gen 7 140hp.
  7. Hey Folks I've just bought a Celica, my second toyota as I also own a 1.8 VVT-I Avensis 2009 which I've been very impressed with. I want to do an immediate oil change and not sure its been looked after previously. I believe the engine is very similar to the Avensis though my Celica is 2002 so want to be sure I'm getting the best out of the car for economy and durability. Any Celica owners with tips, I'm all open. Got it for £1100 so possibly will have a few issues. Many thanks in advance. Justin
  8. Thanks Guys, well didn't want to spend mega money so went for H speed rating and bought 4 X Toyo Snowprox S943. Hopefully they do the job. Knowing my luck all the snow and ice will clear off now I've got them.
  9. Has anyone tried to buy winter tyres for their 1.8 petrol Avensis T2. I need to buy winter tyres for a journey from London to Gdansk, Poland. The cars sticker stipulates to fit 205 60 R16 92V, which only exist in summer tyres!! Any ideas people? Many thanks in advance.
  10. Would have said its likely due to winter, my MPG always drops this time of year.
  11. Can't say I've experienced this myself, more details about model will be great for awareness though, I'm no techie, but is the actual pedal getting stuck or it stays applying gas despite releasing throttle (with pedal back in its highest position) Justin
  12. Hi all, Anyone had experience of or know or a good value for money way to replace a speaker. Just bought my 2009 avensis high mileage second hand and it seems to have a split front right speaker, quite irritating as I like bass in my music. Loving the motor, I join all other satisfied avensis owners in acknowledging how great this saloon is. Thanks Justin