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  1. Some differences of opinion, but including off-site, people are saying not to worry about it. Time got away from me a little so I've not had the chance to speak with Toyota about a replacement, but I wonder if my local would be able to source a part like this. Does anyone have an idea on cost out of interest?
  2. Well I'm the OP and I've just noticed my bit in the middle has actually fallen off somewhere along the road. :D I still have a section on the driver side of the car hanging on, but I'm dithering about whether to take it off or get another heat shield put on the car. I do some of my own work on the car now with a mechanic friend (I fix his PCs and stuff) so would hope it wouldn't be a costly part to fix. At least when it happened the first time Toyota sorted it for nowt. :)
  3. My driver side one is gone after only 10k, worn through by heel. Still at least Toyota are replacing at no cost. :)
  4. Well after doing my first 'granny drive' tank, I've managed to get 527.6miles from 45litres of fuel. As with most people, I fill up to the same point where I can see the fuel. Mostly 55mph driving with the odd bit of town driving. Works out at 53.3mpg....I'm happy with that, although I'm hoping I'll be able to squeeze out more when on my run to London in the summer.
  5. I'm beginning to think a service plan might have been a good idea for me. My Auris is due its 40k service and I have been quoted £293....ouch. :(
  6. Hi guys, My Auris has a piece of metal on the underside that doesn't appear attached properly that is causing rattling through vibration when the engine is running. I'm not entirely sure what the piece, whether a shield for the exhaust or something else. This is in picture 1 if anyone can tell me and if it is something I need to worry about it. Picture 2 is something of the same material beneath the engine, I'm guessing this is possibly the sump guard, not sure if this is rattling through. I will add the car is going in to Toyota this week anyway, but thoughts are appreciated. I've got to take
  7. Admiral are taking the mick if they want £500 to insure my Auris...

  8. I think they are good looking cars as well, under-rated by some in the press, but they tend not to really know what they are talking about. One thing I know a lot of people have said with the diesel is that they feel it is not refined and quite noisy....it may just be me, but I found the noise in the cabin better than in a friend's Passat.
  9. Could do that, but then it'd be a long way to walk to my friend's. :D
  10. Argh....the choices......thanks for your advice....only thing is I hate city driving...country bumpkin you see. :D Edit: Ooooh, I see the map changed! I think at the moment the NCP/Q-park is looking a winner. Wouldn't leave it at South Croydon station....don't like that bit as that's where I normally get the train to.
  11. Hi Raistlin, I'll be staying at my friends on Warham Road, there's a Barclays bank just around the corner with the Swan and Sugar pub opposite.
  12. Hi, I am gonna be in Croydon the week after next and I've left it late with regards to getting cheap flights or a train. So I am looking into driving down. The trouble is my mate who I am staying with doesn't have any parking, so does anyone know, or can they suggest a good place to park. I have no issues with NCP or the like if they are going to be safe enough, but could do with people's suggestions where possible as I'll be there three nights. Thanks.
  13. I've been getting the nice car comments from people and yet motoring journalists tended to slag the looks a bit. Show's they aren't in the real world... Power is good where it is, in gear pulling is great and I can now actually overtake things that say Tesco and Asda on the back! :D
  14. Well it never did anything for me while I had my Aygo, in fact any Shell fuel just didn't seem to run right for some reason. The economy was down. I have sadly now traded in my Aygo for an Auris as I need a bigger car for personal reasons. I'll miss the little bug.
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