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  1. Mine came to me with a leaflet for the TVSS IV-D security system. Perhaps yours has the same. To arm the system without interior protection, press the lock button on the remote three times within 15 sec. The 3rd press should give a longer flash on the hazard lamps. There is no mention of an alarm box in the Parts Catalog. It may be built into the Anti-theft device, see Scheme 1 Ref 5 (or Scheme 2 Ref 4) Item 89780 here.
  2. Sometimes the interior sensor is triggered by an insect. A thorough vacuum cleaning may help.
  3. Very odd. Is the gearbox manual or auto? What happens if you select Neutral? First thought is it could be a software malfunction - try disconnecting the battery for (say) ten minutes.
  4. It usually sells for £19-20. I have one and it's not shoddy at all.
  5. I would use one of these. For £2.50 you can't go wrong - I think someone misplaced the decimal point!
  6. Sounds like a poor contact which is affected by the acceleration. Could be a seatbelt switch.
  7. This may be a problem which happens with cars not much used. The float mechanism in the tank goes rusty, and malfunctions. Cure is a new sender unit, complete with float.
  8. That was not my problem. Mine would not move at all - it was exactly like trying to move off, having forgotten to release the handbrake. As I park on the flat, I took to leaving it in P with no handbrake, and all was well. I then resumed parking with the handbrake, and it happened once again. I think it only happens if left for 2 weeks or more.
  9. Not on a Toyota, but I've had that, and it was a CV joint on the driveshaft.
  10. I've had that. It was the handbrake jammed on. I freed it with rocking between D and R (easy to do with an auto box), but with a manual box you could damage the clutch.
  11. IanML

    New battery.

    I understand it is Body Systems Interface. In Peugeot/Citroen multiplexed vehicles, it handles everything except the engine, gearbox and folding roof, which have their own ECUs. The PSA implementation is very sensitive to loss of electrical supply whilst it "awake" which can corrupt the software, necessitating a reboot which presumably reloads the software from non-volatile memory. It can be a bit of a song-and-dance, because opening a door on a newly rebooted system can cause re-corruption. The work-around is to lower the driver's window before rebooting, and, after rebooting, switch the
  12. IanML

    New battery.

    That sounds like Peugeot/Citroen, but does it apply to Toyota?
  13. I think you don't want to eradicate it. It will remind you not to do it, and your clutch release bearing will thank you
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