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  1. First thing to check is the level of fluid in the auto box. If it is low. top up but look for a leak.
  2. It is the hatchback. Thanks!
  3. Interesting. My daughter in Canada has a 3 year old Yaris - would that be based on the Mazda 2?
  4. Thanks. I suspected as much.
  5. Found this, but it's the US model, and the price🤢
  6. The wife has just bought a 2019 Yaris 998cc. Does anyone know where to get a copy of the Toyota R&S Manual (not the Owners Handbook) please?
  7. -Those two warnings can come up spuriously. I have had them twice, when the engine has kicked and failed to start. I believe one of the oxygen sensors gives out-of-spec results under those conditions, and the resulting two spurious warnings are a design defect. I just clear the codes and all is well.
  8. I Have a Suzuki which crunches into 2nd- It's fairly common with that box. Apparently it's something to do with the close clearances in Japanese gearboxes. The cure in my case is Castrol Syntrax Universal oil of the appropriate viscosity specified by the manufacturer. e.g. this one 95% sure that it will do the trick.
  9. IanML

    Throttle body

    From the Toyota Repair manual: 1. Idle speed is controlled by Engine Control Module (ECM) and is not adjustable. Check idle speed with engine at normal operating temperature, transmission/transaxle in Neutral, parking brake applied, air cleaner and all air intake hoses installed, all vacuum hoses installed, electronic fuel injection system wiring connectors properly installed, ignition timing properly set, electric cooling fan off (if equipped), and A/C and all accessories off. 2. Start engine and warm engine to normal operating temperature. Shut engine off. Connect Toyota handheld tester or scan tool to data link connector No. 3 at driver's side of instrument panel. See Fig. 43 -Fig. 50 . Hand-held tester or scan tool is used to read engine RPM. 3. Apply parking brake. Place transmission/transaxle in Neutral. Start engine and maintain engine at 2500 RPM for 90 seconds and then allow engine to idle while noting idle speed. Ensure idle speed is within specification. See IDLE SPEED SPECIFICATIONS table. Shut engine off. Remove hand-held tester or scan tool. 4. If idle speed is not within specification, check Idle Air Control (IAC) valve, wiring and Engine Control Module (ECM), and air intake system. See IDLE CONTROL SYSTEMS in SYSTEM & COMPONENT TESTING - 4-CYLINDER article. The specified Idle Speed is between 650 and 750 rpm. If the ECM does relearn throttle position, there is no mention of this in the manual, so it must be automatic. You could try driving the car at full throttle for a short time (when road condtions permit) in case that is part of a self-calibration procedure, but I doubt it.
  10. IanML

    Battery mode

    Yes, when you get a "pure" EV. No fuel pumps, fuel filters, filling stations, exhaust pipes, catalysts, spark plugs, plug leads, etc, etc.....
  11. I suggest you use Toyota Techstream with a laptop; example here.
  12. Another thing to check is the alternator brushes.
  13. One possibility is a spider in the cabin, waking and moving at sunup. If the alarm system has a motion detector, that is valid cause.