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  1. True, but I believe that dealers have liability at law, whereas private sellers do not, so they have to carry some risk.
  2. The risk arises only if a very old "non-intelligent" charger is used. Modern chargers, such as a CTEK or NOCO are perfectly safe, as they monitor the battery state, reduce the charging voltage accordingly as the charge approaches the 100% mark and stop charging when it gets there. I use a CTEK MSX5, and have never had a problem.
  3. Paraffin, I understand. Wear rubber gloves!
  4. Maybe the EGR needs a clean?
  5. IanML


    Toyota do keep computerised records. Of course, they are only updated if the servicing was done by a Toyota dealer.
  6. I wonder if that wire could be from a current sensor, which is used to shed the EV charging load if the total load is approaching the premises supply limit?
  7. Out of interest, in which part of the supply chain was the open circuit?
  8. Well, my theory is a broken ball in the CV joint. When the torque being transmitted reverses (i.e. when you brake) the joint is jammed and can no longer allow the rotation. When you manipulate it, the broken part moves into the correct position, so it's ok till the next time.
  9. The box works perfectly (but I haven't created an earth fault to test it!). You just hear the relay click when it powers up. I haven't heard a hum. Maybe the mounting has an effect? Mine is firmly screwed to a massive wooden garage door frame (mounted inside the garage).
  10. Yes. I was lucky to find that my consumer unit had a free double width space to take the required RCBO, so the installation was straightforward. I did not want to mess around with an earthing rod, so I wired via a Matt:e box, which detects earth faults and opens the circuit as required.
  11. I have some sympathy with that view. My absolutely basic EVSE (the only control is a rotary switch to vary the charging current) just works. I don't need the bells and whistles. If anyone is interested, it's a QUBEV. I gather current production has an internal dip switch setting, instead of the rotary control.
  12. It isn't always the EVSE. I had a problem, which turned out to be that the Type 2 socket on the EVSE required one of the pins of the cable plug to project more than it did. I could not discover what the design spec for that parameter is, so I can't say whether plug or socket is at fault, but I was able to open the plug and "engineer" a greater projection, and haven't had a problem since.
  13. Was the glass roof at the front removable?
  14. I have difficulty understanding that. Are we to believe that the battery charging current (say 5A) will be too much for the cabling between the fuse box terminal and the battery? Mention of the dc/dc converter seems to me to be a red herring, as the charging current would obviously not pass through the converter. I would welcome a more reasoned explanation.
  15. That's right. My dad had a 1934 Studebaker which did that. Electric wipers were definitely a luxury feature. And so was an internal bonnet release. On his, you turned the bonnet decoration through 90 deg to release it.
  16. I think the cars have very little fuel in the tank when they are loaded onboard the ship for export, so they probably get more when they reach the distribution agency/dealer. Does the dealer adding fuel count as "factory"?
  17. The wall box will measure what it supplies, but that energy is subject to heating losses in the on-board charger and the battery itself. You can expect the actual energy stored to be something like 85 to 92% of that supplied.
  18. No problem with 3 phase Type 2 charging points - the car will only draw on one of the phases, and the other two will not be in circuit. Use of adaptor - I don't see why not - they are usually rated for 16A. A granny charger usually only takes 10A or so. Just only plug them into the large sockets with the circular recess and the projecting earth pin - not the old-fashioned two pin ones.
  19. Maybe you have the problem back from a different cause, like a spider in the car.
  20. There are plenty. Just off the top of my head - the Finland Winter War (Russia lost), the invasions of Poland in the 1920s (Russia lost), the forcible annexations of the Baltic States, the invasion of Eastern Poland in 1940 (co-ordinated with "National Socialist" (can't say N.zi) Germany who invaded the Western part), the overthrow of Czechoslovakia's democratic post-war government, the suppression of Czechoslovakia's "Prague Spring" and of the Hungarian Uprising,,,,,the list goes on. And you can bet that all those countries are on Putin's list for him to discover N.zis or some other blatantly lying pretext to "justify" his megalomaniac ambitions.
  21. I believe Japanese companies have large investments in Russia. Hard to imagine they would just walk away from them, even though I wish they would. Actually, if they did, the Russian state would probably seize them, and Putin would sell them to his friends.
  22. Afaik, the camshaft drive chain is only changed if it exhibits defective properties, i.e if it has stretched, and becomes very noisy, or its tensioner is failing (same symptom). It is not changed as a routine measure and may well last the life of the vehicle.
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