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  1. Wohouu !! Problem solved and it was unbelievable easy. I have initialised ECU and Clutch and car drives like a new. Thank you all !!
  2. Currently 80k, it is category D and the previous owner said to me that the car has not been used over a year. He just bought a new car and kept the old one in the garage with the vision of fixing the paintwork and other minor damages, but he better sold it eventually.
  3. No it doesnt, I have found more info about the reinitialising and try it tomorrow.
  4. Hello everyone! I have recently bought Yaris Zinc 1.3 2007 MMT automatic transmisson and found a problem that bothers me a lot. When I start moving forward or backward (especially slowly) car jerks. When I add more gas and accelerate sharply jerking is gone, it is also fine when the engine is hot. Now, I have read quite lot about jerking and mmt but I could not find some answers so I want to ask : 1. Would initialisation of ECU and clutch help? 2. Is this really transmission problem? 3. Would tranny oil change help? 4. In case of changing transmission do I need to buy whole new transmission or just some part (which is gone) and what are the aprox. prices of it ? (I am starting at Uni shortly and thus have very limited budget.) Thank you all for your help and advices.