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  1. Hi Lee, thank you for your reply. As it happens I’ve booked my Prius in for a service next week & I was going to have a catloc fitted but as you have told me there isn’t one available yet for Gen4 Prius. Regarding the cat itself, before I retired I worked as a research chemist & from what I recall about catalytic converters they are basically a box containing rocksill wool or something similar with precious metals finely deposited within the ‘wool’ structure to provide a large surface area to maximise the exhaust gas/catalyst contact. However, the amount of precious metal I understand is quite small, so I doubt if these thieving scum are after the metals. As someone suggested they probably sell the cats on for a knock down price to someone with an older Prius who’s cat is spent or even someone whose cat has been stolen!!!!! Thanks again for your reply.
  2. Hi Lee, - do you know if there's a catloc available for the Gen4 Prius through my Toyota garage or whether it's too difficult to remove the cat it's not needed?
  3. Hi Frosty, 56 to 75 decibels doesn't sound too bad considering many tyres rate within this range. Decibels are difficult to understand since the noise level depends on the distance from the source i.e. the nearer you are the louder the noise & vice versa.
  4. The whole issue of creating this noise needs some serious research because it might be replacing one issue with another. Also it should be made illegal for people to walk along the public highway with earphones stuck in their ears. After all we're talking about safety issues here & surely that's nearly as bad as drivers using mobile phones while driving?
  5. Blimey Scott I hadn't thought of that one! You're quite right & yes I've had a close call with some idiot with headphones about to walk in front of my car. Although I still agree with making us 'heard' since we need to make sure our lovely quiet cars do make a noise at low speed then at least the finger of blame cannot be pointed at us.
  6. I'm sure many of us have experienced a situation when driving at low speed, where folks just can't hear your Hybrid car & dangerously stroll in front of the car. When it first happened to me I was quite angry until my wife mentioned they just couldn't hear our car! However, although I'm totally in favour of getting something sorted, I just wish the ruling had come from our own government rather than the EU. They are right of course on this one!
  7. Hi Professor, thanks for your reply & an alternate view on the use of Google maps, which I'll certainly pass on to my son. I guess though that it would be nice to be able to have the choice to use both the fitted Sat Nav & Google maps. I certainly agree that even though the maps could be out of date, not much does change. I never ever updated the maps on my previous Gen3 Prius but never really encountered a problem when using the Sat Nav throughout the 7 years I owned the car.
  8. Hi Scott, thanks for your reply. I'll stop trying to link the internet with my iPhone on my Touch2 with Go now that I know it just cannot be done. I do find it frustrating that Toyota are so slow to catch up with this technology especially as many other manufacturers offer it already. I do like my Toyota Prius as you know, but I was hoping that they would by now be offering an all electric vehicle because whether we like it or not that's the way we are going, especially as the UK has to move towards zero emission vehicles in the future. However, as you know, even though many other car manufacturers offer all electric vehicles Toyota doesn't. Even if they start to produce an all electric car they are going to be so far behind the tried & tested technology developed by their competition that I just wonder if I should be looking to another car company, which I hasten to add would be have to be Japanese, to purchase my next vehicle when the time comes?
  9. My son recently purchased a Suzuki Ignis after driving a Toyota Argo for some years. He said he was so impressed with the multimedia on his Suzuki particularly as he can display the internet especially Google maps which he also uses as his Sat Nav. As he explained to me, he has no trouble updating his Sat Nav because all he has to do is update his iPhone & the maps etc he uses are up to date & free. He has tried & so have I, in vain, to do the same on my Gen4 Prius Excel. Using my iPhone paired with a Touch with Go will take you via the internet, to the apps provided by Toyota most of them costing quite a fee to use. I actually don't find the apps that good so I've never bothered to use them. When I bought the car from new I had 3years of map updates but that will end this year & if I want to update the maps I shall have to pay for the privledge. My son drives a lot of different cars with his job & said that most manufacturers use the Suzuki system allowing you to use the internet directly from your iPhone. He says there's no way he's going to ever but another Toyota if he can't use his mobile to download Google maps info! I must admit although l really like the Prius I think I might consider this matter when I do decide to change my car. Just as a matter of interest am I missing something, - does anyone happen to know how & whether I can use my iPhone 6S to put Google maps on my Touch2 with Go so that using a 4g internet connection to use the maps as a Sat Nav as my son does?
  10. Can anybody advise? If I activate the Lane Departure switch on the steering wheel of my Gen4 Prius Excel it activates but if I press the switch again to turn it off as according to the online manual, it doesn't work & remains activated. If I go into the menu display, choose the Lane Departure on the dash display & then press the Lane Departure button on thesteering wheel it then deactivates it. Does anyone know why I can't just toggle the Lane Departure switch on the steering wheel to turn this feature on & off? The software & maps are up to date so am I doing something wrong or could this be a software problem?
  11. Frostyballs advice should be followed. I've recently replaced the battery in the key fob following the straightforward instructions from the online user manual. It'd be worth downloading & saving a permanent copy of the user manual so that you can refer to it as necessary.
  12. Hi Pete, finally got the dashcam installed by Toyota. Thanks for all the past advice. Regarding the crash statistics most Prius cars I see driven around in the Midlands are taxis. In fact the last Prius I saw in a crash was a taxi. These guys do unbelievable mileages & can be on the road Day & night. As they choose the Prius as a 'workhorse' it certainly makes me happy to own one since if anybody knows what a reliable & economical car is they certainly would! It's hardly surprising therefore that because of this, as Nick says, accidents per 10,000 miles driven would probably be more statistically accurate. I hope Autoexpress read these comments & do a proper, fair reassessment of these crash statistics!!
  13. Hi Scott & Pete, just been in touch with Toyota & yes they are having problems with the MyToyota site. However, I've been sent a link which seems to be working & im currently downloading the zip file. Hopefully the internet will remain stable & the whole file will download. Just in case anyone needs that link it's, Scott & Pete thanks for your help & concern with this problem.
  14. Hi Scott, I've just logged onto MyToyota e-Store & all I can access is the update app which I've already purchased. If I click on it again I get a message stating that I've already purchased it. It does not allow me to move to the page you show in your reply & there certainly aren't any 'headings' as shown in your screen shot. Remember that I was originally downloading the file until the internet dropped out. Whether this corrupted something, I don't know. I intend to contact Toyota with my PC at the ready & hope they can talk me through the problem. Thanks for your kind help, hopefully it's just something I'm doing wrong or something I've not set up correctly?
  15. Hi Pete, unfortunately when I first had the car my dealer seemed to know less about the MyToyota website than I did so I've never asked them for advice since then, in fact most information I get is gleaned from this forum. Can you remember the dashcams we discussed at length some time ago & you suggested that your Norwich dealer would install them for me? Well the Toyota garage I use have been taken over by another company & they are offering webcam instillation now so my concerns about the fitting affecting the Toyota warranty are now sorted. Thanks for your suggestion to nip along to Norwich but as you would appreciate it would have a hell of a journey from the W.Midlands hence I chose not to do that. I'm hopefull that Scotts suggestion regarding the website being down for maintenance/changes are correct since I will try again tomorrow & if not I'll be giving their technical department a call pronto.