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  1. Frostyballs advice should be followed. I've recently replaced the battery in the key fob following the straightforward instructions from the online user manual. It'd be worth downloading & saving a permanent copy of the user manual so that you can refer to it as necessary.
  2. Hi Pete, finally got the dashcam installed by Toyota. Thanks for all the past advice. Regarding the crash statistics most Prius cars I see driven around in the Midlands are taxis. In fact the last Prius I saw in a crash was a taxi. These guys do unbelievable mileages & can be on the road Day & night. As they choose the Prius as a 'workhorse' it certainly makes me happy to own one since if anybody knows what a reliable & economical car is they certainly would! It's hardly surprising therefore that because of this, as Nick says, accidents per 10,000 miles driven would probably be more statistically accurate. I hope Autoexpress read these comments & do a proper, fair reassessment of these crash statistics!!
  3. Hi Scott & Pete, just been in touch with Toyota & yes they are having problems with the MyToyota site. However, I've been sent a link which seems to be working & im currently downloading the zip file. Hopefully the internet will remain stable & the whole file will download. Just in case anyone needs that link it's, Scott & Pete thanks for your help & concern with this problem.
  4. Hi Scott, I've just logged onto MyToyota e-Store & all I can access is the update app which I've already purchased. If I click on it again I get a message stating that I've already purchased it. It does not allow me to move to the page you show in your reply & there certainly aren't any 'headings' as shown in your screen shot. Remember that I was originally downloading the file until the internet dropped out. Whether this corrupted something, I don't know. I intend to contact Toyota with my PC at the ready & hope they can talk me through the problem. Thanks for your kind help, hopefully it's just something I'm doing wrong or something I've not set up correctly?
  5. Hi Pete, unfortunately when I first had the car my dealer seemed to know less about the MyToyota website than I did so I've never asked them for advice since then, in fact most information I get is gleaned from this forum. Can you remember the dashcams we discussed at length some time ago & you suggested that your Norwich dealer would install them for me? Well the Toyota garage I use have been taken over by another company & they are offering webcam instillation now so my concerns about the fitting affecting the Toyota warranty are now sorted. Thanks for your suggestion to nip along to Norwich but as you would appreciate it would have a hell of a journey from the W.Midlands hence I chose not to do that. I'm hopefull that Scotts suggestion regarding the website being down for maintenance/changes are correct since I will try again tomorrow & if not I'll be giving their technical department a call pronto.
  6. Hi Scott, firstly yes I do have the activation code so that's not a problem. As far as being a techie I've had unbelievable experience using computers & the internet, (University!), hence I get frustrated when I just can't access something because it simply insn't there. It does seem from my past experiences that the website is confusing to say the least. My son who works for an airline & drives many different cars asks me if I can just plug my iPhone into the USB port on the car & use google maps as my up to date sat nav. Apparently that's what he does but do you know if I can do that? Like you I hope they are downloading the Spring update but do you know if I need to download the last update before I did download the 'new' version? Thanks for taking the time to reply promptly to my problem. Hopefully you're right & they will re-establish My/previous purchases tomorrow. If not I'll certainly take you up on the offer supply the file. Thanks again, Trev
  7. Hope someone can some help with this problem. I've been a bit slow downloading the last update from last year for my Prius Gen4 Excel with Touch2 with Go plus. I tried to download the update zip file today on my PC running Windows10 but during the download the internet dropped out & I needed to re-download the file. However, the e-Store on MyToyota just doesn't give you the option to do that. There doesn't seem to be an option to download & view any apps that have been purchased previously so I can't re-download the file for this update. It's not the first time I've had problems downloading & installing updates & quite frankly I'm getting sick & tired of wasting oodles of my time stuck in front of a computer screen looking at the MyToyota website, that doesn't seem to offer me what I'm after! The only thing that Toyota seems to be concerned with on that website is using it as a vehicle for promoting & & selling their cars & services! I really like my Prius but I'm getting a bit fed up with this pathetic updating problem. I have sent an email to Toyota & quite frankly if I can't get some answers that clarify once & for all the problems I'm now experiencing I guess in the not too distant future when I want to change my car, because of the bad taste this leaves me with, I'm going to look at other manufacturers. I just hope there's someone out there who can help me with this one since I have to say in the past you guys seem to be more in touch than contacting Toyota.
  8. Hi Pete, I've been offered a similar deal from my Toyota dealer. However, we have thoughts of moving away to live somewhere else in the new year so would then be looking for another decent Toyota garage. I also made the big mistake of having the 17inch wheels. I hate not having a spare & the MPG economy of the 15inch wheels appeals to me. Maybe next time I change my car?
  9. Geoff, you've raised a very good point about two separate sets of wheels being registered. If you get any info on this please let us know.
  10. The online Gen4 Prius manual pages 544 & 545 in my downloaded copy of the manual covers what you can & can't do regarding the TPMS.
  11. I remember the Morris Minor Traveller so well because as a student in the 1960s I worked weekends in a garage. Can folks remember the steering kingpins that used to collapse & the front wheel would simply fold under the wing as the car was turning a corner usually thankfully at low speed? I lost count of the number of cars we went out to rescue with that fault. Like many cars years ago they were unreliable & I'm hardly surprised that Ian carried all those spares with him on his journey across Europe. I really appreciate the reliability of the Prius.
  12. Ian's thanks for your report regarding the journey. I have increased the pressure in my Crossclimate tyres & there seems to be an positive improvement in the mpg. The weather's cold now so this does affect the economy & besides that, I haven't done any distance driving so I won't really know how the tyre pressure change will affect the mpg until I do a journey. I have however, since increasing the pressures noticed that the battery gets fully charged, which before it charged up but not as high as now. I just hope this pressure increase sorts both the economy & outer tread tyre wear, which I shall be keeping a close eye on.
  13. Hi Ian, Thanks for your info about tyre pressures. I will increase mine to 38/37psi & hopefully my mpg will increase from the 57mpg I'm getting now. I had already mentioned to Kithmo that I was going to do that anyway. Please let us have an update after your 600 mile journey.
  14. Keith, thanks for your reply. I think I'll try what you do & instead of using bars I'll use psi & increase the tyre pressures by 3psi. Hopefully this will even out the wear which was greater on the outer edges of the tyres than in the centre.
  15. Hi kithmo, Just checked my tyre size & yes they are Michelin Crossclimate + , 215/45 R17. Like you I’ll always change them when they reach 3mm though I did read on the net somewhere that Michelin recommended you do continue to use tyres when they get to 3mm! I think I will ignore their advice in future.