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  1. Lien, I’ve always been in the fortunate position to part chop & buy new cars & that includes my two Priuses. After saying that when I bought my latest Prius in 2016, I got an excellent part exchange offer for my 2010 Gen3 T-Spirit. It had only done 60 odd thousand miles & like all my cars was kept immaculate. The salesman said it wouldn’t be on the forecourt long in fact 15 minutes & the car was snapped up by surprise, surprise, a taxi driver! To be frank there’s always a risk with buying second hand cars & I guess the Prius is no exception. I think if it’s a genuine low mileage car you are looking at you could be fairly rest assured it’s not been used as a taxi. The last Prius owning taxi driver I spoke to showed me his car done 155,000 miles & it was still running nicely! If you do find a second hand Prius it would certainly be worth looking at the history of owners & paying the AA or RAC to do a full report on the vehicle. It could be money well spent.
  2. Hi Lien, glad you’ve got that sorted. I reckon my noises are similar to yours in fact I’ve done a couple of journeys lately & nothings got worse. Had it been a wheel bearing I reckon I’d know by now especially as from past experience they tend to make a humming noise when they need changing. Looking on the bright side this is my second Prius & okay you do get some strange noises but you are spot on about there being no rattles. I’ve never had any vibrations either & believe me I remember years ago when you bought a new car & had to take it back to ask them to sort the rattles & vibrations. Nine times out of ten they never did & it was something you had to drive with. I can’t fault either of my Priuses. The one I bought new in 2016 is going well & even though I’ve owned some nice cars in the past the Prius in my opinion takes some beating!
  3. Lien, I’ve noticed exactly the same on my Prius. It’s never affected the performance & I had though it was a wheel bearing but it’s never really got worse. The cars coming up to its 4th year service & has done 33000 miles. I will mention it next month when I take the car in. In the meantime if there’s any other info please let us know.
  4. Fitted cross climates to my 2016 Prius Excel. I like them, car handles well though I do get the impression they are a bit noisier & fuel consumption went up slightly. They are wearing well so if they do last longer they probably work out as cheap if not cheaper than budget tyres. Never tried them in snowy conditions because it didn’t snow last Winter so I can’t say how they would perform. Hope this helps
  5. TSport, sorry to hear that this has happened to you. Toyota quite rightly says it’s not there fault that the cats get stolen but I would have liked to have seen the company doing something during the production stage to ensure the cat cannot be taken off the car very easily as it appears to be so. I was going to fit a catloc but I was told a while ago that they don’t make them for the Gen4 models, so that’s a none starter. I also read that even with a catloc, the cat can easily be cut of in next to no time. It’s putting me off buying another Prius a car I’ve been very happy with. I have been mulling over having an electric vehicle which means unfortunately moving away from the Toyota marque but with the recent increases in range & the fact there’s no exhaust & therefore no cat on an electric car I reckon that’s what I will probably do when I decide to change my car.
  6. Hi Keith, after reading your earlier post I’ve just sent for a battery meter. I didn’t know they existed but as my car is getting older I thought it pertinent to put one in especially as it fits so neatly in the 12V socket. At least now I can keep a close eye on my battery health & get it sorted if it starts to deteriorate. Cheers.
  7. Steve, I certainly appreciate your dilemma. I think I would want some reassurance before disconnecting the battery that things would not be made worse. Some dealers are starting up again, from what I can make out so would it be worth you phoning round? I used to use Motorline in the Midlands for services & found them to be very good. They have emailed me recently to say they’ve opened their service centres since 11th May. It may be worth giving them a call on 01384 505404, I’m sure they’ll be happy to give you some advice.
  8. Steve, when I have problems with my iPads, PC, iPhone, that seem unresolvable, my first action is to reboot the system. In the case of my PC it’s been so locked up i can’t just reboot it, I’ve literally just simply switched it of at the plug left it a short time, then switched it on. I guess that’s not to be recommended if you can do a normal reboot but I’ve never had a problem whenever I’ve done that & it usually resolves the problem. Taking the negative terminal off your battery is the same as just unplugging a computer. It might just solve the problem because it does sound as though your cars computer has become corrupt. This action should make the computer restore its original programme information so everything goes back to what it should be. Let’s face it when the battery needs changing & the old one has been disconnected surely it’s no more than what you’re doing? Maybe it might be worth contacting Toyota customer services for advice, that’s if they are available, just to check if taking this terminal off would be a problem if you’re still not sure.
  9. Hi Joe, my Gen4 is about the same age as yours. It’ll be 4 years old on 1st September, & I’ve had no battery problem whatsoever so far. My previous car, a Gen3 Prius, was well over 6 years old when I changed it for my present car & I never had any problems with its battery. In fact other than services, MOTs & a few tyres, that car did sixty odd thousand miles & that’s all I ever had to pay out for. I didn’t even need to change the brakes pads. It’s little wonder I bought another Prius.
  10. Steve, I’m no expert but back in my student days In 1960s, I worked part time serving petrol & also fitting car tyres & batteries in a service station. Quite a few people bought batteries only to come back because the battery wasn’t the problem. Among many things the dynamo, as it was called then, was frequently at fault. If your thinking about buying a new battery I therefore suggest you get your Toyota dealer to test the electrics & the battery before you fork out money for a new battery.
  11. Bob that’s very interesting & Steve please let me know if that works. I’m not using my Gen4 Prius much at the moment & getting a flat battery has concerned me. I’d like to know just in case I have the same problem during this lockdown.
  12. Hi Lee, thank you for your reply. As it happens I’ve booked my Prius in for a service next week & I was going to have a catloc fitted but as you have told me there isn’t one available yet for Gen4 Prius. Regarding the cat itself, before I retired I worked as a research chemist & from what I recall about catalytic converters they are basically a box containing rocksill wool or something similar with precious metals finely deposited within the ‘wool’ structure to provide a large surface area to maximise the exhaust gas/catalyst contact. However, the amount of precious metal I understand is quite small, so I doubt if these thieving scum are after the metals. As someone suggested they probably sell the cats on for a knock down price to someone with an older Prius who’s cat is spent or even someone whose cat has been stolen!!!!! Thanks again for your reply.
  13. Hi Lee, - do you know if there's a catloc available for the Gen4 Prius through my Toyota garage or whether it's too difficult to remove the cat it's not needed?
  14. Hi Frosty, 56 to 75 decibels doesn't sound too bad considering many tyres rate within this range. Decibels are difficult to understand since the noise level depends on the distance from the source i.e. the nearer you are the louder the noise & vice versa.
  15. The whole issue of creating this noise needs some serious research because it might be replacing one issue with another. Also it should be made illegal for people to walk along the public highway with earphones stuck in their ears. After all we're talking about safety issues here & surely that's nearly as bad as drivers using mobile phones while driving?