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  1. Hi Pete, I was never too sure that the battery had ‘died’ or was so discharged it wasn’t as bad as the guy who tested it told me, so whether Toyota would have replaced it is open to question. Also, as I understand it, the 12v battery is the one component that isn’t covered by the 5 year warranty. If you buy another battery from Toyota that would then be covered for 5 years. As it is, Halfords have given me a 5 year guarantee on the new battery anyway. Also remember some time ago, my dilemma over getting Toyota to fit me a dash cam? Well my old Toyota garage changed hands & the new owners o
  2. Hi Tony, thanks for that info. I have to admit I was getting concerned but I’m fairly sure the correct battery has been fitted, if not when I next take my car into my Toyota dealers, I’ll be paying a visit to Halfords! Anyway I trust your advice & it has put my mind at rest. Thank you, Trev
  3. I had to change my 12v battery in my 2016 Gen4 Prius because during a cold snap the battery went completely flat. When tested it was registering as only being 55% efficient & the Toyota club breakdown service agent said the battery needed replacing. Being 40 miles from my Toyota garage & having a Halfords just down the road I went there to change the faulty battery. After reading some of the above comments I’m concerned now that replacing the battery would affect the warrantee as well as affect codes & any further hybrid checks. Does anybody know how fitting this new Halfords batte
  4. Hi Pete, that’s interesting. Please let me know what these ‘smart charges’ are & any pricing. I guess I was a bit swift changing my battery especially as it was the first time it had let me down & I’d hardly used the car for weeks, due to the lockdown. However, I wasn’t going to risk anything & I got a new battery straight away. I’ve also got the peace of mind that it’s guaranteed for 5 years which I’m quite happy about!
  5. Firstly Catlover Joe, I never realised the 12v battery was charged by the hybrid battery & that my Prius doesn’t have an alternator. I was cleaning my 2016 Gen4 Prius a couple of weeks ago. It started as normal but when I tried to blow the tyres up with my tyre inflator, the car went completely dead. I didn’t think it could be the battery as my previous Prius battery was the best part of 7 years old & I sold it with the original battery. I called the Toyota breakdown out & he immediately identified it was a flat battery! He checked it out & said the readings he was ge
  6. Wow that’s some mileage. My Prius is in its 5th year & I've only done 35600 miles! Good job you chose a Toyota, but with all the mileage you do, have you experienced anything major over the years? Just curious.
  7. Tony I insured with Direct Line this year. They wrote to me to offer to give me a discount if I didn’t do the mileage this year. You had to submit your mileage readings to get this discount but that was during last November & my insurance is due just after next month so I didn’t bother. If I use them for my insurance this year & this pandemic continues, I might take them up on this offer.
  8. Thanks for that tip about putting it in ready mode twice a week. I’ll certainly try that.
  9. You can say that again Tony, I haven’t been using my Prius much because of the lockdown & it’s caused my battery to fail! I was giving my car a deserved wash, tried to start it to move position & it was completely dead. Called Toyota Club & they sent the breakdown who diagnosed a ‘dying’ battery, which would only accept up to a 55% charge. I promptly replaced the battery but I just wonder if I’d have used the car more whether the battery would have deteriorated to such an extent. The car’s charging at 14+volts & according to the breakdown guy that’s fine. Well thanks to lockdow
  10. Yes Jay you’re right. Interestingly I noticed how wet weather in the Summer really affects the mpg. Also I decided to replace the Toyo tyres fitted to the car for Pirelli Cross Climate tyres & noticed a lower mpg. I guess this is linked to more adhesion/friction with the road surface.
  11. Hi Lien, yes you will see a drop in your mpg. At the moment my Gen4, Prius is doing something in the 50s mpg. I have also had mpg returns similar to yours during previous Winters, but bear in mind all cars, especially when doing short cold start journeys, will have their mpg greatly reduced. Compared with other cars I’ve owned the Prius still does a very good mpg return in my opinion, during colder weather. Of course driving style & doing longer journeys will affect your mpg, no matter what you drive.
  12. Sounds like you might get away with some sort of software update. I can’t see Toyota putting in special hardware. I would imagine by wiping the Japanese info out & then reprogramming the system with the appropriate English software it should sort it. I guess Frostyballs who has helped so many with his advice, including me, would be able to give you an answer as to what I’ve suggested could be done & how you go about getting it done.
  13. Sajid, you don’t seem to want to mention the mileage of the car or whether it’s being used as a taxi. Contrary to what you say I would have thought those are important factors in the investigations the likes of Frosty can make & help provide you with answers & information to your advantage. From past experience I’ve had a lot of very positive help from this forum especially off the likes of Frosty.
  14. Hi Frosty, Thanks as ever for this info. My Prius is five years old next September. It’s only done 35500 miles & is still running like a new car. I’m reluctant to change, though tempted & I think I’ll be taking out the extended warranty. I didn’t realise it can be done up to 12years so that’s something I learned from you. Mind you I did change my last Prius when it was getting on for 7years old but it had done about 60,000 miles. I was pleased to hear that even after 12 years the hybrid battery can be covered. A nice touch by Toyota but I doubt if I’ll have the car that long anyway! Th
  15. I’m curious. What exactly is happening now the hybrid battery has as you say gone? What is the total mileage as I think that would be important to any warranties & have you taken out any extension Toyota warranty cover which is available up to when the car is 10 years old? Also very importantly, was the car serviced by a Toyota dealer?
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