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  1. I guess if that’s so, it’ll be a completely revamped model. It may be as you say, a rumour but if you get any further info please let us know.
  2. Hi Ian, yes I was also disappointed but as Frosty reported, sales of the Prius have literally dropped off a cliff. It’s not popular any more & no manufacturer is going to make any car model that’s not selling. I guess like you I’m going to hold onto my car for a lot longer. My Prius plus is due for its 60,000 mile service this month & I’ve only done about 4000 miles since the last service. At 44,000 total miles, I guess I’ve got plenty of miles left in my Prius especially when I read of people covering 300,000 miles. I don’t think your campaign to keep the Prius going will have any effect on the decision Toyota have taken. I’m only too grateful that I had the opportunity to own a couple of these brilliant cars, the original purpose built hybrid car & during its time one of the most reliable & economical cars ever produced!
  3. Let’s put it this way, my experience of taking cars to the Toyota dealer has been very positive. I can’t think of a time they’ve purposely found something to fix simply to relieve me of my wallet. I’m pretty wise yo the going’s on in the garage industry & as a student many many years ago I worked part time & holidays in a garage. It does go on but as far as Toyota are concerned it seems they’ve got enough to do without trying to find extra work for no reason.
  4. Hi Tony, that’s very reassuring. My previous Prius Gen 3, did over 70,000 miles & other than new tyres, services & paying for MOTs there was nothing else to pay for. I kept asking about brake pad replacement because they’d never been changed, but even after all these miles I was told they were only about 50% worn! Hi Philip, I hope the Toyota garage give you some good news regarding the MOT report. I would certainly advise using Toyota to MOT your vehicle in future even if your cars not due for service.
  5. My Prius is due for its 6th year service & MOT during August. Just received the reminder today. If they say anything about my steering & wheels bearings being worn or indeed anything else, I shall get them sorted asap. I’ve found in the past what false economy it is not to get things sorted as soon as any problem is identified. The rural roads where I live are generally smooth & speed bump free so hopefully the car will get a clean bill of health.
  6. Hi Philip, what you mentioned would worry me. I’d need to get it sorted pronto because as far as I’m concerned any play in a wheel can surely only get worse & must in my opinion be dangerous. I always take my Prius to a Toyota dealer for all services & MOTs. That way I’m fairly sure my cars safe. I’d certainly get a second opinion on the play on your wheel! U
  7. Hi Paul, Thank you for posting this info. That’s very impressive. I have to admit I’ve generally changed my Prius simply to get the newer model or an upgraded version. I’m very tempted to buy an all electric car but my present Prius has only covered about 44,000 miles since buying it new six years ago, so I’m in no hurry especially after reading about the mileage you’ve covered & the comparatively few things you’ve had to replace to keep your car going. My sister had an Auris with the same hybrid engine as the Prius. A few months ago she changed her car for another Auris because she was panicking that the car had done 78,000 miles! Trev
  8. If the screen is black could it be a fuse problem? It seems strange that the radio buttons are still working so it it may be worth looking at the fuses that control the Touch & Go Navigation display to see if they have blown.
  9. Hi Joe, thanks for your reply. Regarding age I’m catching you up as I’ll be 73 next week. I have to admit I was a bit shocked at your decision to drop your Prius but I certainly agree with your decisions. Like you we don’t do much mileage these days & as I’ve mentioned before since my last service in August 2021, I’ve done less than 3,000 miles! I might consider a smaller car in future but I’m fairly sure I shall be considering an ev, but as you know those that have any decent range tend to be larger vehicles. However, my Prius is running so smoothly at the moment & I’m in no hurry to change especially as evs might be more affordable in the future. I hope you enjoy your new car & would like to thank you for your invaluable advice & help, which I really have appreciated. With your experiences & knowledge of the Prius, I hope you will still offer any advice for folks on this blog. Take care, Trev.
  10. Hi Joe, i note that you’ve changed your car for a Skoda CityGo. Are you driving the ev version of the CityGo or is it the normal ice version?
  11. If you can’t get a replacement clip, try repairing it with Araldite, which I reckon will give you a better bond than using super glue which I personally don’t think is appropriate for this kind of repair. Give the Araldite time to form a good bond & try to be as neat as possible because from experience using Araldite can be messy if you know what I mean!
  12. I also thought £30/month is a bit steep considering the present cost of the dearest service + MOT. Don’t think I’d be tempted at that price & would rather pay as required. I think Frosty has outlined how the charges are made but do individual garages do their own sums? Just a thought.
  13. Hi Joe, just to add what you said, the service contract I had with Toyota if I remember correctly, included the cost of the yearly MOT as well.
  14. I had a service plan with a previous Prius model, but if o recall correctly, when I bought my last Prius, it came with three years free services & the money accrued in the previous service plan was refunded to me.
  15. Hi Rob, I have a 2016 Prius Excel & there is an online manual for navigation that you can download. This manual gives details of voice control commands. The commands tend to be specific but there are about 10 commands you can use to use voice control to set your sat nav destinations. I’m assuming of course, that the system is the same for your 2020 Prius+Plugin. Generally I don’t bother using the voice control for destination purposes since it’s so easy to simply enter the destination postcode manually on the touch screen.
  16. But the likes of me don’t want a huge SUV no matter what. I just want a Prius sized ev if that’s what I’m going to buy. The VW id3 looks attractive to me, though I’m still not ready to ditch my Prius at the moment. Regarding an earlier post suggesting Toyota were working to 2040/50 for ev development I reckon by then I’ll be dead or certainly too old to be safe driving on today’s roads! It’s now or the very near future older people like me are concerned with. Maybe Toyota have lost the plot!
  17. I’d have thought the Gen4 Prius was the ideal car to convert to an ev. There’s no doubt that it’s the range that’s upper most on anyone’s mind that wants to buy an ev. The amount of research into the aerodynamic shape of the Prius must surely improve the range, by how much I haven’t got a clue, but it might just be quite significant. Also the Prius has already got regenerative brakes as well as a lightweight aluminium bonnet. I was looking at an MG ev recently but wasn’t in the slightest impressed especially when I opened the bonnet which is very heavy. The Prius also has the advantage of being one of the safest cars on the road, according to videos of crash tests I think Frosty posted some time ago. If Toyota are to play catch up as far as evs are concerned, I reckon they couldn’t choose a better car than the Prius to to convert to an ev. What’s the saying, “If it ain’t bust don’t to fix it!”
  18. As ever Frosty you’re probably spot on. There was a hell of a lot of bias by people around me when I first bought a Prius. It was a Gen3 but the spark was ignited back in the late 90’s when I was given the chance to drive a prototype Prius on the University of Birmingham campus at an open day. I was impressed with what I found & as I was involved with research at the time linked to the development of such technologies & beyond, I couldn’t resist eventually buying a Prius. I’ve never had a problem whatsoever over the many years driving my Prius cars & my present Gen4 is proving to be as fantastic. It’s only this pathetic stigma of low life characters classing my car as solely ‘a taxi’ that really rattles me because they are operating from a base of fact, but underneath I just wonder if they’re simply jealous of the fact that the car is so brilliant. It’s annoying!
  19. If you find anywhere you can get the black centre console appliqué cover please let me know. I’ve looked for it in the past but like you, I found it was only available in the US.
  20. So Tony you more or less agree with my posts regarding the stigma the general public feel about the Prius, after all you don’t see them queuing up for a black cab taxi to buy & the Prius had become just that. Nevertheless, the Prius is still one of the best cars on the road, but with its demise it’s fairly sure now that taxi drivers will be turning their sights on the Auris.
  21. Hi Frosty, thanks for that info. As I mentioned in a previous post, very few taxi drivers purchase new cars, their preference being for cheaper used low mileage but reliable models. Since there are so few Prius cars available now I would have guessed that the Auris would be the next Toyota model they’d opt for. I just hope the Auris doesn’t suddenly get tarred with the same brush.
  22. You are right about taxi drivers using used Mercedes, but yet again, Mercedes never labelled their cars as ‘business’ vehicles. Toyota clearly did that & it doesn’t matter what you or anyone says, there’s no doubt in my mind & anyone who knew what was going on, that Toyota were targeting the taxi trade. What they did was completely ruin the image of & finish the sales of the Prius Gen 4 with the general public. Well done Toyota!
  23. Good sentiments but what on Earth were Toyota thinking about when they labelled the Gen4 Prius below the Excel model as the ‘business class’ model? There’s no excuse in my opinion & after Toyota saw the success with the taxi drivers using the Prius as the car of choice, in my opinion they were targeting that trade. What they didn’t realise or understand was that British taxi drivers don’t buy brand new cars as a rule. They tend to buy low mileage, reliable, low mpg cars of adequate size & power, which the Prius certainly fitted the bill. I don’t care what Toyota comes up with, I dealt with taxi drivers from work I was involved with & I definitely know that to be a fact! No matter what anyone says, Toyota made the big mistake thinking they would sell brand new Toyota business class cars to the taxi trade but that backfired because as as I said taxi drivers tend to buy used cars. Nevertheless the Prius remains one of the finest cars on the road. I’m completely satisfied with the performance of my car. Sales dropped because of the taxi stigma as far as I’m concerned, after all why else would sales of such a brilliant car slump?
  24. Joe, Thank you for that info.
  25. Joe, just as a matter of interest, how many miles were on the Gen3 Prius when you changed it for your Gen4? My Toyota garage were telling me they have a Prius with over 300,000 miles on the clock, that comes in for service & it’s still going okay. They also told me that they have never had a Prius with a failed hybrid battery. As I mentioned my 2016 Prius, which I bought from new, has only done about 42,000 miles & it’s driving really well. You can see why I’m happy to hold on to the car for at least another couple of years!
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