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  1. I think so, until 2006 i don´t think they need. Is like this?
  2. Answer myself! After contacting a Toyota dealer i was informed that it is not necessary to program compensation codes.
  3. I think I've already read here in a RAV4 thread that it wasn't necessary to introduce injector codes on older models. that's why the parameter doesn't appear on my Corolla? it's from 2001...
  4. Hello again, Does anyone know why i dont see the parameter to enter the compensation codes? Thanks...
  5. Ok, Trouble codes are clean. Unfortunately the obd2 cable took a long time to arrive and I was only able to test it after the repair.
  6. Hello, Someone who knows how to read these data correctly to see if they are within the parameters. Made after replacement the injector seals ...
  7. In the specifications it is compatible. From what I was researching and realized, all these replacement rectifiers from Denso, went from 6 to 8 diodes and have their own measures for that. Thanks
  8. Hi, I bought a as-pl rectifier compatible with my denso alternator. It's just like the old one, but the old one has 6 diodes and the one I bought has 8. Is there any problem in applying it? Thanks.
  9. It is exactly the same reports exposed here, same engine, same lights, recent alternator ...
  10. Hello, It seems to have the same problem. Has anyone discovered what causes these issues?
  11. Hi, Someone can get the manual or put a picture here like the one I will leave as an example on the specifications from a 2001 Corolla or Avensis with 1CD-FTV motor? Thanks.
  12. Hello, My car lose power and enter in safe mode with this code P1222... I searched on google but can not find anything that links this code on Corolla 2.0 D4D from 2001 Any idea??
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