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  1. I spoke to the toyota dealer that has done the previous services today, they do a hybird health check as standard on every service.... I might bite the bullet :) Oh warranty 6 months, but I would just take it in for a service at my local toyota dealers pretty much right away as one if due and enquire about an extended warranty
  2. thats all the last service shows - http://prntscr.com/cow28i
  3. Can i purchase an extended warranty from Toyota ? if the car comes with no warranty ? The seller has got back to me with the v5 details http://prntscr.com/cow28i Anyone shed any light on weather this has a hybird cert ? It had some warranty work about 2 years ago, which just says Battery, i presume that will be the 12v in the back ?
  4. Can i purchase an extended warranty from Toyota ? if the car comes with no warranty ?
  5. The car has been main dealer serviced so I'm expecting the hybird cert to be in place.
  6. It's a dealer that only sell Toyota's not a main dealer he had probably close to a 100 cars Mot's and HPI checks on the car all look legit Just waiting on the version number so I can check the info on "my toyota" shame you can't just pull the info up without verifying it.
  7. Well to keep you updated and to also ask another question. i've had a look at a couple of cars now and test drove one today, a 10 plate t-sprit with 35k mile for just over 9k which seems great value, the car was in very good condition, a few small marks, and a a couple of marks on the interior plastics, but nothing that you could see from the drivers side thankfully, anyways.... i drove about 30 miles, around 20 miles of that on the motorways and the rest around town, to answer my own question (I reset the trip at the start of the journey) on the motorway with the cruise set at 67mph I was getting 60+ I did boot it a few times to over take and just to get a feel what it was like under power... overall journey on my return the trip showed 67mpg so no complaints there !! i found the ev mode very sluggish around town so your have to get used to that I think, I think the lack of throttle response makes it feel "worse" quick question the sensor on the screen behind the rear view mirror what is that used for ? Auto lights or auto wipers ? also when I was sat in the car before we moved off I could hear a fan I think from the radio is that normal ? one final one, is there anything I should be looking out for when I'm looking at these cars ?
  8. Your right I need to get out and drive one, I haven't driven an auto for me then a few yards so could be quite interesting !
  9. Had a 60 plate in today to install CCTV 170k on the clock and it was like new, the chap hadn't done anything to it apart from servicing and tyres Couldn't tell me what it did on the motorway thou :(
  10. I'm currently driving a 57 plate petrol Merc A class 1.5, which has been a great little car just coming up to 90k miles My journeys tend to be quite short with a 15 min drive to work, which on a good day I can get 40mpg, around town is around 30' and on the motorway sticking to 60 I can get around 45 - and on very warm day maybe up to 50, but very rarely most weekends I tend to do around 100 miles on the motorway Reasons for a change, road tax is £180 a year, servicing is silly money at a main dealer, and not much cheaper at a specialist merc garage - cruise control would be great on the motorway as would the auto and Bluetooth, bigger boot what kind of mpg could I expect on the motorway ? At 60 to 70 mph, I don't have a heavy right foot and tend to stick to the speed limit around town and drive to save petrol im looking at some 60-61 plate t4's or T sprits at around £10k or maybe a 63 new shape auris So to some up would the short daily commute not be worthwhile to take advantage of the hybrid? Mpg on the motorway, would I be better of with a diesel? And finally how does the Prius compare to the newer shape auris thanks for the comments and sorry for any typo's using a tablet rather than a pic keyboard...
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