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  1. Do you have a link to that story? I'm interested to see if the punishment was fitting!
  2. As well as the above recommendations, this AA link might give a slightly broader overview of the E10 'problem'. https://www.theaa.com/driving-advice/fuels-environment/biofuels Perhaps you've already gone beyond this? In the absence of recommendations from Toyota GB, as a 'long shot', then you could consider this line of inquiry: E10 petrol has been on sale in, for instance, France, for some years now. Toyota cars are popular over there (and some milder areas may avoid the road salt corrosion that blights some older UK cars, so they will theoretically last forever! 😁). There must
  3. Gerg

    Misfire cyl 1

    Yes, I agree. The last time I changed the plugs on our Corolla 1.4 VVT-i, I unclipped/unbolted the wiring loom mounts so that some of the coils could stay attached to their connectors, but still allow the plugs to come out, if I remember correctly. The stiffness of the connectors and the tightness of the wire bends didn't bode well for longevity, at least when removal for servicing is considered. Having said that, our Corolla is 20 years old now, with no problems encountered in the wiring department, just the coils slowly failing with age. I've swapped out one of the remaining serv
  4. Gerg

    Workshop Manuals

    That's really odd, I've just downloaded the files completely, just 10 seconds ago, and had no problems or error messages. It might be worth using a different browser or clearing your browser cache, then trying again. Or a different PC/laptop/tablet/phone. Or using a different utility to unzip it. I'm using Windows and Chrome, with WinRaR to unzip it, on a conventional desktop PC. I think another poster had a similar problem about a year ago with the same file, persevered, and got it to load OK.
  5. Gerg

    Misfire cyl 1

    That's useful to know. Those wires are sometimes a bit tight. That's fair enough until the coils are disturbed to change the plugs or something.....
  6. Gerg

    Workshop Manuals

    The link in Craggle's post on 22nd of Jan 2019 seemed to start to download with no problems when I tried it a few seconds ago, it might be worth trying that one again. Notice that there is a short procedure to start it up once it is unzipped, it will not open up without going through this. I think this is normal for this type of manual. Just for your information, when unzipped, it is 127 MB.
  7. A Catloc designed for a new Corolla - a car that has no history of catalyst thefts? Is it that the negative publicity surrounding these thefts has meant Toyota have to have a watertight answer to customer queries regarding this problem, or the threat of this problem, for when awkward questions are asked in the showroom, and new car sales might be impacted. Interesting. The anti-tamper manifold bolts that Toyota have developed against cat. theft, seem to have been forgotten about. Perhaps because they are not a particularly visible deterrent? Cheers for posting this.
  8. Yes, definitely. But the situation is slightly complicated by some oil brands not having easily viewed specs. (Toyota for example, in the past at least), and that the cheapest suppliers of arguably the best oil (Toyota) are usually eBay sellers, but who are these sellers who aren't the spares departments of Toyota main agents? I don't understand how those eBay suppliers are getting Toyota-branded oil supplied to them at what must be around the price the Toyota dealers buys it, unless it's dodgy of course!
  9. I have recently read (where?, I can't remember), that Mobil motor oils in the European market are made in France, and that the Toyota motor oil is made in France. So that adds some weight to that. Looking into this with more detail (maybe too much detail!), the Viscosity Index (VI) for the American Toyota oil (where the figures are more widely presented) is a higher number than the US Mobil-branded equivalent, suggesting that the Toyota oil stays to its specified grade longer as it is heated; cheaper oils seem to have a lower VI rating, if I remember correctly. But the VI figure ne
  10. Gerg

    Misfire cyl 1

    I think I would swap the coils between cylinder 1 and any other cylinder, and see if the fault follows the coil or the cylinder.
  11. I could find no mention of the Toyota gravel-throwing ritual when googling this, but maybe it's quite a new thing, just for the white collar staff. There was only this list: https://mag.toyota.co.uk/nemawashi-toyota-production-system/ No mention of it on this, either: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4m4UxbDgGhc&ab_channel=PaolofromTOKYO But I do love the idea of it. I might try it out on our Auris to see if it works.
  12. In addition to all the above, if I remember correctly, the 2 litre Corolla has a petrol particulate filter (PPF), not least because of its part-time direct injection fuel system produces more particulates than a port injection system does. I would imagine this takes some heat out of the exhaust gas, so perhaps it is condensing more in the exhaust system than earlier engines would on account of this? The rotting of exhaust systems from the inside is less of an issue since leaded fuel was phased out (when catalytic converters were coming in), the leaded fuel carried an acid-scavenger that
  13. Gerg

    Keyless theft

    I don't have a definitive answer, but, on the Auris, a selection can be made (in Techstream, don't think it can be done through the dash on that car) as to where the key must be in order to operate the ignition successfully. The two areas offered are: any where inside the car, or, just the front seat area. I can't remember what the default is. Standing at the rear of the car loading the boot is too close to call as to if you are inside the car or not. On the Auris, I think the actual detection module is at the rear of the rearmost quarter light, not that far from the hatch door. I cam
  14. Looking at them briefly, I think that these are for the back of the front wheel arches, and the back of the rear wheel arches, so not directly replacing your rather flimsy ones. Like these ones on an estate (not my photos):-
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